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    Fruit Pastels and Tentacles!

    by , 06-25-2014 at 12:44 PM (221 Views)
    1. [Non Lucid] [Long]
    It started with me in china at a train station asking this security woman when the next train is (A train was already leaving the station but going the wrong way). The train arrived and I walk inside, this train basically a Tardis, its huge inside with big shops in it.

    I turn right and ended up going the wrong way through all these shops with country specific flags above them, so I turned around to go back the way I came and found a British shop, I saw fruit pastels and decided I want to buy a roll so I give it to the cashier guy but he couldn't find a price tag on it, I grabbed them from him and took a look myself to find there is in fact no price tag, he eventually says 367, this confused me as I cant pay such a high price as that's just ridiculous, I mean they're just fruit pastels for fuck sake!!

    I'm stood holding the fruit pastels and all of a sudden this scary monster guy comes in, I just tried not to move in hope he won't see me and it seemed to work, he then scattered rocks on the ground and his pet MUTHAFUCKIN scary squid tentacle thing came in surrounding us, it was black and had glowing green dots going down the side of the thin tentacles, I moved slightly and the dots turned yellow then red and it made a ringing sound to alert its owner (also the rocks on the floor glow green too, they also turned yellow then red), I moved again and the same thing happened...the thing and its owner eventually left.

    I came up with a plan to just fuckin leg it down the corridor behind us into a hole at the end to escape (its not a train any-more by the way), as we run the rocks start flashing and ringing alerting the monster and its tentacle thing, we jump down the hole at the end into a room with a few doors, we go into 1 which is a dead end...when I went to open the door it floated off and vanished, we eventually find an elevator and escape.

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    non-lucid , memorable