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    The Governor!

    by , 03-17-2014 at 02:13 PM (379 Views)
    1. [Non-Lucid]
    I'm on a roof and I see a guy standing outside a warehouse, hes in a cage made of barbed wire, I pull out my sniper rifle aim and 1 shot him, he falls to the ground dead, he then re-spawns on my roof, and this confuses me so I just let him go. I then say in chat "Guys, I'm confused, how does this game work?" no one answers so I just carry on with the game.

    I decide to infiltrate their base, there's a white building with a window, The guy I shot is there doing something so I hide with my back against the wall next to the window, he finishes and walks across the yard, I go around the corner into the yard but he sees me and draws his knife so I back away, we both keep sight of each other as we back away until he goes through a gate I cant see him...then non other than The Governor from The Walking Dead walks in...I scramble and fall to the floor as hes coming towards me luckily I have time to get up and run as hes shooting at me.

    As I'm running towards the car repair garage I look to my left and there's a line of people with guns all aiming at us getting ready to fire, a guy joins me as I enter the garage and we stand back to back, The Governor is outside, this garage has multiple shutters that aren't fully closed and covered in holes, We can see his feet and he shoots through the holes at us, we keep moving so we won't get hit, I then notice in front of me there's a big wooden white door and he was probably going to open it and we would have nowhere to run.

    2. [Non-Lucid]
    I'm in my old school getting ready to leave class and I hear the teacher complaining about this kids music being too load, I walk up to him and its so load that you can clearly hear it through his headphones.

    Its home time so I exit the building to get on my minibus but it turns out the minibus there isn't mine.

    My bus arrives and I don't recognize the people on board including the drivers.

    I am now really late for getting home and I'm really pissed off, randomly an argument starts between the driver and someone else, I then say "PLEASE JUST GET ME ON THE FUCKIN BUSS FFS".

    I'm now in the buss laying down for some reason.


    1. In a pink tent thing.
    2. Found an armory with awesome guns, I pick up this silver gun with flames engraved on the sides, also has a strange reload mechanism.
    3. Something in Minecraft.

    Possible dream signs:
    Governor, Minecraft
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    1. Mismagius's Avatar
      Man, I hate the Governor! Congrats on not getting killed ^o^

      And lol at the bus thing XP