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    Lucid Dreams

    1. The start of something good!

      by , 10-27-2014 at 10:12 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Lucid] [WILD]
      I rotated slowly during my transition, I was scared though when I opened my eyes because it was dark so I grabbed my blanket with both hands and pulled it over my head, then I wished to be teleported to Narnia, I teleported into another room, I'm in a bed with the blanket still over my head so I lower it and I see I'm in a nice and bright non scary room, I then sit up with my legs over the edge of the bed, I put my feet on the ground and almost stood up, my knees were wobbly, then I woke because I thought about my real body.

      2. [Non-Lucid] [Lucid] [DILD]
      I was sitting across from this naked woman and she had the nicest boobs, I asked if can I touch her boobs, so she put a boob on a plate and gave it to me, I played with it anyway but it wasn't 1 of her boobs :/

      3. [Non-Lucid] [Lucid] [DILD]
      I'm laying in bed under the blanket playing with my long hair, wrapping it around my finger, then I lift up the blanket and my old dog Sam is stood there looking at something behind me, this freaks me out and scares me, then I notice my mum stood at the door leaning on the wall, I woke up.
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    2. Secret!

      by , 03-16-2014 at 01:35 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid] [Long]
      I'm in a room full of people using PC's, I'm sat at the door, Emily is there and she wants to use a PC so the IT guy shows her to a PC and picks it up and carries it out of the room with Emily.

      My old college tutor is there, she wants to go spy on them too see what they're up too, I join her (I'm worried I'l get caught though due to my wheelchair not being very quiet).

      Now back In the PC room, Emily is now using the PC, I'm kinda trapped in the corner with my cousin Matt and a random guy in a wheelchair blocking my way out. I decide to start watching Matt, hes using a Mac and is scrolling through his iTunes music, I then comment "Pfff Macs, PC's are better", he then grabs my and starts punching me softly in the ribs while I am repeating "Get off, your gunna hurt me", he eventually lets go.

      I'm now sat at a round table in the same room eating something off a plate, (forgot what exactly) It doesn't seem very appetizing, then Emily grabs my attention so I go over to her and she has found a secret passage and so I follow her in, Now were in Minecraft and I cant really see her because its foggy, then we exit the passage into a room, the room is filled with things made of Lego, it was pretty cool.


      In Minecraft looking around the big dark house looking for chests to loot.
      Looking for a drink or something.
      We run into a trap while in the army in Afghanistan I think.
      Mum says I haven't eaten my chocolate orange, I look down at my desk and theres a bowl full of chopped up chocolate orange.

      possible dream signs:
      Emily, Matt, Tutor, Minecraf

      Side notes:
      Successfully WILDed but didn't actually enter a dream.
    3. Fragments and stuff.

      by , 03-10-2014 at 01:09 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Lucid]
      //I'm laying on a bed, the girl that was in my previous dream was on her knees to my left, I thought to myself lets fly, but then realize that well theirs a girl in here right next to me so I said to her "hey, wanna have sex?" she seemed ok with this//...I wake up.


      1. Me tap dancing like a pro in a dance studio, all the other people where dancing to other stuff.
      2. A girl that is so beautiful that when you look at other girls they look disgusting.
      3. In an elevator when this guy places a wind up device onto the wall, he then winds the device which in turn makes the elevator go up or down.
      4. Watching this video that is meant to be a nightmare, it shows the girl I love falling in love with someone else, this didn't feel good at all.
      5. Playing around with the panel on my PC tower then randomly a bald black guy sits up from under a white blanket and grabs my leg.

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    4. I love you!

      by , 03-09-2014 at 01:04 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid] [Emotional]
      I'm looking for Emily as I have become worried because I haven't heard from her for a while, I even thought about contacting her mother at this point.

      Now I'm at a party of some sort and I find Emily and we start talking, she says "I love you" this surprised me and I replied with "What?", (You would not believe how much I love her in waking life) not sure what happens next but I follow her and then she runs off leaving me.

      I go find her, she's sitting at a table looking down at this sheet of brown paper with text on it on the table (fat guy with a grey shirt on a couch opposite her saying something), so I approach her and I ask what's wrong, shes silent, this is worrying me, I talk to her then she lets out a few high pitched screams so I back off...then this random guy comes and crouches beside her, he says something to her, i don't know what but she seems ok with it...she then runs off I think, I stay at the table and cry. I wake up crying.

      This felt so real, the emotions felt so real.

      2. [Lucid] [WILD/DILD?]
      I'm laying in my bed then all of a sudden I hear the sound of air rushing past my ears, I then see like a movie shot of me falling down to earth. (It was so colourful, was like an evening orange sky)

      //I'm now in my bedroom standing in the middle and the front door is open so I rush outside onto my street (its quite bright) and I activate super speed and started running up the street about to fly// but I wake up. I was also wearing a white cape.

      Should have stabilized first.



      Wrapping this thick black wire around a palm tree on the floor or something.

      Possible dream signs:
    5. Taxi!!!!!

      by , 03-02-2014 at 01:21 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Lucid]
      I'm in a taxi heading somewhere, I recognize the route, //suddenly I think to myself "if this was a dream I could levitate" and perform the levitation RC, the RC failed but I was almost certain this was a dream, I became filled with joy at this point, but my subconscious kept thinking of reasons why this is waking life and in turn nothing happened and the taxi carried on.//

      2. [Lucid]
      //I'm laying in a bed, its dark, I keep repeatedly looking to my right and I see a dark silhouette of someones shoulder, I kept feeling a tingling sensation all the way through my body and this felt really good, I also kept curling up into a ball, all the while worried about the time.//


      // - Lucid

      In a strange narrow area with ladders everywhere used as platforms.
      A parking lot

      Possible dream signs:
      Taxi, Ladders

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    6. Scared!

      by , 03-01-2014 at 11:27 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Lucid]
      I'm trying to fall asleep lying in my bed when all of a sudden I think of something (Something about a ghost) and it really scares me, then //I start to rotate on the spot until I'm facing the wall that my bed is against, I open my eyes (Its bright as if its day) and see the wall, my bed I'm laying on, the pillow and the blankets on top of me, I get scared and cover my head with the blankets...after a minute or so of hiding I begin to hear music...I have no idea where its coming from...this freaks me out even more so I just lay there to scared to turn around//

      I wake up and open my eyes then close them and fall asleep, I manage to DEILD...

      //I am in the exact same dream I just left, I'm still freaked out hearing this music so I try to shout my Mum...I couldn't talk...All I heard was mmmmm// I wake up.

      // - Lucid
    7. YESSS!! My first Lucid Dream!

      by , 02-16-2014 at 01:12 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Lucid]
      I woke up earlier than usual and so I attempted a WILD counting back from 100 in my head.

      //I begin to slowly rotate on the spot until I'm facing the wall, I open my eyes and I see my wall, bed and pillow, I haven't quite figured out I am dreaming so I try to rotate back to my sleeping position, for some reason I feel like I'm on the verge of ejaculating, I then start to ejaculate and I'm trying to stop it as to not make a mess//, this in turn woke me up to a sticky mess and the realization I was just dreaming.

    8. No no no no no no

      by , 07-10-2013 at 09:16 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Semi-Lucid]
      I'm laying in bed with no covers over me and completely naked, my friend (Nathan) is sat at the side of me in his wheelchair, {I thought to myself, shit I'm naked he's gonna see everything}.
      Nathen then turned, stood up (He cant stand IWL and I knew that while in the dream), he then leaned over and started tickling me, (I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed but not as much as I would have been IWL as if my emotions where numbed) I got annoyed so he stopped and sat back down. He then started touching my penis which actually woke me up.

      I was going to facetime Alex so all 3 of us could talk with my iPhone.
      Me & Nathan had a small fight, some pinching & nail stabbing.

      Notable Items & People:


      Was in bed and got told to sit on the edge of the bed.

      Notable Items & People:
      Mum, Person, Window ledge, Bed blanket, my knees
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    9. First Lucid?

      by , 06-28-2013 at 11:53 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)

      1. [Lucid?]

      I seem to remember becoming aware and suddenly got really excited then woke up. I did not perform any reality checks that I remember, I keep seeing a hand but I think that was from a previous dream.
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Meeting a friend

      by , 06-10-2013 at 04:16 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      Yes I had 2 almost identical dreams

      1. [non-lucid]
      I visited a friend at their house, upon opening the door I was greeted by a 12 year old version of my friend, she was missin a tooth and wore a black shirt, I struggled to enter a little and everything was a shade of blue, for some reason there was a pizza on the kitchen table for me, so I ate it alone and she went off somewhere...I left the crusts. The dream skipped, We are now in her bedroom, she was sat on a chair slighhtly to the left, theres a really old tv to the left on drawers and a bed to the right with really ugly sheets, I decided to fall face first onto the bed...it was comfy. The dream ends

      2. [non-lucid]

      I visited a friend at their house, upon opening the door I was greeted by my friend, I think she was wearing a blue or green shirt, I could'nt enter that door so we went round to the back door, very strange door was like an escape hatch, was white. I watched as she unscrewed the hatch and took the panel off, I then drove inside into quite a big room which had a few stalls against the walls and a table at the far side of the room in the kitchen area.

      Random fragments:
      I looked at my hand, I was missing a finger. Not sure if i became lucid because i seem to remember gettin excted and waking up.

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