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    Murder and Bathtubs

    by , 05-18-2014 at 12:46 PM (194 Views)
    1. [Non-Lucid]
    I was hiding from some people in some sort of hill, it has a semi Minecraft theme.

    2. [Non-Lucid]
    I have a magic wand and I decide to hide it in a block of wood that has a hidden space inside, Now I'm taking a bath (I never take a bath) and I'm slightly worried about the possibility of slipping and drowning, after a few minutes I realize that my step dad is going to cut it in half for whatever reason so now I'm freaking out, my mother appears and I tell her to not let him cut the wood block, she just laughs.

    Now I'm in some random place (Semi Minecraft) so I frantically fly and walk over to this airship, I hurry and grab some random blocks around the area so I can nerdpole up to the airship, so I start nerdpoling and I find I don't have enough blocks so I jump off the nerdpole. Not sure what happened next.

    3. [Non-Lucid]
    Me and a few people are running for our lives away from this crazy murderer with a knife, were running down narrow corridors with many wood and glass doors with a few, everyone but me and this girl are dead, eventually we come face to face with the murderer, I'm behind a glass door watching him and her, I figure this is the end, hes going to murder her in front of me then come after me with nowhere to run...But no...this is not the end after all as he puts his knife to the back of his own neck and slices at it creating very deep cuts.

    4. [Non-Lucid]
    I'm in a very small shop that sells sweets and ice cream, I really want an Ice pop so I look around for one and it appears they have none, damn it.

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