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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. The start of something good!

      by , 10-27-2014 at 10:12 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Lucid] [WILD]
      I rotated slowly during my transition, I was scared though when I opened my eyes because it was dark so I grabbed my blanket with both hands and pulled it over my head, then I wished to be teleported to Narnia, I teleported into another room, I'm in a bed with the blanket still over my head so I lower it and I see I'm in a nice and bright non scary room, I then sit up with my legs over the edge of the bed, I put my feet on the ground and almost stood up, my knees were wobbly, then I woke because I thought about my real body.

      2. [Non-Lucid] [Lucid] [DILD]
      I was sitting across from this naked woman and she had the nicest boobs, I asked if can I touch her boobs, so she put a boob on a plate and gave it to me, I played with it anyway but it wasn't 1 of her boobs :/

      3. [Non-Lucid] [Lucid] [DILD]
      I'm laying in bed under the blanket playing with my long hair, wrapping it around my finger, then I lift up the blanket and my old dog Sam is stood there looking at something behind me, this freaks me out and scares me, then I notice my mum stood at the door leaning on the wall, I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    2. Crisps!

      by , 10-20-2014 at 12:08 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      I'm in a pretty large dormitory and there's this really pissed off guy that keeps walking down the corridor, seems hes aiming to fight the guy behind me.
      I run out to get help, I see two women on a bench with kids so I walk over and stumble a little, I ask for help, one of the woman followed me back to the dormitory.

      2. [Non-Lucid]
      I go look for some crisps, I found a shelf of small and big packets of crisps, I grab a big bag of Monster Munch and walk over to a table where my friends are, I open the bag and...the tutor shouts at me because class is almost over, he said I should have gotten a small packet and now they will go to waste, I'm extremely embarrassed at this point as I eat the crisps slowly and quietly as to not draw anymore attention.

      I find this small museum filled with nostalgic items, such as old gaming magazines and demo disks.
      I buy some lollipops of some sort.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Fat Derpy Planes!

      by , 10-18-2014 at 11:54 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      I am driving down these really narrow flat roads, there is a black fog so I can only see a few feet in front of me, I then see a fence to my left and realize its an airport but there is no runway...the fog subsides and I can see these 2 small derpy looking fat faced planes (I think to myself I hope I can get in and drive 1), so I walk over to 1 and to my surprise I can enter and drive 1 . I need to get myself to an area to take off so I drive forward and turn around (this plane is really sluggish to control), I notice a reasonably flat and long area so I drive up this ramp and into a building with a few people in there running away, there are big glass windows at the front so I floor it and go flying through the windows, I am about to take off and then I wake up due to getting extremely excited/aroused.

      2. [Non-Lucid]
      I found a cake shop filled with these amazing looking cakes and saw the 1 I wanted on the TV in the shop, so I asked do you have that cake in stock? he said no then rambled on about something.


      I was told I have cancer in my shoulder so I had to go to hospital to get tested.

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Jump!

      by , 10-16-2014 at 05:18 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      I am at a white table with a few people and a blond bearded guy is outside the window to my left telling me I need to jump though a window, so I get up, go through the doorway behind me and into the stairwell, there is a small window that a guy broken for me, I'm a little unnerved but I go for it and jump through the window landing in a dark grey van a few stories below.

      Me and another guy each have a stick thing, mine is blue and his is red, it appears they erase whatever they touch.
      I'm on a boat in a wavy ocean and suddenly the ocean ends at a wall of grey void.

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    5. Fruit Pastels and Tentacles!

      by , 06-25-2014 at 12:44 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non Lucid] [Long]
      It started with me in china at a train station asking this security woman when the next train is (A train was already leaving the station but going the wrong way). The train arrived and I walk inside, this train basically a Tardis, its huge inside with big shops in it.

      I turn right and ended up going the wrong way through all these shops with country specific flags above them, so I turned around to go back the way I came and found a British shop, I saw fruit pastels and decided I want to buy a roll so I give it to the cashier guy but he couldn't find a price tag on it, I grabbed them from him and took a look myself to find there is in fact no price tag, he eventually says 367, this confused me as I cant pay such a high price as that's just ridiculous, I mean they're just fruit pastels for fuck sake!!

      I'm stood holding the fruit pastels and all of a sudden this scary monster guy comes in, I just tried not to move in hope he won't see me and it seemed to work, he then scattered rocks on the ground and his pet MUTHAFUCKIN scary squid tentacle thing came in surrounding us, it was black and had glowing green dots going down the side of the thin tentacles, I moved slightly and the dots turned yellow then red and it made a ringing sound to alert its owner (also the rocks on the floor glow green too, they also turned yellow then red), I moved again and the same thing happened...the thing and its owner eventually left.

      I came up with a plan to just fuckin leg it down the corridor behind us into a hole at the end to escape (its not a train any-more by the way), as we run the rocks start flashing and ringing alerting the monster and its tentacle thing, we jump down the hole at the end into a room with a few doors, we go into 1 which is a dead end...when I went to open the door it floated off and vanished, we eventually find an elevator and escape.
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Murder and Bathtubs

      by , 05-18-2014 at 12:46 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      I was hiding from some people in some sort of hill, it has a semi Minecraft theme.

      2. [Non-Lucid]
      I have a magic wand and I decide to hide it in a block of wood that has a hidden space inside, Now I'm taking a bath (I never take a bath) and I'm slightly worried about the possibility of slipping and drowning, after a few minutes I realize that my step dad is going to cut it in half for whatever reason so now I'm freaking out, my mother appears and I tell her to not let him cut the wood block, she just laughs.

      Now I'm in some random place (Semi Minecraft) so I frantically fly and walk over to this airship, I hurry and grab some random blocks around the area so I can nerdpole up to the airship, so I start nerdpoling and I find I don't have enough blocks so I jump off the nerdpole. Not sure what happened next.

      3. [Non-Lucid]
      Me and a few people are running for our lives away from this crazy murderer with a knife, were running down narrow corridors with many wood and glass doors with a few, everyone but me and this girl are dead, eventually we come face to face with the murderer, I'm behind a glass door watching him and her, I figure this is the end, hes going to murder her in front of me then come after me with nowhere to run...But no...this is not the end after all as he puts his knife to the back of his own neck and slices at it creating very deep cuts.

      4. [Non-Lucid]
      I'm in a very small shop that sells sweets and ice cream, I really want an Ice pop so I look around for one and it appears they have none, damn it.
    7. Haribo!

      by , 04-05-2014 at 09:20 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid] [False Awakening]
      Before I fell asleep I thought to myself I'm going to go look at my phone, I fall asleep before I get the chance, then in a dream I pick up my phone and use it...I wake up so confused then proceed to actually use my phone.

      2. [Non-Lucid]
      I'm laying in my bed and I open my eyes, theirs a guy in my room doing something, wasn't scared of him as he seemed friendly...for some reason I'm laying on bags of sweets like Haribo or something.

      3. [Non-Lucid]
      I was in like a sewer system or something with other people and we may be looking for a way out...there are overhead signs telling us what's where, we find a gate with stairs going up behind it, i go open it and some guy opens fire with a machine gun, I quickly get out of the way intact.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    8. Tank!!!!!!!!!

      by , 03-22-2014 at 11:01 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      My Nan has these games on the PC upstairs, so I struggle to walk up the stairs and get a little stuck but manage to pull on the stair gate to become unstuck.

      Now I'm in a game, I'm a tank, a really fast tank, so I'm zooming about the level in my fast tank, I hit a curved wall and it turns the tank and grinds to a halt against the wall, I managed to get free from the wall and try and cross this road by maneuvering around the cars.

      I'm now in a town with a lot of people in it, I am protecting this town from bad guys with shotguns, I'm in a fight with this guy who has a Sawnoff shotgun, he shoots me so I shoot back twice then he shoots me a second time just before he dies, I blackout and wake up in a small room, theirs a guy sitting down, I stand up and say "damn my ass is sore", it feels sore because it somehow got burnt by a shotgun.


      I'n a lineup to talk or sing in front of a few people, I really didn't want too.
      Accidentally called my sister gab.
      I see a woman dressed in red and yellow standing at a balcony.
      With this woman, its very dark, there are candles.

      Possible dream signs:
      Sister, gab, stairs

    9. Fragments

      by , 03-21-2014 at 12:30 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      On a bus going to this place, The Stig is sat next to me silent as always.
      I see Dave, my old sports tutor.
      I saw Jeremy Clarkson for some reason.
      I see this room full of monsters on some sort of conveyor belt.

      Possible dream signs:
      Dave, Clarkson, Stig
    10. Ssppaaccee!!

      by , 03-20-2014 at 12:50 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      In a car trying to get a parking space, this is proving very difficult so I decide to park in front of these 2 parked cars, then this guy get annoyed and argues that we can't park there, so I drove out of the way...1 of the parked cars is gone now but a white car quickly steels the empty space.

      Now I'm in a casino with this guy who's looking for a stack of money he hid somewhere, he climbs this wall and throws down a stack of money, I try to catch it but miss so I go pick it up, Now the room is full of people, these people start attacking us so we run and they chase us.

      2. [Non-Lucid]
      I'm in some sort of space ship with some other people/aliens, I ask to go outside so I can go home or something, so now I'm floating through space and I realize I'm stuck here in space so I get sad because I can't get home, I find a big container so I go open it up and I find its full of food.


      Playing GTA V driving around in an orange cop car.
      See some square black cube thing with eyes.
      Searching for some guy.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Death!

      by , 03-18-2014 at 10:30 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid] [Emotional]
      I'm out with my cousin Matt when he gets a phone call, it's for me so he hands it over, My Aunt is on the phone and she says "Your mother has had a heart attack", I didn't feel good and didn't respond except for making a sound, she then says something even worse "She passed away" and so at this point I'm crying uncontrollably.

      I'm now at school with my support worker in class trying to keep myself from getting upset, my support worker doesn't know and asks if I'm ok, I say I'm fine, not sure what happens next. I then appear to be moving into a big house on a hill.

      My Cousin Chris curls over in front of me.
      A dream about Minecraft. (I forgot the details)

      Possible dream signs:
      Matt, Mum, School, Support Worker, Minecraft
    12. The Governor!

      by , 03-17-2014 at 02:13 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      I'm on a roof and I see a guy standing outside a warehouse, hes in a cage made of barbed wire, I pull out my sniper rifle aim and 1 shot him, he falls to the ground dead, he then re-spawns on my roof, and this confuses me so I just let him go. I then say in chat "Guys, I'm confused, how does this game work?" no one answers so I just carry on with the game.

      I decide to infiltrate their base, there's a white building with a window, The guy I shot is there doing something so I hide with my back against the wall next to the window, he finishes and walks across the yard, I go around the corner into the yard but he sees me and draws his knife so I back away, we both keep sight of each other as we back away until he goes through a gate I cant see him...then non other than The Governor from The Walking Dead walks in...I scramble and fall to the floor as hes coming towards me luckily I have time to get up and run as hes shooting at me.

      As I'm running towards the car repair garage I look to my left and there's a line of people with guns all aiming at us getting ready to fire, a guy joins me as I enter the garage and we stand back to back, The Governor is outside, this garage has multiple shutters that aren't fully closed and covered in holes, We can see his feet and he shoots through the holes at us, we keep moving so we won't get hit, I then notice in front of me there's a big wooden white door and he was probably going to open it and we would have nowhere to run.

      2. [Non-Lucid]
      I'm in my old school getting ready to leave class and I hear the teacher complaining about this kids music being too load, I walk up to him and its so load that you can clearly hear it through his headphones.

      Its home time so I exit the building to get on my minibus but it turns out the minibus there isn't mine.

      My bus arrives and I don't recognize the people on board including the drivers.

      I am now really late for getting home and I'm really pissed off, randomly an argument starts between the driver and someone else, I then say "PLEASE JUST GET ME ON THE FUCKIN BUSS FFS".

      I'm now in the buss laying down for some reason.


      1. In a pink tent thing.
      2. Found an armory with awesome guns, I pick up this silver gun with flames engraved on the sides, also has a strange reload mechanism.
      3. Something in Minecraft.

      Possible dream signs:
      Governor, Minecraft
    13. Secret!

      by , 03-16-2014 at 01:35 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid] [Long]
      I'm in a room full of people using PC's, I'm sat at the door, Emily is there and she wants to use a PC so the IT guy shows her to a PC and picks it up and carries it out of the room with Emily.

      My old college tutor is there, she wants to go spy on them too see what they're up too, I join her (I'm worried I'l get caught though due to my wheelchair not being very quiet).

      Now back In the PC room, Emily is now using the PC, I'm kinda trapped in the corner with my cousin Matt and a random guy in a wheelchair blocking my way out. I decide to start watching Matt, hes using a Mac and is scrolling through his iTunes music, I then comment "Pfff Macs, PC's are better", he then grabs my and starts punching me softly in the ribs while I am repeating "Get off, your gunna hurt me", he eventually lets go.

      I'm now sat at a round table in the same room eating something off a plate, (forgot what exactly) It doesn't seem very appetizing, then Emily grabs my attention so I go over to her and she has found a secret passage and so I follow her in, Now were in Minecraft and I cant really see her because its foggy, then we exit the passage into a room, the room is filled with things made of Lego, it was pretty cool.


      In Minecraft looking around the big dark house looking for chests to loot.
      Looking for a drink or something.
      We run into a trap while in the army in Afghanistan I think.
      Mum says I haven't eaten my chocolate orange, I look down at my desk and theres a bowl full of chopped up chocolate orange.

      possible dream signs:
      Emily, Matt, Tutor, Minecraf

      Side notes:
      Successfully WILDed but didn't actually enter a dream.
    14. Help!

      by , 03-15-2014 at 11:21 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      I destroy this guys big yellow speaker because he did something to me, (I don't remember what) the next day he finds me at school I think and picks on me then attaches the speaker to the back of my chair and starts pushing me, so I have no control as this asshole is pushing me down the street (I'm all beat up now but I never remember us ever fighting) I notice hes pushing me past my local shop One Stop and so I make a break for it through the door.

      I successfully escape the insane asshole, I'm now laying down across from the shop assistant (she's on her knees probably writing on something) and i say "help me please" in an unwell fashion, so she goes off to find someone, (somehow I'm back in my chair now) she comes back with like 5 psychiatrists all smiling at me as if i have been mentally screwed up by this event, I'm now thinking to myself "I'm fine, I don't need this shit" I think I have to sign something after that.


      A pool above a pool, possibly in Minecraft.

      Possible dream signs:
      Wheelchair?, Minecraft
    15. Bang bang!

      by , 03-14-2014 at 11:20 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      I'm in this place and some of the walls are glass, I have a gun, a bad guy comes walking in so I aim and fire then take cover behind a wooden beam, another guy walks in so I spin to my left and shoot through the glass wall shattering instantly, the guy gets hit and probably died, a third guy enters and somehow he gets past me.

      2. [Non-Lucid]
      I'm at my Nan's, I'm sitting in the chair opposite the TV, Nan is sat in the chair at the other side of the room to my left, she whips out a some paper and reads what is written too me, she written it herself, (I thought for some reason she had got cancer and that this was her way of telling me) David is stood between us and as she is reading it he starts rattling paper and I tell him to stop multiple times as I can't hear my Nan over the rattling, I then ask her to reread the last part, She then walks over and shows me a drawing on the paper and it has a stop sign in the middle. I then see food on a table.

      1. Having a fight with Neil, it gets pretty intense.
      2. I'm with this police officer finding my way to the train station.
      3. I'm in Minecraft following these 2 guys.
      4. Re-coding a game of some sort making it look different with pyramids and stuff.

      Possible dream signs:
      Stop sign, David, Nan, Neil, Minecraft

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      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
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