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    Welcome to my dreams!


    by , 03-01-2014 at 11:27 AM (423 Views)
    1. [Lucid]
    I'm trying to fall asleep lying in my bed when all of a sudden I think of something (Something about a ghost) and it really scares me, then //I start to rotate on the spot until I'm facing the wall that my bed is against, I open my eyes (Its bright as if its day) and see the wall, my bed I'm laying on, the pillow and the blankets on top of me, I get scared and cover my head with the blankets...after a minute or so of hiding I begin to hear music...I have no idea where its coming from...this freaks me out even more so I just lay there to scared to turn around//

    I wake up and open my eyes then close them and fall asleep, I manage to DEILD...

    //I am in the exact same dream I just left, I'm still freaked out hearing this music so I try to shout my Mum...I couldn't talk...All I heard was mmmmm// I wake up.

    // - Lucid

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    1. chelle's Avatar
      could you move? I often get these same exact things happen during sleep paralysis
    2. ParadoxOwl's Avatar
      Yes I was able to move but I just laid there and wasn't compelled in the slightest to do anything.