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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Night of May 11 2015

      by , 05-12-2015 at 10:32 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      I didn't write about last night because there was really nothing special that happened there, just the horrible recall I've had earlier. But tonight was definitely incredible. I recall 2 long dreams (both combined took two pages from my notebook .-.), finally actually did a WBTB, and a DILD (though it only lasted a couple of seconds), along with an FA. So I'll start from the beginning..

      The Night Watchers

      I was in this sort of university dorm. The location around me was this town with not much tall buildings, all were the same house roofs and you could jump from one to the other. I was sleeping at night when a guy came and woke me up. I can't recognize who he was IWL but in the dream I knew who he was, as he was an old friend. I remember him wanting me to do a task with him and me, being annoyed that he woke me up in the night, reluctantly accepted and left with him. I went through this walkway through a park and went up to one of the house roofs. We hopped from one to the other to get to a very large church-like building which clearly stands out from the rest of the buildings. I forget what we had to do there but the next night he woke me up again and we left. Leaving through the same walkway, I could recognize some people I know in real life. We reached these hills in the park and he was setting up some device I saw as a telescope. He told me that it could shoot lasers and we pointed somewhere. I looked over and saw this large white cube, about the size of a fountain. He said that we have to blow it up using the lasers, but it wouldn't be enough and we have to access this same scenery in a dream and use powers in there to make it explode. The scene changed into a bedroom and the guy was getting ready to use the lasers on the white cube. I was about to go in bed when I woke up.

      I felt really awake when I did wake up. I was debating whether to do a FILD, with a fairly high chance of success but I may not remember my last dream, or to WBTB + MILD. I eventually picked the latter and wrote down my last dream quickly as I already felt wide awake and didn't want to stay awake longer to the point where I wouldn't fall back asleep. I urinated in the dark and went back to bed. I had a really runny nose and I felt too awake, as I feared. Luckily, I was able to fall back asleep.

      Bus ride and family union

      I was on the bus. I was heading home when I passed by my older brother IWL who was at a stop. I looked at which bus this is and saw that it wasn't the right one. I got off at the next stop and met up with my friend on this wall in this area that seemed to be a picnic table. The friend said he needed help picking up garbage that he dropped and I was helping him. By the wall, there was a girl and she said to me, "Il y a quelque chose derriere toi." (Translates to: There's something behind you.) I looked behind me but there was nothing there. She pointed somewhere else and I found the last piece of garbage the my friend dropped. The scene changed and I'm in a bathroom. I'm apparently with my family of four, me being the eldest child and two younger children, one boy and one girl, around the age of 6 playing in the sink like it was a pool. And there was my widowed mother in the shower. She opened the curtains and got out, asking me if I wanted to go in. I replied with yes and went in and started taking off my clothes. Strangely enough I never closed the curtains. My little brother IWL was outside a window watching me, and I didn't want him to see me naked but he eventually did, along with the rest of the family. For some reason the younger two children had aged to around 12 and the girl said "He's so cool." I closed the curtains and started taking a shower. The curtains opened by themselves and my mother, now finally clothed, with my two younger siblings were just standing there smiling at me, not in a creepy way. Yup, because when you have 3 people stare at you smiling while you're taking a shower is definitely not creepy. I was thinking that it was strange that I had people looking at me like that, so then I got excited by the thought that this could be a dream. I excitedly looked at my hands only to find that they were completely normal. They even had drips of water on them. But I wasn't convinced that it was reality. I tried another RC, which I'm pretty sure was the nose plug RC, but that failed as well. I then tried flying up, and that's what worked. I flew out the window of the bathroom and decided what to do next. The thing is, though, when I reached the window and was about to go through it, my vision completely blacked out. Then, I had twitching at the bottom of the darkness only to find myself awake in my room. Excited from my LD, I went down to write it. In the hallway, I saw this mirror which didn't reflect me but in fact gave me vision of a classmate who was in my washroom in front of the mirror. Like, I saw her reflection instead of mine. I didn't question it though and went down to find my sister watching a kids show (Not the one from the last dream, my sister IWL). I went back upstairs to my room and was trying to write "Performed MILD" for my dream journal but kept accidentally writing something else instead, which I can't remember. And that's when I woke up.

      Anyway, I'm really happy with myself from this night. Even though I was going for MILD, I got a DILD, and I could recognize something odd in a dream and suspect my reality from that. I think I've just reached a large milestone! Better add a milestones custom block, and I'll add dream goals along with it.

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