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    1. Night of May 20 2015

      by , 05-21-2015 at 10:45 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, I wasn't recording my dreams in a DJ for absolutely no good reason. But tonight I had a very good lucid dream, and (half?) completed one of my dream milestones..

      Need food

      I had a dream where I was in a restaurant-like place. There were lots of people around me and a couple of them really wanted food. The guy at the counter (who wasn't exactly working at the restaurant) was already in the process of making some and the people were surprised. They started eating some so I left down the street to an alley. The alley went downstairs into a sort of restaurant as well. There were lots of tables around and one table was where they were selling the food. I was supposed to get some sort of vaccination before coming here because there was a chance to catch a virus, but the people around me were wearing gloves so I thought that would suffice as protection. I went to grab a pair of them and then left to get some of the food, and I can't remember what happens after here.

      Car crash

      I was in a bus. The bus was going up this street slope, and all around the bottom were flat plains with lots of yellow flowers. There was a turn on the slope and the bus was going too fast, and it fell off the edge to fall down on the plains. On impact, I was sent outside, on the ground near the broken bus. Many people who were in the bus at the time were moaning in pain, and in particular I can recall a young boy who was directly under the bus. In contrast, the worst I felt was light-headed, but nothing more.

      You're my subconscious, aren't you?

      I was in this platformer game similar to the N flash game, and I was also the character in there. I was jumping around when I just suddenly knew I was dreaming. The game started going at very high speeds, and was starting to glitch out and the scene changed, but I retained lucidity. I was on the front yard of a house I can't recognize. My brother is there with me, and for some reason he was really bugging me about something. He kept trying to get my attention and I was so irritated by it that I threatened to kill him with a knife, because he wasn't real anyway. I had my knife at his throat, but I couldn't bring myself to kill him. I don't know if it's because I didn't like the idea, even if it was a dream, or I wasn't completely lucid, but I eventually decided to ignore him and left to walk down the street. I met a friend of mine down there and he said he wanted me to go with him to a restaurant. I accepted and while we were walking I started to view the scenery. It was very vivid, with detailed buildings and city electric cords going across town. I was thinking if I should do one of my dream goals and could recall slaying a dragon. I tried to summon a dragon several times by closing my eyes and opening them again, and was careful not to open my real eyes, but the best I could do was make a puff of smoke in the air and a man's scream. Where did the person's scream even come from? I decided to try again another time and my friend and I entered the restaurant. There were high chairs, like the one you'd see in bars, across the counter and a display case showing pancakes. My friend was ordering some and I was standing at a corner waiting for him to finish up. I started losing lucidity here from the normality of the scene but I caught myself and regained it. The dream started to fade out and I kept calm to get ready to DEILD.

      Woke up, got right back into the dream.

      I was in my room. I didn't get up from bed, but rather I was standing in the middle. There was a person I thought to be my other brother cowering under a blanket in the corner of the room. I didn't really mind him and started towards the door. This intense feeling came over me, so I came over to the person and asked this question completely on instinct:

      "You're my subconscious, aren't you?"

      To my surprise, a small black female teen came out and replied with yes. She came over to me and gave a short kiss. For a weird reason I thought she wanted to take it further and I was getting my "bottom part" ready when she ran out of the room to another nearby one. Embarrassed, I followed her and she was sitting on the bed. I recall asking two questions, one being, "do you keep my memories and all other related information?" and the other I can't forget, but it was related to it. She replied with a simple, "yeah".
      May have to rethink her being my subconscious, but I'm not doubting her yet. For the time being, I'll keep the milestone for it unchecked. We both left downstairs and I saw my sister, but didn't mind her. My subconscious laid down on a table and because her appearance wasn't what I had in mind, I was giving commands on what to change, but before I could finish or do another DEILD the dream faded away.

      Successful MILD + DEILD.

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