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    Night of April 27 2015

    by , 04-29-2015 at 04:03 AM (383 Views)
    Nearly forgot to write this one .-.


    I remember having a lucid tonight but I forgot the first scene so this is a dream scene change where I retained lucidity from the last.

    I was on the sidewalk. There was no one else around me and I was walking down the street. I remember wanting to look for my subconscious again, but that's when a car passed by me. The woman driving the car was literally staring at me. Now that I recall it, I felt as though she had this evil presence and she put her head out the window when she passed by me just to keep staring at me. But it didn't bother me at the time because I knew it was a dream. More cars started to drive by the road and I stopped a car to find a chubby man driving it. I asked him what he represented, but he didn't really give any significant answer. I left back to the sidewalk and decided to look around the grassy hills on the other side. I kept trying to look but couldn't find her (my subconscious). There was suddenly these people in a cafe, but I can't really describe it. It was as though I was in a cafe, but I felt as though I was still in the hills. I forgot everything after this.

    Don't come

    I woke up in my house. The dream was too hazy for me to even think about it being a false awakening. Also, I woke up in my parents' bed. I got up and then someone said I had to not go to the next room because there was someone there and she was busy with something. So I waited and she finished. I went to the bathroom, but I could not recall any experience with mirrors there.

    I also remember getting some riot points and wanting to buy a skin (League of legends.).

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