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    Night of April 29 2015

    by , 04-30-2015 at 10:26 PM (326 Views)
    I could only remember images in dreams and can't really remember it chronologically. I wrote everything I could the best, but it didn't exactly happen in this order.


    I was going to practice running for track and field. I was taken to this ice rink area and the coach told me to run around here. I was with someone else I couldn't recognize. This person was running great on the ice while I was OK but going slow, so the coach was nagging at me. The scene changed and I'm in this house basement. There's a group of people here and they're encouraging me to go run around the school. Apparently this was the basement of the school. I was competing with some other people. I ran out an exit door and a kindergarten line suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I couldn't really run so I waited until I could go again. Now I was running on grass. Another line appeared again so I waited it out and got through. I went around to another corner of the school and stopped. There was a couple of people I know in waking life there, along with some of my family. To the right lead to an open field with a fence in front, and to the left showed the street and a bicycle rack. A friend of mine who I haven't seen in about a year now came up behind me and was asking me to do something.

    There was another time where I was running around the school hallways and I seemed to be in the past because one of the people I was competing with the first time, who was here again this time, looked around a corner and found himself running the same way he was the first time. The "him" from the past just barely missed eye contact with him.

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