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    Night of December 20 2015

    by , 12-21-2015 at 07:17 PM (616 Views)
    I couldn't remember any dreams the other night (mostly 'cause I didn't put any effort), but I have a very long dream tonight with some dream fragments.

    All he wanted was blank papers

    I don't really know how the dream started, but I was this knight with a different appearance (something similar to Marth in physical appearance and armor, but without the cape). I wanted to save Yato (from the anime Noragami) because he was apparently my friend and he was kidnapped into this castle. I almost forgot about him but remembered him from a distinct memory of when we were together (In the show, he's a god so if you stay a certain amount of time away from him you will forget about him). I was in front of the castle but there was a moat with no drawbridge, and a large group of people were behind me. These people couldn't really fight, but some could. Suddenly, a darkness from the castle enveloped everything, and everything looked black, even with the sun up. Panic was setting in for a few people. The scene sorta changed where we had to push back incoming monsters in the complete darkness. Everyone was safe. The scene changed back and the darkness was gone. We had found a way to get up by using a sort of wooden bridge and tilting it against the castle wall to climb up. Fast forward and almost everyone was up, and it was my turn. My perspective changed to a few people at the bottom, and when the knight was near the top he was shouting at them asking for some help. The thing was about to fall, and it did but it did so in a way to act as a bridge to the castle. The knight thanked them anyway, and my perspective went back to him. The circumstances changed in which I was Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan trying to save Armin and Mikasa from Dr. Eggman. I was the same age as he is in the show (15) and I apparently hadn't seen them since 8 or so years. I was walking through this tunnel-like place where many of the people earlier were trying to find some blank pieces of paper. All Dr. Eggman wanted was a stack of blank lined paper. I easily supplied him with it and he let my friends go. I was surprised to find them the same age as before, and they hated me for some reason. I had aggresively asked him if he did experiments on them and he replied with a yes. I demanded him to revert the effects, but all he could do is give them children's toys and videos and he ran away, leaving me with my toddler friends.

    Couple of dream fragments

    I was playing this red, blue and white card game with my little brother and he really wanted a white checkered, to the extent to cry for it. I had hidden it from him but showed him, and he was pleased.

    There weren't a lot of boots around in stores, so we had to find some other shoes outside of town.I believe this happened the full dream above, which might explain why there was a lot of people with me?

    I was shopping for something.

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