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    Night of May 4 2015

    by , 05-05-2015 at 09:23 PM (527 Views)
    I tried MILD tonight, and tried to induce a WBTB + a recalled dream, and even though the WBTB didn't work out I'm glad I could remember a dream.

    Am I really that scary?

    Note: Title only applies to the end of the dream.

    The first thing I could recall in my dream was being in a store. There were lots of things around and I had about 35$ (the amount I have in waking life). I wanted to get some sweets and other junks with only the 5$ bill I had. I got some things like doughnuts, and something else. I looked around and I could find even more things. I wanted a cold sweet, like an ice cream sandwich, so I looked in the store refrigerator things but I couldn't find any ice cream sandwiches. I thought I found one in one of them, but I found it really wasn't, when a DC pointed it out. The last refrigerator was somewhere behind the cashier area, so I tried to go but, like many times earlier, the cashier didn't let me go. So I went back to the other ones and found a cold cupcake box which apparently costed 179$. I thought that must be a mistake and they actually cost 1.79$. So I went to the cashier (who was interestingly my past art teacher). My friend, who also wanted to buy something, threw some medicine near my things and I told her that this is separate and threw it back. My things costed AROUND 188$. I was thinking, did that really cost 179$? I asked the cashier to put it back and she then said it costed 8.36$. I really didn't want to use my 10$ bill, but I ended up doing so. Fast forward and I'm walking back to school. But for some reason we (I was with some other people) take another way and it leads us through a lot of places in town but we manage to make it back to school. Some other people in school (who aren't very fond of me IWL) say that there's a cool movie going on in the field, which they thought was a theater, when really it was just a soccer game. I needed to go to the washroom so I went in and notice the door locked behind me. I assumed it was those guys so I looked around for an exit. There was a door to the girl's washroom and I figured if worse comes to worst I would get out through there. I then realized that I can unlock the door from the inside, and I wondered how they even locked it from the outside. So I got out and one of the guys, who was affiliated with the guy who locked me, had this look that he was surprised I got out and scared that I would be angry. I really wasn't though. I was walking out to the field when I noticed I don't even have pants. I was covering my parts with my shirt but eventually I had some shorts on, but only saw it as some mirage for everyone that will get me through to eventually wear pants. Outside, the soccer game started and one person, who I could recognize in waking life, was crossing everyone out. Something happened and I think they won the game. I went back in school to find a poster for a movie. The picture was of 4 guys looking up, one of which was the guy who saw me come out of the washroom, and 2 other people who were friends IWL, but they would definitely want to do a prank on me, and the other guy I can't recall. Probably the one who locked me in the washroom. The title of the movie was something along the lines of "The Terror of <My real name>" and under the picture, not as a review but as part of the movie, it said "scary doesn't even begin to describe it". In the dream I fell down on the ground, and it was cool as I was falling slowly as though time went slower, and I was bursting out in laughter. I then woke up laughing as well.

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