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    1. Virtual Reality 05/07/2015

      by , 05-08-2015 at 04:18 AM
      I was in a hotel being chased by someone. I wanted to escape really badly so I hopped in an elevator. I knew this elevator is special but I don't know how. I pressed on a level button, and I was immediately on that floor. I peaked out from the door and it was a eerily dim hallway lit with fluorescent light. It was completely empty, and narrow. I went to another level. Same setup but with hospital beds this time. So that was even more creepy. I went to another level, and I was immediately in a room. Somewhere along the levels, I realized this is virtual reality. That whatever is happening isn't real but I could feel everything. A nurse told me that she could find out what's wrong with me, and I agreed to it. She explained that she will scan my whole body, and it will hurt a lot. I thought for sure the pain would be nothing. But when she was scanning me, it was very painful with a lot of vibration. I remembered that she had the device over my chest, and my head for a while. After the scanning was done, I asked her what's wrong with my head. She replied "Nothing, nothing's wrong with you". I wasn't satisfied with her answer because I had a rush of negative emotions and memories during the scan. The scan got me really angry and violent inside. It made me want to find the person that was after me, and tear him to shreds for what he did to me.