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    Elevator, Amusement Park, Photo, Sport Bras 03/09/2014

    by , 03-10-2014 at 09:54 AM (263 Views)
    I was in an elevator. The elevator could take you to places as long as you put in the correct number codes. I was holding a piece of scrap paper and there were numbers at the right bottom corner. I entered the code somehow. The elevator started moving left and right like it's not sure where it's going. I ended up on a floor with people in business suits. They went in as I got out. I asked the person in charge there if I'm at the right place as I pointed at my number code. She said not if I want to end up in hell or something I forgot.

    I was walking around in an amusement park with my friends. I stopped in front of a glass window. Behind it was a display of somethings vintage. There was a trunk cut off from a car, a make up storage extracted from the trunk, and something else. There was an explanation displayed but I couldn't remember what it said. I walked further along and ended up at a beach. There was a huge sign on two poles that said "Beach" or something. I was with PW and wanted to kiss her. I was thinking up of ways to do it. I could hold her hands and reach up. I could reach for her face. I then realized that she was impossibly tall and I couldn't reach her.

    My friends (3) and I were high up on the outside of a building. We were right by the fence. One of my friend got her phone out and wanted to take a picture of us. They all got their faces in the frame but I couldn't. So I pushed myself off the fence a little to get myself in the frame. I can't believe that I didn't care about the height.

    I was looking through sport bras. I wanted to try them on. There were no indicated sizes so I put the bras over chest to see if they could fit.

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