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    Eyeliner, Mountain, Septum 11/02/2014

    by , 11-08-2014 at 08:30 AM (154 Views)
    I was putting eyeliner on and I could see my own eye in 3rd person view. Since I could see my eyes perfectly, I drew the line on without mistake. I felt strange like it doesn't make sense but shrugged it off. I then wondered why I never used this method before since it's so easy.

    I was along the wall of a mountain with some people. We traveled together or something. They jumped along the wall and went inside of the mountain. I stayed out and jumped back and forth along the wall like it's an obstacle course. There were dangling platform that was held by vines on the 4 corners. I had to throw myself, grab the platform, and climb up. This guy has been following me. Then he was at the entrance of the mountain. He almost discovered the travelers inside the mountain. I had to jump across and stop him. He then somehow ended up in the water below. I was about to jump right on the spot to save him. But the water below looked shallow. I jumped back to the center wall with blue eyeballs. I jumped down and the water was still shallow. He was moving around and somehow activated a switch. What happen next was the bottom opening up to reveal more water that looked endless. There's this layer of goop that's sort of transparent that cover the original bottom. When I swam forward, the goop moved along.

    I spent half of my day at work with my septum ring out.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment