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    Stairs, Landlords 03/23/2014

    by , 03-24-2014 at 07:08 AM (188 Views)
    I parked my park in the parking lot. Walked up a flight of stair. See that I'm at a part of a hotel. Went up a flight of narrow wooden stair. I went up one more flight of stair, and it's a white stone set this time.

    I was in a house in Macau. We looked out the window to see my old landlords from SM. Someone told me to hide but I really needed to use the bathroom. I thought I'll have enough time to use the toilet since they're like 24 stories down. I got in and I heard their voices. Someone told me to come back out and hide. I opened the door with my pants down to my knees. They sounded too close so I shut the door. I really hoped that they didn't see the door closing. I heard them walking by asking for me. There's a vent at the bottom of the door. I held a piece of toilet paper to the vent even though I know they can't see through it anyway.

    I dreamed of something Starbucks related.

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