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    Test, Bottle, Hair 03/11/2014

    by , 03-11-2014 at 10:30 PM (167 Views)
    It was nighttime. I was walking toward a classroom at the end of the hall. The hallway is a few floors above ground outside. The classroom was bright. It seems to be my Mandarin classroom. We were all taking a test. Everyone else finished their test and went on break. I was still sitting there doing my test. They all came back in and started on a new lesson. I continued with my test while learning the new lesson. It seems like the teacher don't know I'm still doing the test. I looked down at my piece of paper and there were drawings. There were no questions or answers but just drawings. I don't know if that's the test or something.

    I twisted open a bottle of Arizona green tea, and took a sip. In RL, the bottle is unopened in the fridge.

    I told somebody that I'm going to dye my whole head of hair because why not?

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