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    Lucid #7: Lost at school, to the library then bed.

    by , 01-02-2016 at 05:52 PM (293 Views)
    I've only had DILDs before, and this is no exception. This one lasted 10-20 minutes though, which was a first.

    The dream started off with me in an English class, being taught by one of my favourite teachers at university. But she had given us a test, and I hadn't prepared at all. I didn't even know why I was in school. Anyways, I tried to cheat, but I couldn't, so I ended up finishing the test with a big portion of it being blank. I thought to myself, 'Meh, whatever, I'm not really in school anyways.'.

    The scene changed to another class. The professor was explaining how everyone reads differently, and certain books are difficult for certain people. Anyways, the point was that he was letting us choose what book we'd do an essay on, and he soon let us come up to the books that were stacked at the front. Me and this other girl that I knew were completely lost. She asked what the essay was supposed to be about, since she had no idea what we had done in class before now. I agreed and I think then I realized that it was a dream and I wasn't actually in class.

    So then I looked around for a computer, both to see if I could find a syllabus for us, and to see if I'd have any luck typing on a computer in a lucid a second time around. No luck, and apparently I was now in a dimly lit library. I saw a young boy walking along with an empty plastic sandwich bag. I took it from him and looked around for a trash bin, taking him along with me. Meanwhile I was trying to keep the lucid clear. I found one and I think I payed no more attention to him after I found one.

    Now here's where it gets weird. Either I tried phasing or teleporting and got inside a bedroom, or the scene changed to a bedroom. Anyways, once I was in the bedroom, I saw that my sister was sleeping in one of the two beds. I didn't pay attention to that for a bit. By now, the lucid had felt like it had been going on for 10 minutes. I decided that I might as well see if I could teleport outside. So I tried, picturing the outdoors in my mind, but I failed. I eventually gave up and decided to go to sleep beside my sister. But before that, I think I tried phasing through the bed, and I think I succeeded in partially going through the side. After that, I lay down in the bed, tried to phase my arms though the blankets, and just stared at the ceiling trying to keep awareness for as long as possible. Maybe a minute or two after, I woke up.
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