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    Experiments with a singsong😊

    by , 09-01-2016 at 09:29 PM (570 Views)
    Just spent ages writting it up and went back to check something and it all disappeared

    So a short write up

    Deilds about 4 I think - after a good long wbtb around 3.30am till 5ish. Had things on my mind but sat long enough to clear and get dozy - great !

    During some lucid dreams this morning I remember to change the colour of object and have some fun with that~

    I see a couch chair I turn from its original brown to blue. I see an object on the side like a plate or something and turn it yellow. I look at a DC's face and turn it blue and another's green.

    Did a lucid dance to keep me in the dream and sang a song something like

    " I am lucid in my dream hahaha hehehe" again and again

    Homed in on object to keep the story going and keep from waking as I felt very close to waking a lot of the time

    Great fun ✨ and realy happy about the experiments

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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Lucid dance and song that's so cool that your having so much fun with it
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    2. Patience108's Avatar
      Thanks Neb I am noticing 'having fun' is a way of staying focused and interested so I am trying to remember it as an actual 'method'
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