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    1. What does this symbolise for me? 🐟🐬🐳🐋🐠🐡

      by , 12-09-2016 at 05:15 PM
      At Frankie's,

      Fish coming out of the plants around me as I walk they seem to be coming from anywhere I look - they are alive ...it's a bit weird ~ I want to run but I realise I am dreaming! I stop and allow the fish to land on my hand one by one as if effortlessly manifesting from thin air. I look at them closely - they are mostly black and flat but alive.

      "I am dreaming" breath and slow down ✨
      I ask my friend what this means what it symbolises - He said it means I must take these abundant fish everywhere I go, give and share them with everyone -" like a gift "I thought and this made me happy - but then he explained that by giving everyone the fish they would then be connected back here to him and that was important. I felt deep inside that there was something not right about this this ...controle ...I wanted to think nice thoughts about it and in giving the fish generously " how nice etc" 🌈but I just couldn't 😬I felt it was a bit of a con and wander if I should be involved in this giving of fish so that this control I could be had...I am puzzled and saddened as I wake.

      We are in a big complex - G has a major role to play I seem to be of value and am doing my best yet I am keeping myself in the back ground. I become aware there are some teachings on - being given- I feel I should be there ...but wander why I am not...I see there are some who realy want to go and I could easily go but I am not...I am told its on Tatagatagarba. I finally go in, late, and slip into a seat anf put headphones on. It's wonderfully loud music and I love it - I start dancing and moving around with delight - people think I am a little mad.
      I am jumping around on a mooving train I can't find G and shout if anyone saw him...no ...the train is picking up speed going passed the platform now ...I can't be sure G is on the train ...shall I jump off and wait or stay on....I stay on...the train is moving too fast - I am away and hope G is with me🌺

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    2. Totm's - Tail manifesting and body swap

      by , 09-07-2016 at 03:51 PM
      Bed around 10 after listening to Dream Yoga audio for 20mins and fall asleep with mantra's like - ' Tonight I lucid dream' and similar

      Woke up around 12.30 with first dream and then stayed awake for ages - did my best to keep mind focusing regularly on dream stuff...finally fell asleep

      Wake around 4.50am sit up and listen to Daniel Love's Wbtb audio for my Wbtb.
      Lay down with the audio finishing probably around 5.10am

      Get lucid with dild some time between 5.30 and 7am - I am pretty sure I get lucid while walking down the road .... I am remembering things and looking at where I am thinking
      ' is this for real?...Could I be dreaming?' ...it felt very much like real life but I dare to test the surroundings by pushing my hand through wall a wall I am walking next to - it softly and gently pushes it's way through the wall like putty - great " I am dreaming!'
      I carry on within the dream frame and speak to one the the DC's about this being a dream- I look around and see I am at a large depo/bus stop,lots of folk waiting for different buses. Remembering the task I move close to a middle age lady - I tell her I am about to come into her body and see what it feels like and she could switch to mine...she is a bit defensive and not up for it initially- I carry on and move into her body. I can sense her agitation as I feel how it feels in her shoes. After the initial awkwardness she relaxes and seems to move out or relax enough for me to get comfortable in there

      I am sure I am in her body but struck with how comfortable it is ...it's still me ...I am not sure if she went into my body or not as I look around for my body I can't see it. I get on the bus when it comes and soon move on with my lucid

      Does that mean the task is done or not?

      Ok I am sitting lucid on the train and remember the ' grow a tail ' task. I tell the gentleman next to me that I am about to grow a tail for the totm. He is intruiged and watches my back side in anticipation

      . I put my hand there and feel around - I am aware I havnt manifested anything like this before in a lucid so it's gonna be good - I am excited! I keep my hand just above my butt on my lower back feeling for movement ...Yes! I feel movement from within

      - soon a little stub of a tail grows out! I start to laugh and show the man - he is as surprised as me and we both watch as it keeps growing until it's about half a meter long...it's thin and grissely but it's deffinatelly a tail - I am delighted.

      I stay on the train for a while - I am laying down on a seat and pushing first my hand, then my feet into the wall - pushing gently in and out sometimes pulling the structure of the wall out and playing with with it reminding myself this is a dream - my dream - test myself see the surroundings and test them - I do this by walking into and through walls etc as I mentioned.

      I am sure I awoke a few times and Dield back in gently - there was more but I dont remember all - just know it was awesome to be aware in my dreams again!

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    3. Dungeon's and Dakini's 🌈

      by , 09-03-2016 at 04:20 PM
      Bed around 10pm - read some stuff on DV
      Listened to audio book on dream yoga before sleep - drifted off thinking about good things todo in Lucid Dream like going through walls and testing out ridged views of our usual 'fixed' reality...⚡️

      Woke around 3/4am with some dream fragments and put them on my audio recorder. Main scene that stuck in my mind is me coming out to sit with a big group of people on the grass ...a festival like setting - very friendly. I wonder if they know me and might ask me to speak. I am relieved when I can sit down unnoticed - someone comes out with some food and the person next to me says its for me - I say thanks but I haven't ordered yet..they don't seem to care and want me to have the bowl with a Cardamon Pancake folded at the bottom. It looks delicious so I am happy to take it - just the smell warms me up - it's a lovely setting 🌈

      I get up for wbtb around 4.40 and lay back down around 5.10am.
      I am glad I managed to stay up and sit with a clear mind and set intentions nicely for lucid dreaming this day - great! I lay for a while relaxing - fan on for coolness and sound, earplugs in - I am in my world - I will lucid dream tonight💫

      Felt the onset of fantom limbs a few times but haven't managed to manoeuvre my way out or through this stage yet - so I fall a sleep and Dild later on.

      I am with G we are in a tunnel/underground caves - it's dimly lit. It feels dangerous - I spontaneously know I am dreaming. No RC but ongoing presence is clearly with me - the dream feels significant - I start to catch glimpses of shadows walking through tunnels that lead out or off directions we walk in... We seem tobe lost but not panicked - just moving with care and slight anticipation. The shadows I see start to become very clearly visible - they are huge prehistoric creatures! They walk as if stalking...us or anything that moves. ⚡️⚡️⚡️I know we cannot be caught by these creatures and that they are about 10 times our height and width etc. It seems they walk past tunnel exits I see and they never seem to look in our direction which I am very relieved about...but I know it could happen in a jot of a second so I feel we have been intensely lucky with our speed/direction and choice of movement etc

      We see an exit and move quickly towards it - it's in the form of escalator/stairs - we move quickly up them. I look back and catch the eye of one of these huge creatures ...it turns and charges us at full speed head seriously gunning for us! I know it could reach us before we get up and out of this place and being lucid in my dream I call out a spell ✨

      " ✨Invisible wall there now - nothing can pass it!" ✨I point my arm/hand at the area directly in the area between us and the predictor heading for us...

      It seems the spell didn't work as the next instant I see the beast flying throughout the sky towards us and about to land on us ...fine I call out to the Dream as my witness in this intense situation

      " This is a dream!" - 😜I call out - So then The dream body of this heavy creature passes through or I should say glides though my dream self and G's - it feels magical ✨

      I wake feeling relieved and happy after my lucid adventure! 😎

      I lay still and wait for the next dream opportunity - it comes🌅

      I am lucid again in the dream ( Deild/dild I think ) I am talking with a beautiful woman with lots of make up and thick blond hair - dressed colourfully and luxuriously. She ooses attractive warmness and I am drawn to converse with her. We have a nice connection and sit closely - I ask her some important questions about my life situations at his time - things I have been wanting to ask recently - about a house and area we may go to live. She says its a no brainier - it will be good for us and our name is on that house - I am happy. We talk more and play around in an open fun way🌹🌠🌹 I think I am waking quiet a few times while we sit speaking ~ each time I use her face to bring the dream back into focus and feel stronger in the lucidity of the dream. I home in on her intensely makeup' face and it looks so very very clear ...like I can see every pore - I love doing this and hope to remember to do this more and more as it helps stableize fading lucidity - I think

      Thanks whoever you are ( part of me right 😊 )wherever you are - I hope to meet you again soon🌺🌺

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    4. Experiments with a singsong😊

      by , 09-01-2016 at 09:29 PM
      Just spent ages writting it up and went back to check something and it all disappeared

      So a short write up

      Deilds about 4 I think - after a good long wbtb around 3.30am till 5ish. Had things on my mind but sat long enough to clear and get dozy - great !

      During some lucid dreams this morning I remember to change the colour of object and have some fun with that~

      I see a couch chair I turn from its original brown to blue. I see an object on the side like a plate or something and turn it yellow. I look at a DC's face and turn it blue and another's green.

      Did a lucid dance to keep me in the dream and sang a song something like

      " I am lucid in my dream hahaha hehehe" again and again

      Homed in on object to keep the story going and keep from waking as I felt very close to waking a lot of the time

      Great fun ✨ and realy happy about the experiments

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    5. Totm's and blood red yogini 🌺

      by , 08-12-2016 at 09:57 PM
      Completed Totm Basic 1 and Advance 1✨🎆🎆✨

      Bed around 10 and fast to sleep as am enjoying full on exercise every weekday at the mo and it's making me sleep good

      Set intentions pretty strong before sleep ; repeating to myself that
      I will remember my dreams, I will record my dreams, I will have many dreams and I will be lucid tonight.
      Repeating - "Tonight I lucid dream "many times as I drift off✨

      I woke around 2 with some fragments then about 3am ...being chased again but this time I am not as anxious as I have been before - so I know I am clear headed tonight.

      I repeat - "Tonight I lucid dream" quite a few times and fall off to sleep as usual and almost jepedise a proper Wbtb - this time I know I need a good wbtb so I sit up for about 30 mins 😉 I sit up resting my self and allowing my body and mind to calm and be at peace - I bring my focus about - I will lucid dream tonight ...as I repeat this regularly and intermidedly see myself becoming lucid and accomplishing goals. I know tonight I have a good chance 🎆🌠🎆

      I remember totm tasks and personal tasks also make strong requests to my sub to help me learn and become/realise everything I possibly can -

      Earlier dreams include me speaking with my mum about meditation and how I know I haven't realised any big deal stuff but I am very happy I know how to relax and be one pointed and at peace - I know I want to take this further...and will.

      Woke at 5.54am with Lucid dream report -
      First time lucid was a dild but later had a Deild and a wild as I lay still back awake after waking up a few times.
      During the dreams - which are of rich sexual content - I am helping many during war time. It's similar to quite a few dreams I have had now where I play very confident " yogini" in the sense of the word that I would not dare to do in WL - I am a pretty wild DC and very comfortable with my role in the dreams as if I have always been this character ...I also seem tobe training others to be yogini 's this is a recurring theme I am becoming aware of - sometimes I am playing myself and other times it's watching her in 3rd person.
      Anyway at some point I decide to do totm basic 1

      I was with some DC's and remember to ask one if they have a secret form one of the folks on Dream Views - he shakes his head - so I continue asking " ok what about Dolphin...anything about him?" Nope he says ..." Ok I ask - how about RelaxAndDream...anything about him?" He stops to ponder and says he has a secret about RelaxAndDream

      I am intruiged but have a feeling the DC is messing with me

      " He's got 3 noses! " says the DC - I laugh and laugh and wake up laughing

      So I go back to sleep after recording the above dreams at around 6am - I know I am getting up n an hour and feel relaxed. I lay still and on my back and gently slip in to dreams which become lucid once again.

      I am looking at myself in a small mirror when I get lucid - my face looks funny so I start imagining my mouth opening and something coming out even though I know it's shut - the face in the mirror obliges showing a small long thing come out my mouth ... so I continue to watch and see my mouth morphing, disappear completely then reappearing etc for a bit ,this is fun but comes to an end as I go to explore the dream scape -
      - I become part of a story - it seems I am the main character and I have been kidnapped ( as its a lucid I go along with it thinking how curious of my sub to show me as such a victim ) soon though I end up as the yogini once again within this powerful group of rebels of the communist regime - it's dark times - I am the one looking after them in every way like food, Heath love and especially in matters of the heart - very dramatic etc ...where at one point I look down at my legs and they are covered in blood - the open, straightforwardness of her love seems to be symbolised by the bloodiness. Difficult dream to explain far less understand completely.

      This dream as was pretty long Lucid - going a long with the plot mostly but then doing some tasks every now and then - I met a girl later on and asked her if she would acompany me throught the dream and help accomplish tasks and she said ok - she acompany's me around after that.
    6. Totm ✨lucid fun🌅

      by , 07-05-2016 at 11:45 AM
      Completed Basic Task 1

      Had a really good sleep last night and woke early for a short wbtb. Also read through the totm's on dream views - I had the urge

      Was very aware of dream starting and the deilding over an hour or so just before getting up - began moving around in dream very quickly but lucidity was a bit tricky at times...I must remember to ground myself more when beginning with entering ...maybe coz I am so close to awakening.

      Anyway Enjoyed some Lucid times this morning and managed to get a few takes at some of the totm's ; when first lucid I tried to fly at the speed of light but it was awfully static and dark not my usual flight mode ... So I abandoned that task. I see a DC and walk up to him. I try to pull down his pants but to my utter surprise the trousers just won't come down ha ha I keep tugging but it seems like a tug of war with the DC's powers or something - anyway I abandon it.

      Later lucid I try the Basic task again and succeed - I move up to a handsome DC and say 'ok task of the month here I come' - I look him straight in the eye and move very very close to him! When I am almost nose to nose I quickly bend down and pull his trousers and pants down to the ground. I stand back and look at his exposed parts and it looks like he is a woman down there or he is a small butt ...I could not work it out so I looked up at his face and he looked at me saying something like ' I don't know ' and shrugged his shoulders with a cheeky smile

      I then asked him about a good Totm - he gave me an answer but I forgot

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    7. Stretchy arms Totm's🌈

      by , 05-03-2016 at 08:37 PM
      🌹🌹🌹A group of short wild/deild after wbtb

      After wbtb from about 4 till 4.30 am - had some short but sweet encounters with Lucidity that enabled me to try both the Basic tasks and have success with the stretchy arms Totm

      I am lucid but things are dark, visuals are not clear so I remember the stretchy arm task and start to feel my arms stretching out and out and out and out and you guested it yes - out some more. I had imagined today I might stretch them so far they go around our planet earth so I was thinking I might see earth within my arms at some point...I didn't ...but soon a saw my two hands reach each other - miles and miles away in front of me ~ they clasped each other and it looked like they were wrapped around, engulfing a huge invisible planet in space ( as the visuals were still pretty dark and space like.

      I then remember the taste in the mouth Totm and put my attention there trying to get something ...no ....no ...nothing except starting to wake up... Oh well. Will have to work on this one again ~ when I am Lucid again soooon

      Some dreams🌸
      Sexual encounters
      DR walking into JH - he is skinny and shocked - when he sees me he walks away fast - he is very shocked to see me.
      I am crying alot missing A very badly and telling people I cant believe he is gone

      later Lucid 🌹
      I am walking straight ...straight...straight...i know i am dreaming - the scene is darkish once more - i carry on pushing through walls and walking forwards. Everytime i push a wall through i see a flash of light and it feels good. i wonder if i can get some brightness into the dream and call out for light ...still walking ...i call out for a beach scene ...nothing. Still pushing walls i call out
      " I am ready for the next level - now " a couple of times...
      As i continue this activity i remember todays ponderings on " I am ✨" and self awareness and that they are one and the same. I ponder on my moments of self awareness during the day " I am" I repeat and feel apreciative of these pearls of wisdom dropping into my Lucid mindset at this very moment ✨

      Soon waking 🌹

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    8. 4 Wild rose buds 🌹🌹🌹🌹

      by , 04-14-2016 at 02:52 PM
      4 Mini Wilds ✨
      Just wrote all all out and it was deleted so this version will be shorter. Went to bed around 10 PM after being on DV. Took small amount of melatonin to help me drift off and 100 B. Said mantra's as I fell asleep.✨ Listened to Gateway to Inner self a bit today too - it's great!

      Had a row for Wild's albite brief ones
      I did wbtb from 3.30am to 4.15am and massage to my back and said mantra's - I set up the bed. I put on the fan and earplugs and I mask.

      I lay back down for a long while because of the comfy bed and the massage I was able to stay still for long time with no problem - Dreamlets passed and spasms jogged my foot and other parts of my body - sleep to my body came Finally.

      The first wild was happening- I was drifting off and a dream came ...in the darkness I walked up a dark road to the side of the road a figure came to greet me with palms together in a bow. I suddenly felt my body separate away from my body in the bed - i love that feeling ✨and I know i am Dreaming.

      "I'm dreaming" I called out happily and knowing I had just come from a Wild dive I was a bit giddy then I called out "next level now" then I called out "higher self now" ( these are from William Buhlman's book but I should have given myself some more time to settle in to the LD

      I believe this was all a bit too much too soon and I found myself back on my body

      Laid still - letting things come and go ....some time later dreamlets were entering my awareness again✨
      I started to make sense of the visions and felt I was standing next to a moving train ...I throw my heavy bag up onto the train and then managed to jump up myself just as the train was picking up speed and moving off into the open track. I was on the last carriage and looked back at the terrain I had just jumped away from - it was a beautiful place
      " it's India - how Wonderfull " I cried out happily " I am so happy to see you again!"
      Oh - the sky is a beautiful blue and I feel it's a wonderful place to be in my lucid dream world✨

      I am back in my bed after feeling the shift come on...I lay still and waited once more

      The next was a dreamlet recognition again - in the darkness I can make some shadows out - there is me and 2 others - I am very aware that I am transitioning into a dream so need to act carefully and with ease...I shoot the dangerous robot guy with some metal discs and he starts to disintegrate - I move towards the other person as an attempt to get the Lucid dream going ... I grapple about in the dark about and am back in my body...

      The next was myself in a dark room with 2 others - Little David and Daniel...Daniel says under his breath that David is a child and I see David is hurt. I say to Daniel
      " You should be respectful towards people as they are to you"
      He laughs as I walk out.

      I very badly wanted to carry on but had to get up - tomorrow I return !

      4 successfull wild Dives - i spose they could have been deild's but i cannot be sure as it felt like some time between each re- entering ...not quickly.
      I am happy with my awareness during the dives as being present and able to respond to the dreamlets is something I very much wish to work on more and more ...yay " It's happening !" - I feel good progress in being made after about one year of pretty steady work ... My LD number is now 110 - mostly Dild/Mild's

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    9. Lucid Sunday 🌠

      by , 04-10-2016 at 04:01 PM
      Bed around 10 - tiny melatonin and some b6
      Listened to book GIS for a bit
      Had wonderful dream early but didn't write - epic 💃it was a mission and I was requesting an " Extraction" 💥

      Did get up around 3 and sat up properly in bed - stayed awake- drifted off after about an hour and had first Lucid of the night -

      Walking around ...and I see a crowd and it came to me in an instance
      " This is a dream - you guys know this is a dream right?"
      I walk over to the crowd they look friendly and happy to hear my words..I am about to invite mischief and I remember I have some important goals - I want todo something useful ...find stuff out ...use this lucid dreaming... So I call out to the dream it's self and look into the space infront/above me
      " I want to achieve my highest potential ...How can I do that? Tell me!"
      As I call out, a space starts to open up infront of me - a gate way - I focus on it intently...maybe too much ... as I wake - the opening looked similar to the one a few days ago
      BRIGHT COLOURS OF YELLOW AND CORAL - ✨✨✨shimmering in the distant sky like a gate way or beautifull place ✨✨✨
      was now waking into dream of WL

      Had a dream about a guy - he spoke about himself and how he was an amazing swimmer... But he gave it all up and that meant he could help us - me and others listenng, achieve our goal...I say it again and agin the same thing ; and eventually say" I realise I keep saying you shouldn't have given it up but actually you had to give up inorder to help us at this very moment"... its like i finaly realise somrthing about giving old things up to persue other new things ...
      He said " Yes that's right - I did it again from scratch -that is how I became able to help you now"

      After back rolling and bed set up around 7 laid back down🌺🌺 Sunday lie in is always a joy 🌠
      2nd Lucid
      I am with some folk and realise I am dreaming as we are coming out of a stoor - MM. Was trying to get my attention - I needed to carry on getting on- I see a red car and remember the totm to drain the colour from an object
      - "drain the red colour out of that car" I shout out to the dream
      All colour drains out and I see a pale looking car in front of me- its got an open top so -
      I look inside on the dash board for an object ( false memory of a totm coming up I see a Rubix cube and reach out for it. Holding it in my hand for a few moments I move it around checking the different coloured sides. My task is to change it into something else - " I see a small yellow ball in my hand now" I call out to my dream ...and sure enough the cube has turned now as i watch into a small bright yellow ball- I am happy( not realising at the time I had forgotten the " eat something non- edible task!)
      Feel the dream shifting so jump into flight and fly fast through space and time ...past many colours and spaces I fly and fly. My WL body begins to stir ...I fly and fly and do some acrobatics and land very suddenly poised in cross leg position bolted upright , next to a window...I half wander if I realy am still in the dream or am I in my room sitting cross legged next to the window- I scan myself and realise I am dreaming still- my body is still half asleep - my mouth feels all mangled and I do feel half in the dream world still ...my mind is very active and awake so it's hard to get back in... I lay like this for quite a while enjoying the peace of the inbetween worlds✨

      Thinking now in hind site i should have comanded my dream body to move ...maybe it would have worked 🌸

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    10. Thanks for the tip✨

      by , 04-01-2016 at 11:16 AM
      Dild after wbtb wild attempt 🌺
      Went to bed around 9 pm and listened to WB audio book
      Had some dreams to record around 2am and lay saying mantras for a while feeling refreshed and awake ...till about 3 - then sat up saying mantras etc in proper wbtb till about 4am.

      Lay back down for wild with fan and earplugs and seriously supportive cushy bed I usually set up for wild attempts ✨

      Was in a dream where some wise ladies were helping me with an extremely painful lower abdomen...it was very painful and they were caring for me in a very comfortable place. They said they needed to perform an operation on me that had potentials to be dangerous and needed to be very exact with the surgery - They were going to have to knock very hard onto my abdomen at some point and then pull down that which did not need to be there any longer out through my vagina. I am terrified and ask for painkillers and rescue remedy. As far as I can remember I am getting ready for this operation ✨

      Later I find myself lucid in my dream - I am speaking with a girl who is encouraging me - ' I am lucid so I know I am dreaming!✨'
      ' Yes you are' she says
      ' How can I get better at lucid dreaming? Can you help me?' I ask her
      'You get better by having more Lucid dreams - it's the only way - through experience' she replies
      'Right - ' I say
      ' We heard you can fly right? So go and fly!' She encourages me kindly
      ' Yes I can - ok then I am going to go fly! 🌠' I am exited by her and the kind words she offers me...I feel she knows me well...
      ' OK bye then' I wave to her and gently put my hands then body very easily and fluidly through the walls that make up the room around us - it's an effortless move of my body throughout the wall, as if my body and the wall are made of the same pure light. I look at my body and at the wall for a few moments and see clearly we are made of the same ' partially invisible light ..,' - nice✨
      I move into the sky with a sweeping motion, gently flying not too high but up enough to get a feeling of the vast surrounding land. It's beautiful to fly again ...The light is bright and I feel very at home in the dream ... As I think this I have to be careful as my WL body becomes evident and the bright light comes in - ...I persevere and am steady again with my Lucidity ...

      I am suddenly beginning to fly back wards and feel I want to fly forwards towards the most beautiful sight that has just appeared in my view... I don't struggle too much but 'know' I will fly directly towards this magical looking place. And so soon I do - I have never seen anything like it but have heard of Lucid dreamers going to such like magical, heavenly beautiful lands! Wow - is this my opening to such a place 🌅 I can't help but think the girl who told me to fly knew I would see this amazing sight if I got myself up into the sky in fight, I feel very fortunate! The Heavenly Place looks like something from another world - nothing on earth like this - it's Amber and yelled hue's shine out showing a spectacular opening in the bright light that surrounds these twinkling gates. I so very much want to experience this place but as I fly towards it I feel my WL body ... I soon wake into the dream of my WL reality and lie in bed for a short time remembering the spacious feeling, sights I have just uncovered - it's time to get up

      🌺I am now determined to go to this place again ....soon 🌺
    11. What happened? Wild 🌠

      by , 03-17-2016 at 09:24 PM
      My first Wild with clasical mile stones recognised as they are clearly manifesting

      So here I am going back to sleep when i would usually be getting up✨After several short wbtb's and lots of dreams

      I chant my mantra " Now I lucid dream" and imagine myself writing these words in the space of my mind

      I slipped into a dream for a while set here in my home - then I wake up in my bed and can feel/observe myself rocking my body very evenly,with a gentle rhythmic energy of flow, from side to side, I feel exited about this as more and more I am realising it's not my physical body that's rocking ...around that time I start to hear the " noise" ( a loud high pitch sound mainly ) I am able to carry on focusing mainly on the rocking but then remember I need to put my mind into the dream world ... I need to imagine the scene ...NOW!... So I imagine my hand turning the cold handle of the large colourful door( I am very aware this is a switch in mind focus I have not done consciously before with such confidence). As I am turning the handle and feeling the presence of myself within this place/scene/dream I start also to become aware I am moving out of my physical body with ease✨

      I carry on with this and move away from my body and down the hatch of the attic room. I jump down the hatch and it is so very realistic I almost don't believe it's a dream for a moment - but I know with full confidence it is because I had just Wilded in

      After a year of doing wbtb's etc and knowing one day this day would come - thanks Sageouse and Gab and others but most of all thanks to me for carrying on with something I love ( ✨ ✨)
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    12. Fire in my hands - Bonus totm ✨

      by , 03-09-2016 at 04:56 PM
      Got Lucid this morning and accomplished the Bonus totm!
      After wilding into the dream through swimming in the pool I imagine as I am becoming aware I am in transition to sleep -

      Went to bed early - maybe 8.30ish and took Melatonin and 100b6
      Slept very well and felt like I woke up on each dream ending. First wake up was at about 10.30pm then at 1pm the 3pm

      Sat up in wbtb around 3.30am till 4.30. Did some massage on my back and sat with mantra's and general Mild behaviour - expecting to Lucid when I am asleep next.

      Set up for wild with earplugs/fan and bed raised. Lay for quite a while and at some point feel my legs , hands twitching a little ... It is possible I had transitioned at this point but I didn't realise - soon after this I fall asleep for a short while.

      AT 5am I turn over onto my side carrying on with basic visualisations of symbolic dream places and DC's and mantra of getting lucid.
      Soon after I feel transition feeling and manage to raise myself consciously out with my dream body ( first time done so carefully and consciously I fall back into body this time though and stay with the transition feeling. Soon I am 'Swimming' my way into the dream with full awareness I am exiting my body - Wild - felt great - and I imaging coming up out of the pool in a hotel pool overlooking a built up area in the city. I remember the Bonus totm so 💥

      I remember to make fire/ice in my hands task.I put my hands out in front of we. First I 'will' fire to appear then I change to imagining

      ' Wow I have flames of fire coming out of my hands!' - It happens and I see small flames appear in each palm of my hand!👍
      They are tiny at first but then they get to about 10cm high - the sensation doesn't feel out of the ordinary - I am very happy I managed the task ... I then allow the flames to eat up my hands,I watch on as my hands disintegrate and melt into drops - dripping on the floor. Later I have my hands back and imagine ice in my hands ; soon long icicles grow from the palms of my hands - cool

      This is one of the longest and highest Lucids I have had- I went about a lot in the city and marvelled over many sights and exchanges with DC'c

      At some point I decide to lay down and see what falling asleep in the Lucid feels like. I see a comfy looking rock - I go over and lie down on it and feel exited to fall asleep tin the dream - I look around me and there are some insects and bugs around ( I am aware this would be yucky and possibly frightening if I wasn't lucid) I try to feel happy with them there... I transition but into almost waking - I hang on and Deild back in to my dream. I am on a bus, a friend is handing food around - it's a strange meat soup. I go around with G and a wild looking lady who is known for her super powers. We go back to my house which has glass mirrors panelled on every wall! I know she could smash and destroy them all as that's what she does so I ask her not to and she promises she won't. Later I hear she stayed in a hotel for a night with my husband G and It felt fine with me to share him with her.

      Soon after this I decide to spin and use spinning as a teleportation to a beach - as I spin I see white light gaining intensity all around me but end up waking, I have tried it a few times now and this seems to happen - I will try to maintain more awareness with the spinning thing ... Or maybe it's not for me

      The is is interesting to think about - the phycology of this powerful woman who smashes glass in my house with me & G etc...
    13. Totm in 🌳 🌲The beautifull Garden🌹🌹🌹

      by , 03-04-2016 at 01:11 PM
      Went to bed around 9.30pm and set alarm for wbtb at 3.30am
      Woke a few times and recorded dream and sat up for 1 hour wbtb from 3-4am

      Laid back down at about 4.15am with Mantra ' I am dreaming ' as well as confirming with myself I am always able to leave my body easily and to enter the dream world is my greatest passion ✨✨✨

      Yay this morning in Lucid Remembered Totm ' Ask a dream character what their favourite dream is/was'

      Have been lying on my back and got to very clear space where my body felt asleep with mind vast as space - got to blissful places and vibration stages but slipped into clear and vivid NL at some point...turned onto my side at 5.45am. Went in and out of dreamlets for a bit then found myself in the dark/vastness of my consciousness suddenly aware what to do to get myself into the dream ( instead of just lying there and enjoying it as I often do) I start moving my dream body this way and that ...kind of like flipping over and Turing etc - hard to explain what I was doing - at the same time I am focusing on a prayer and visualisation which is of each of my family members one by one ; bringing the individual into the focus and forefront of my mind and making very strong prayers that everything in their life be bountiful/wonderful and all things good etc etc... The more I focused on this and the moving of my dream body, the clearer the feeling was that I was coming into my lucid dream - Wow , what an entrance though ... Not rehearsed but on hind site I have been thinking a bit about the power of prayer and goodness a lot recently and how it heals the mind. ...As Well as putting thought into what 'my' method of wild is 🌹

      I am imagining that I am in our dark bedroom as the realisation that ' this is me conscious in my dream hits me fully - 🌠 I am Lucid - I easily slide out of/through the window and with the wonderful feeling of flight duck and dive over tree tops and flowering bushes - marvelling over the lush green gardens below me and coloured flowers also dotted about ...I land and enjoy being in this beautiful place ...
      In the distance I see a bus going passed on the road which reminds me of the Totm to hop on and go for a journey to places Unknown - I don't feel like rushing out of the garden but remember then the Totm I am about to do ; a smart looking girl DC is walking firmly towards me so I ask her what her favourite dream is/was

      ' The happy ones' she says confidently looking me very directly in the eye
      ' And any specific one of those happy dreams?' I ask
      ' Not the unhappy ones' She says flatly
      ' Ok, thanks' I say and chuckle to myself🌸

      I can't wait to meet her again and am deffinatelly spending more time pondering the beauty of the place and allowing myself ' time ' to ponder my place/existence within my dream - getting there 🌅🌌

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    14. Look at the sky Totm 🕸🕸🕸

      by , 01-31-2016 at 12:35 PM
      Woke a few times then listened to George singing - he left at 7.02 and it's then I had my Lucid dream🌷🌷🌷
      I as chanting

      " I lucid dream tonight " ( I remembered this has worked for me many times now and I felt exited that a lucid dream is on its way)

      As I drifted off to sleep I recapped the totm's - actually I had been in a kind of Wbtb since about 5 ish just laying in bed and watching my mind thoughts floating around..

      Not sure what triggered me in this one - I think it was in having a conversation with Lisa telling her about a dream and getting lucid and her saying oh " was it the man on the bus that made you lucid ? I often get that it's great!"
      No I said it was when I went to sit down on the bus and I had to sit in a baby's pram - I looked up to the mother and asked if she could remove the over hanging piece of the hood as I couldn't get comfy! I knew something was up and realised
      " I am dreaming "
      I got off the bus and walked towards the nearest house - I was about to walk inside when I remembered its better to phase through the walls in Lucid dreams as it trains my mind - so I did - at first walking through with ease and then feeling a little stuck ha ha then the wall got all stretchy/morphy but I came out the other side in the end. had the feeling of wanting to accomplish something and could feel semi lucid state close by. At that moment I remembered the task to look at the sky. I walked back outside and looked straight up at the sky - it was a beautiful vast light blue - but then I noticed hanging over us ...within the sky, was a huge figure ... Like, made of black woven netting - just floating/hanging in the vast sky - a being of sort, as if looking down on us ...I dint like it but knowing it's a dream thought this could be a good adventure and am exited to conquer this dark force. I called up the the gigantic figure that I was coming up to sort it out Xwoman patience on her way I jump up into the sky and sharply catch my hair in a hook hanging on the open door behind me

      I will be back

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      lucid , task of the month
    15. Totm - got drunk and looked for Sageous😊

      by , 01-16-2016 at 01:31 PM
      Bed around 9pm. No caffeine again today to see if sleep is better. Took 200B6
      Woke around midnight with a nightmare/anxiousness dream of the same flavour as those that have come at a similar close to bed time :

      I wake up anxious that someone/thing I'd hacking (🐙🐙 dream sign )into my thoughts ... In the past it has usually been focuses on my computer/phone/iPad but of recent the focus has moved on to my brain hacking 😬 it is ok to laugh about now and I cannot wait till I can laugh directly in the face of the dream ( one of these days when I get Lucid within the moment and see it all as it is 🏅🏅&#127941
      I am convinced my thoughts have been programmed to come up in a certain order and it's something I am noticing on the spot...it's scary and I feel helpless as my thoughts race as I try to chase them back to where the hacking began 🏃🚶🏼🏃🏃🏃💥🌩⚡️☄I wake up and it feels familiar - I remind myself it's the dream world ( in case you wonder I have never been into conspiracy stuff - life is too short to invest in that sort of thinking ...anyway)

      Lots of swimming 🐙(dream sign)in pools and water moving through it with friends - in the sea/deep and the tide was coming in fast - water came into the houses - afterwards we worked hard on cleaning up to get things back o normal.

      Christian wanted to know about the competitions we have been doing and that we have been involved with - I did my best to help him.

      Dream about Harry - sorting out glass in his place for recycling - he was confused hanging on to me a bit - then I fall asleep in the bed as he works outside. I sleep and have another view of him watching me affectionately as I sleep ( I have my socks on and never do this in WL - dream sign 🐙

      Next did 30 mins wbtb 3.30am till 4am
      Laid on my back for some time started feeling vibrations etc Lucid to record at 6am

      I am in the water 🐙( dream sign ) I am being pulled along by 2 guys on a rope - they decide they don't want me there anymore and try to push me off but I want to keep hanging on so do so and we carry on moving forward in the water.
      I am in a room - I am aware this room is not mine and feel like it could be a mans room ...maybe last night ... I realise my true age and it brings me Lucidity🌸 I look around the room at the cheap curtains and feel the soft carpet beneath me. A wardrobe is next to the bed that shields the door then another window ...I get up from the bed and walk to a chair - I sit down in the chair taking the room in.
      I start to wake up in my WL bed and then I an in the chair again - In order to make sure this is a dream I remember my swimming dream from earlier and start to make swimming motions with my arms to see is I can actually change the scene to be 100% sure it's a dream💫 it is - I feel myself in the water and can hear it all around me...

      I am then in an oob in this FA room again - floating up through the layers of ceiling and roof - I emerge in the sky. Now I will go for a fly in the sky 😊 so I do. There are lots of DC's walking in the street below me. I remember the totm's. I land/jump on guys shoulders and tell him this is a dream come on - what do you want to do - maybe a totm - to get drunk?
      " Whatever 😳" he says
      " Ok - give me some whiskey from your pocket so I can complete the task."
      He gives me a large bottle from his pocket and I knock the whole bottle back in a 1'er aaaah ; drunk I think ...I get a bit cheeky with him but it's no good and I am glad coz actually I don't want to get distracted - there are more tasks to focus on🌷

      I move on remembering my mission - I walk into a place with lots of DC's sitting around and say loudly -
      " Where is Sageous? I know your here somewhere ... Where are you?"( my plan is to meet him them ask him to help me with the void bonus totm)
      " Over here! I am Sageous" I hear a little voice say over the side of the room.
      I go over and it's a little boy with his twin brother next to him.
      " Your Sageous?" I ask confused as he looks so young ...
      " Yes that's me " he says
      " Sageous from DV?" I ask
      " No - I'm not him!" Says the boy
      " Well where is he then?"I say
      " Come on, I will take you to him" he says and I follow him out of the room.
      We start to walk down an ally way and I wake up ⚡️🤓

      Laying in bed between snoozes I got Lucid again this morning ~
      I am laying in bed and become aware I am actually dreaming the scene... I see a light ball of blue light with white and yellow and sparkly floating in the space in front of me ✨it moves towards me and I think it's coming into me. It goes to my left into the pillow where I lay - so I stick my hand into the pillow to pull it out - I pulled a load of sticky goooy stuff out but not the light ball. I experiment with it wrapping it around my hand and arm which looks pink and bright. I wake up

      Last dream is a Semi - Lucid where I am preparing for a mission to outer space - I know I am dreaming but decide to go with the dream as its a really cool plot. We have a Tardis - time/space travelling vehicle - it's a octagonal shape with a wee chair set into each of the 8 sides, with a little table next to each chair. There's are 8 of us hand picked for the mission We are told the mission is dangerous but we are all eager to get going.

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