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    The Realm of the Child


    by , 07-25-2012 at 07:08 PM (520 Views)

    I was in some sort of orphanage or foster home for some reason. There were various and strange creatures all around this home, varying from the strange to the perfectly sane, though they all had many different features to them. This one, a sort of red looking imp creature, was playing a game called "Bedworms", where when he'd wake you up, and if you were to move somewhat rapidly when you woke up, he'd then proceed to pull up your shirt if you had one on and spread peanut butter all over your belly. I for one, caught on to this little game and would only pretend to sleep when told to. When I was awoken, being in the same room as my brother, I didn't make a single move, and the imp said "Nice job. Here's your reward." and gave me a phone with a hot babe in a bikini on it, though she would suddenly appear in the same bed as me and would say in a quite seductive tone "Don't mind me if I just sleep over here, 'kay~?" and I nodded and gave a small chuckle in return, being as suave as I was. My brother on the other hand got the peanut butter, but went back to bed with it, but he also had an addiction to aspirin. I pretended to go back to sleep, the girl's feet rubbing against mine. I picked up the phone, she had texted me asking to "See a picture of my ass". I turned off the phone, she started crying and she was gone. I proceeded to pretend to sleep. My brother woke up fine this time, and so did I. So, the imp came over to me and hopped onto my bed, saying "Well, you're doing pretty good. Grandma's bed is bad to sleep on." I didn't know who grandma was, nor did I care to know, but he then resumed "Wanna sleep on grandma's bed?" I shook my head and chuckled. That was the end.

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