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    The Realm of the Child

    Mom's Roasted Hearts.

    by , 04-07-2012 at 11:08 PM (610 Views)
    Dream Type: Non-Lucid, Memorable.
    Dream Mood: Strange.
    Dream Setting: My Mom's house and Some Plaza.
    Dream Characters: Anthropomorphic Animals and My Mother.

    I'm not sure what to think of this dream.

    It started somewhere like in an open, outside plaza or something, where the clouds were a dark gray and the horizon in the distance was just desert; plain nothing. I was told by someone who reminded me of an online friend I know that I should pick an animal, and I turned to look behind me and there were some animals, much like humans though, sitting in a sauna of sorts. I didn't really get why, but there was a gorilla, a fox and a bird.

    Once that one was over, I was at my mother's home, and she had told me that she made a sort of new bread creation. She gave me one, and it was a sort of bread that was so soft, it jiggled and moved in my hand. I looked at it, and it had many different things on it, like burnt parts and less-cooked parts, though as I looked at it more, it looked more and more like a human heart. I placed it somewhere and scolded my mom about it, though she seemed to just jokingly deny that it was actually a heart.

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    1. Oreo's Avatar
      Sometimes I just love really random dreams like this. They give something to laugh about in the morning. I'm also really glad you didn't eat the heart.
    2. kwojo515's Avatar
      Hahah ya really interesting and funny how the bread turned into a heart hah.
    3. PeaceChild's Avatar
      Might be funny for you. I was freaking out at the time! XD