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    The Realm of the Child

    The Problem With Driving

    by , 07-24-2012 at 11:37 AM (322 Views)
    -The Problem With Driving-

    This dream's origin is seemingly lacking in my inner-most memory, though what I do remember is being high up in the mountains. It was dry up there, little plant life and mostly rock and dirt, some grass here and thee. The sky was purple and somewhat cloudy, though it was not the kind of purple one might see at a late sunset hour. It was fantastic, strange and perplexing, yet so informal in my vision. I also hated it. I hated the feeling around me. To add to my hatred of such an area, my dad forced me to drive up there with his car. We were ment to be going to somre museum or observatory or something, something in the mountains. Once we arrived, it was a picnic area. Kids played around on a grassy little field with a picnic table in the center. He told me to drive home. With my lack of experience, I was shooting in the wind now. So, I drove down. I kept trying to dodge small poles along a sort of pathway that I was required to go down to get home, but this pathway wasn't even on the road. In due time, I hit one of the poles and left a nervingly sized dent in the side door. I went down into a tunnel, nervous my dad would find out, and speak of the devil he was suddenly sitting right next to me in the car. I snapped, then said I'll get home myself. I got out, the tunnel being a orange-purple hue of light. In my hands, I suddenly had a scooter, and I hate scooters, but I was masterful at riding them in this dream. I took a final look back at the car, the black scion with a dent of a white color on the right side of the car. I scooted off, and that was how it ended.

    Notes: This reminds me of situation not long back where I had to drive up a hill with many turnpikes.

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