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    The Realm of the Child

    -School Photos in the Mushroom Kingdom-

    by , 07-25-2012 at 11:08 AM (356 Views)
    -School Photos in the Mushroom Kingdom-

    I was in high school, a common place in my dreams. From the looks of things, it had rained only recently. The concrete was damp with puddles far diluded from heat. There was a large group of kids, all wearing black coats and slacks, even if they were female. Still, they were talking of school photos and stuff, and how bad they must have looked. Either way, I hadn't taken mine yet. Worried as I was, I asked a nearby teacher, a ginger haired tall caucasian wearing a red suit, if I could still take a picture and where I'd go to get it taken. She says I can, and she tells me a really weird pair of directions that I don't remember. Boom, I'm in the mountains all of a sudden, and I am worried. I'm thinking that I won't make it, and I realistically wouldn't. These girls drove up to me in a car shaped like a red mushroom from the Mario game series. Regardless, we drove up the grassy dirt roads of the mountains on the request to take me to the photography place. Soon, we came across a sort of village made of the same kind of mushrooms, only these
    were buildings. I went into what I thought was the photography place, but to my demise, no one was there. Bam, I was back to school. Everyone was gone, except for my father, just standing there. He sighed, and I said "Dad, I can explain-" and he interrupted "Yeah. She gave you the wrong directions and you didn't get your picture taken." I was actually surprised on his calmness of the whole situation. That's how it ended, as well.

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