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    1. Assassin's creed like feeling to the dream.

      by , 11-24-2014 at 04:24 PM
      I don't remember my dream, but I am getting an assassin's creed like feeling from it.
    2. Successful lucid dream, and hovering.

      by , 02-11-2014 at 05:56 PM
      Last night. I was in a dark brick tower looking inside. I saw a letter going up words towards the top of the tower. I tried to climb it, but half the ladder was missing. I went down really fast and felt this dark presence. The door went missing, so I was essentially trapped. A monster or two crawling down thee dark tower towards me. Of course I started freaking out a little and went into the fetal position. Then I briefly thought of this thread and I became semi-lucid and stood up. I made the creatures vanish and blew a hole in the tower and escaped. The tower crumbled into a pile of dust.

      Then I started walking in these woods near by and came lucid. I tried to make things appear, but I couldn't. The woods was very very vivid. I really loved the way the trees looked. It was starting to get dark, and I for a moment lost my lucidity but caught myself. I tried to fly, but could only hover above the ground. I woke up before I could do anything fun. That was my experience with that.
    3. Chain dream recall

      by , 02-08-2014 at 11:59 PM
      A part of a dream I remember last night with my father is we where going though an office. A red haired girl, a little chubby was waving to us. She was sitting in the office, there where a lot of people working in the office. Although the office itself was huge so there was plenty of space. When I stopped to remember this dream, I could of sworn I have been to that office before.

      Then it hit me, I had a dream of I was in a rather large place and I was being chased. The building was an absolute maze. I remember a two trains going different ways being inside of the building as well. It was a subway under the huge building. I was running on the rails towards them, then all these shops appeared before me. They where on the side of the railroad tunnels. Reminded me of a fair of sorts. There where lights everywhere, and I was not the only one in the tunnel traveling. They where all holding hands as well. I explored quiet a bit of the area. It was simply amazing.

      I went though a side door from the sub way and went up through these stairs. I remember going up them and there was a hallway with a sharp turn. There where all sorts of room in the hallway. Then later I remember going back to the subway and traveled it again. The subway got increasingly smaller. Then I was in this casino like pub. It was dark with dim lights and there was food cooking. I remember there being a ladder in the middle that went up to a second story. I explored the bottom quiet a bit and talked to some people. This scene reminds me of another dream I had.

      It was a rather large white building. Stair cases going up around in a circle. The paint was as white as this background. It was very bright outside, with the light coming from the windows above. The mall must of been miles long and wide. I remember talking to a female dream character. I think there was a school attached to the building and a theme park. The theme park had this GIANT water slide. Every ride was colossal in size. My family went there together. I was a lot of fun, and there was a ton of little rides of the kids. I think the name of theme park was "Caterpious"

    4. I just remember my Dad was in it.

      by , 02-06-2014 at 05:39 PM
      I just remember my Dad was in it, that's all I can remember. I don't remember any special feeling along with it.
    5. Nap- The dread wolf, the three stooges, and a big red dog.

      by , 04-12-2012 at 02:19 AM
      I was taking a nap today and I had a pretty cool dream. I don't remember all of it but a few portions of it.

      First I remember being in the room with the three stooges and they where in color, but they seemed to change to black and white once in a while. I think Moe once had a small black and white head and a big colored body. They just kept walking around my house. I remember being in this big garage and there was a big red dog. (Like Clifford from the books) While thinking about this, I know this big parking garage. It is the same garage that has been in a few other dreams of mine. Shortly after this, there was a party for the dog. I think it linked to the garage somehow.

      My family members where in it, making fun of it and it looked sad. So I got angry and punched my uncle int he stomach a little bit and told them "I wish he would grow bigger and eat all of you!" they just laughed about it. After that was done I went to a certain closet and there was a big mutated like wolf. It looked like the extinct Dire Wolf. It growled something terrible like I never heard before and was on the verge of attacking. I was moving around it some but it never did anything and I escaped from it.

      I don't remember the rest right at this moment.
    6. Large tornado in dream.

      by , 04-11-2012 at 11:09 PM

      (This is an older dream I never posted.)

      I was behind a hill with my aunt and some other guy I didn't know. We where driving in a big red truck and stopped just behind the hill. I was walking around and came over the hill and noticed a large tornado. I tried to show them both where it was but it went behind a hill before they could see it. Later we went into a town and they where talking about how I was good with tornadoes. In the town a siren was going off, and it was raining and we rushed into the truck. I said how I wish I had a dominator with us so we could get inside the tornado.

      Pretty cool dream. Sorry for the awful picture.
    7. Family, motel,hooters and tornadoes

      by , 12-14-2011 at 05:44 PM
      This is the first time in almost four nights without a recall.

      The scene I was in was dark and gloomy outside. The clouds where bumpy, this reminds me of another dream which I will record after this. I remember going to see my aunt and she was making plans. When she was explaining I kept getting this view of these bones below the sea of a giant monster. No flesh just bones here and there. There ended up being a tornado threat and the clouds started to spin. No actual tornado formed though.

      Our family got a big get together and we where driving down town and passed a hooters restraint. Someone made a joke about them of some sort. When we actually got to the motel we all had to pick our rooms. My mom said I had to choose another one because there was a cat in there. I went to the actual room and there was a black cat. Next door was little willy wonka (the movie staring johnny deep and those flash backs) With his Dad standing there looking and smiling.

      Then when my aunt was talking about the map again, I remember actually going into the water and there was a cartoon sea serpent. He was blue and looked very much much like a dragon. He was sleeping and there where two feathers. One he was holding and the other was on the sea bed floor. I picked the one off the sea floor. Each time I tried to grab the other one he would try to wake up. I had to wait until he fell asleep completely and dropped the feather. I grabbed it and the dream was over and I woke up.

      (Bonus: When I went to check my email and got some spam about hootersvile.info. I found that weird considering how I just dreamed about hooters.)
    8. Comic Sonic, tornadoes, tall uncle, gloomy dark scene.

      by , 12-09-2011 at 04:46 PM
      I think I will start off with comic sonic since that seems to be the most interesting. I don't remember much how it started, but it started off in a park and my sister had the hose and was spraying us with it. Actually I should of told the tornado story since it came before Comic Sonic, but I will make a connection.

      So I slide down a green hill side to avoid the water as it was bothering me. Then I started to see a blue hedgehog running around with some guy chasing him. There was this one scientist chasing him (wasn't eggman) he was skinny with a robot. What made it a comic? Not because it was funny (Which it kind of was) but also it acted like a slide show, literally like bubbles popping over there heads when they talked and such.

      Sonic: Who is the fastest one around?

      Tails hesitates for a moment and sighs: You are.

      (insert blue blur line here)

      Egg man: So, that scientist thinks he can take out sonic? Well that's my job!

      Other scientist: Sonic is mine! I got one grenade launcher, two lasers and a pack of punch!

      Egg Man: Well, I got 5 grenade launchers, two rockets, 6 machine guns!

      (They both start to launch weapons at each other and blew each other up)

      Then it goes to my house when I was looking through some original Nintendo games, trying to find sonic and all I found was games of old dreams which I previously dreamed. It was really dark gloomy in the living room with some things missing, and just my sister was there. It was boarder line depressing the whole scene.

      Before Sonic happened, I had a dream where I was driving around with my mom and we started to see these giant hoses spray up into the clouds and came back down. Then I was getting exciting because they started spinning and forming tornadoes. I looked down at the whole city, and one giant wedge tornado was being formed. But no destruction. Which made me curious. We got close enough to one of those giant hoses and my sister grabs it and starts spraying me with it. Then the sonic thing came up.

      In one dream during the night I was at my uncles house, and he was unusually tall and his house was very, very cluttered and boring. He was talking to my dad then gave him a present, which was a model helicopter. They tried to fly in the house but it crashed.

      That's all I remember for now.
    9. Dreamed about Penn and Teller last night.

      by , 12-08-2011 at 09:39 PM
      The last dream journal entry was just for my WBTB attempt. This one was during my main sleep, I dreamed that I met Penn and Teller and i was some large dude. The weird thing was I was suppose to do a magic show with them and we all shared the same bed. I felt uncomfortable about it of course.

      I said "Why I am I even with them? We don't even share the same values." So we went to some elementary school to do the magic show and the way they introduced me involved a cartoon whale. and cardboard water. I swing out of it and tried to do some act and I guess I did a horrible job. So Penn and Teller pretended they never knew me and left. I don't remember much after that.

      Important Note: I have a feeling I have been at this school before, not in real life but in another dream. Funny thing is I don't remember "remembering" to have that dream when I was awake. A lot of these "old dreams" that I have never recalled before are starting to flood my mind. Not sure what it means.
    10. My failed WBTB attempt dream.

      by , 12-08-2011 at 07:12 PM
      I had two dreams I remembered before waking up and attempting the WBTB, but I kind of figured I would loose them in the WBTB which I did.

      This dream was kind of a weird mix, it has metal gear solid characters and some new faces. It started with some people in a house filled with video game characters. I don't remember much about the characters themselves expect for this one lady in it. She looked like that one lady off of MGS4 Doctor Naomi Hunter I think?

      We talked for a little bit, she was really smart I rather impressed. All of a sudden out of no where, we where on a dream with all of the justice league. They where all animated for some reason and when someone broke in the back and they all lined up. That doctor was in front of the train and said something and put holes in all of the justice league since they where all in line.

      They all fought like normal, expect with holes in them. They where in pain of course, but they did it. At the end of the fight I woke up. If I remember anymore of the early dreams I will post them.
    11. Selena Gomez and the Mega Tsunami

      by , 12-07-2011 at 07:59 PM
      This dream is kind of lengthy just for a fair warning. All this was none-lucid.

      (There where certainly stuff before this happened but I remember these parts)

      It all started with a vision of some captain who discovered a bay and decided to make a factory at the end of it, it has some earth quake activity and he wanted to harvest the power of it and turn it into profit. It then showed a map of the factory at one end of the bay. Then there was a huge earth quake which caused a mega tsunami with 40 million cubic meters of rock that fell at the head of the bay. You cannot see the wave only the look of horror on the captains face. Then all there was was scrap metal floating in the bay after words. It then skips ahead.

      Me and my family where at a freaky virtual beach with those wave makers, and every so often it would release a huge wave and everyone would run and scream. (Maybe we where in horror land?) The odd thing was my family wanted to stay and thought it was the greatest thing. My Dad stayed home luckily and I wanted to go home and tell him about it. Naturally the family told me to stay but I left anyways. It wasn't that too far of a walk and I passed this one Mexican ladies house who kept smiling and looking at me.

      She looked exactly like that lady. She lived in this one story house made of some nice wood. When I walked I would once in a while try to look back to get a view of her. Finally when I walked into my house I told him about it and he thought I was over extracting. Then the dream went above a large city showing a very large wave forming. For some reason Selena Gomez came and watched it with us as we viewed it.

      Selena Gomez: As you can see, if we don't do something soon everything will be destroyed.

      At this point I had this look of expression on my face wondering where she came from and just how we will stop that huge wave.

      At that point the vision stopped and we where back on ground level, I didn't remember seeing my Dad or Selena anywhere so I head for the city. I don't remember how long of a walk it was but all I remember is that I was at the city and my cousin and her friends where waiting for the wave. Selena was with that too, they where all hanging out on the top of sky scrappers and for some reason the buildings where super close to each other and they where all "hanging out" of the windows with there arms in one window and there legs sticking to the other.

      I asked them: "What are you doing? The wave is coming!"

      My cousins friend responds. Jessica: When the wave crashes into the buildings the buildings will fall and we will be safe.

      At this point all I could think of was "?????" What was this Looney Toons?

      I am surprised that didn't get me lucid because the stupidity of dream characters never cease to amaze me. So the wave was coming and I figured it was the end since Selena Gomez went ahead and joined everyone else "hanging out" out of windows.

      The wave came and I don't remember much of what happened then, but it got stopped somehow (It gets really blurry at that point) and I wake up.
      Tags: wave
    12. Tim allen, an alien, and going to a new planet

      by , 12-06-2011 at 07:56 PM
      (non-lucid) This was a very odd dream because I was Tim Allen at a store on Christmas. For some reason he got very mad and decided to get violent with the costumers. Like picking up people and throwing them at those giant box displays. This went on for like a few minutes before the security guards came in "I am not going to die of lethal injection" I said as I picked up a female guard and threw her over my back. There was like a security check point like in an airport, only in a grocery store now.

      I finally got to the front where the check stands where and everyone was acting normal like I did nothing. Tim Allen got mad again and started putting random products into peoples carts and confer belts. Some lady was yelling "Stop! what are you doing? Just stop." Something clicked with me and I stopped doing that and just went outside.

      As I walked outside, something felt very wrong. I think I figured out that someone, or something had a plan to blow up the solar system's star. (I figured it out some other way, but I still can't remember some of it.) It ended up being that some giant stone head lives in the planet and pops out and spits at some of the planets and destroys it. It doesn't destroy the star though, so we all witnessed its power. So I figured in the dream it was only a matter of time before the thing spit at the sun.

      I was right by the face when it decided to spit again, this time I ran away because whenever it would spit (a lot) of dust flies around. So I ran to the side of the house and watched as it destroys the sun. It got very dark and gloomy and I wondered for a second "Shouldn't everyone like freeze in one millisecond?"
      I then saw this woman sitting on a pile of bricks and looking up sad knowing that we where merely on a rouge planet with no sun. Out of no where this guy comes into the scene and he has a (very) small space ship that might be able to hold a 5 year old child.

      He was so angry because he was so big, and the ship was so small. The guy was 6 feet tall and weighed around 180 pounds. He complained about this for quiet a while saying how he has to stuff himself inside. I figured he was an alien, before he got in though I told him to back off. (Don't remember much in between here) and all I knew is that I was on a new planet.

      This is all I can remember for now.
      Tags: sun
    13. Reading around without a license

      by , 12-05-2011 at 06:15 PM
      In my dream I was doing something and my parents got the bright idea of letting me drive without a license. I didn't want them to get mad at me, so I did it anyways. It was a huge SUV or something like that. I was driving around like crazy and couldn't hardly control the speed or anything. Finally I made the decision to pull over into the dirt road off to the side. As luck would have it police pulled a guy off to the side of speeding also. Of course they came to check us out, but luckily they didn't see that I was driving. I didn't have my ID on me either so I am pretty sure I would of gotten arrested.

      In another part of the dream I went to the doctors for something, and it was titled Colace or something like that. So I was just sitting in the waiting room waiting for the doctor to come.

      There was more but I don't remember the rest.
    14. The same dream in the same night.

      by , 12-04-2011 at 06:14 AM
      This dream was kind of odd, because I was half lucid and walking around this large circle building with a bar with a bar tender under it and some offices then upstairs was a hot tub. Then some girl celebrity was walking around. I found it very odd indeed that when she went around the corner and back with different clouts. I said "Wow you change...fast." She just smiles and runs away like she committed a crime.

      I came back to this same place with just an image that would activate it and I just "Walk" into the picture and back into the same place. It was quiet amazing, I think i will try to go back to that place. I feel like I can.
    15. I cna recall THREE dreams!

      by , 05-27-2011 at 05:57 PM
      I know dreams are suppose to be "odd' but this one was REALLY odd. I had two dream recalls, one was about this really odd apartment looking thing. I dreamed that my computer was hacked by someone weird and I had a disease and I wouldn't let myself get help from any doctors for some reason.

      When this was all said and done I ended up being in this cube like thing that can turn things into nightmares or dreams.

      This is only one of many, under it is stairs and the cube is where the person is actually put in. Each org like person controls the whole cube and sees what is going on. They where making me having weird dreams like what I explained above, either that or it was a different dream entirely. If that is true, I can remember three different dreams. I don't want to make this too long.
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