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    Selena Gomez and the Mega Tsunami

    by , 12-07-2011 at 07:59 PM (679 Views)
    This dream is kind of lengthy just for a fair warning. All this was none-lucid.

    (There where certainly stuff before this happened but I remember these parts)

    It all started with a vision of some captain who discovered a bay and decided to make a factory at the end of it, it has some earth quake activity and he wanted to harvest the power of it and turn it into profit. It then showed a map of the factory at one end of the bay. Then there was a huge earth quake which caused a mega tsunami with 40 million cubic meters of rock that fell at the head of the bay. You cannot see the wave only the look of horror on the captains face. Then all there was was scrap metal floating in the bay after words. It then skips ahead.

    Me and my family where at a freaky virtual beach with those wave makers, and every so often it would release a huge wave and everyone would run and scream. (Maybe we where in horror land?) The odd thing was my family wanted to stay and thought it was the greatest thing. My Dad stayed home luckily and I wanted to go home and tell him about it. Naturally the family told me to stay but I left anyways. It wasn't that too far of a walk and I passed this one Mexican ladies house who kept smiling and looking at me.

    She looked exactly like that lady. She lived in this one story house made of some nice wood. When I walked I would once in a while try to look back to get a view of her. Finally when I walked into my house I told him about it and he thought I was over extracting. Then the dream went above a large city showing a very large wave forming. For some reason Selena Gomez came and watched it with us as we viewed it.

    Selena Gomez: As you can see, if we don't do something soon everything will be destroyed.

    At this point I had this look of expression on my face wondering where she came from and just how we will stop that huge wave.

    At that point the vision stopped and we where back on ground level, I didn't remember seeing my Dad or Selena anywhere so I head for the city. I don't remember how long of a walk it was but all I remember is that I was at the city and my cousin and her friends where waiting for the wave. Selena was with that too, they where all hanging out on the top of sky scrappers and for some reason the buildings where super close to each other and they where all "hanging out" of the windows with there arms in one window and there legs sticking to the other.

    I asked them: "What are you doing? The wave is coming!"

    My cousins friend responds. Jessica: When the wave crashes into the buildings the buildings will fall and we will be safe.

    At this point all I could think of was "?????" What was this Looney Toons?

    I am surprised that didn't get me lucid because the stupidity of dream characters never cease to amaze me. So the wave was coming and I figured it was the end since Selena Gomez went ahead and joined everyone else "hanging out" out of windows.

    The wave came and I don't remember much of what happened then, but it got stopped somehow (It gets really blurry at that point) and I wake up.

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    1. pepsibluefan's Avatar
      Oh yeah, this is how big the wave was for reference.