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    Ayahuesca in the fancy hotel

    by , 05-23-2015 at 10:40 PM (643 Views)
    Ayahuesca in the fancy hotel (Non-lucid)


    I was visiting a nice hotel with my wife and a friend, Stephanie. I believe that we were with a couple more friends. We went to a big meeting room that looked more like a theater with several different levels. The carpeting was red and there was a lot of lightning.

    There were six people on the podium and they were all meditating and chanting mantras. They were with a shaman and I felt that it would be a great thing if I was there with them. We were sitting and looking at the ritual, the energy was amazing. After a while, I could see they were boiling different plants and I told Stephanie, "They are brewing ayahuasca, I bet! Dang I so want to be in there " Stephanie got very excited and told me, "We will trip on ayahausca soon. I will call my shaman and we will have a ritual together." I felt happy and excited.

    Time lapsed and suddenly, they were done and I saw a different shaman offering the leftovers to people, but apparently everybody was rejecting it until he got to us. I was a little surprised that he was offering such a potent DMT brew to random people. It looked totally not like the real thing, but more like some very think green soup. It felt very gross to me and I was not feeling having a thick ayahuasca, like the taste is bad enoug, lol.

    I told the shaman, "Well, I actually ate manchego cheese at lunch, so the MAOi is going to make puke big time!"
    (There are certain foods to avoid for 4-5 days before an ayahuasca trip due the MAO inhibitor.) We went outside and he gave me some tools and all the leftovers because he realized that I was ready for another ayahuasca journey and that I was spiritually awakened enough.

    I took everything with me and showed my wife, who freaked out a little but was happy for me.

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    1. Dthoughts's Avatar
      Hmm. Interesting. Hi PercyLucid.

      Do you think this dream represents the Ayahuasca shamanism/tourism of today? It sure sounds like it.