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    Banishing a spirit and beating the god of wine to a drink contest

    by , 01-25-2015 at 12:28 PM (1023 Views)
    Banishing a spirit and beating the god of wine to a drink contest (DILD)


    I was called to check one home's paranormal activity because apparently, the people living there had a very hard time every day, hearing noises, feeling drained and very tired. As soon as I got into the house I could feel that the energy was pretty bad and pretty low. I also checked on the auras of the people living there and I could see they had several negative sentient beings to them.

    I toured around the house sensing the energy and to get started to perform a spirit banishing ritual. Since the tenants were in a negative energetic shape, I felt that I had no other choice but to banish whatever spirits were lurking in there. I told them to follow me as I was cleansing the house but just do not touch me nor look directly at me, just to gaze and follow my steps behind me.

    Everything was going fine ultil I entered into a room and sensed a very strong spirit who apparently was evil. He was at first showing like a being of light, as I saw white orbs around the room, but the energy emanated from these was awful.

    I closed the door behind me asking them to stay outside and I was getting ready to fight them with a behavior like, "Bring it on."
    (This is not done this way in waking life, but well, it was a non-lucid dream...) I started to channel white light directed to the different orbs and they would just vanish away, making the banishing ritual a success.

    The people of the house was very happy and they invited me to some sort of dancing event. At first I was watching the event, but then, I found myself dancing break dance and other weird modalities. However, the music was soft and classical and there was some sort of trainer/guy who was getting pissed at me and he told me, "I am tired of this, I quit!"

    I realized the nonsense of the whole dancing thing, so I realized I was in a dream. I did a couple reality checks to make sure I was indeed dreaming and to score points. I checked my hands, and I had a mising pinkie and my second reality check was a gravity test, which I floated for a few moments knowing that indeed I was in a dream.

    I took off flying, to make my dream stable. And took a nice flight
    (It was a nice smooth flying, so I will not count it as advance flying.)

    I considered if doing the ToTM or since this month I have been so busy with work and still did not do them, to go ahead and do a ToTY instead. I remembered one of them, where I had to challenge Baco/Dionisius to a drinking contest and win it. So i decided to land and pretend the god of wine was going to be there. As I was landing, I saw a table similar to alice in wonderland:

    And there was some guy with grapes on his head and he was huge. I told him if he was the god of wine. Upon saying yes, I told him to do a drinking contest. I saw a lot of different bottles of wine and different liquors. I recalled that I was going to do the basic ToTM as well, while I was at it. I also recalled someone did an anyone dare to drink a whole bottle of vodka down.

    I grabbed a bottle of wine and chucked it in one blow. It tasted similar to raspberry juice, but I felt nothing really going on. The same I did with the bottle of vodka, and this one tasted like water, but if like the water was extremely cold, almost frozen. I felt heat in my throat but nothing apparently seemed to happen here.

    The god of wine did not seem to be very thrilled with this, so I just kept drinking, one bottle after another. My dream stomach started to bother me for some reason, but the dream imaginary was the same (maybe a little blurry, but I blame dream quality to it.) Suddenly, the god of wine turned into an old teacher a had years ago, who I a vodka-only drinking contest. I saw how he was throwing a bottle of vodka away saying, "I can't, I am going to puke." I asked him if he was still the god of wine, to make sure, he said yes and that he felt pretty bad, that he was done.

    I was happy I got a few things done in this dream. I started to focus on more personal dares but I lost the dream and woke up abruptly.

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    1. imazu's Avatar
      Watch out or you'll ruin your dream liver!!
    2. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Hahahaha, I know right?
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    3. KestrelKat's Avatar
      Guess he was the God of Wine but not the God of Wine AND Vodka
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    4. fogelbise's Avatar
      I liked how you kept going for some effect from drinking by downing one bottle after another. I also like how your DJ's show us all where we can be one day with dream control and lengthy, adventurous LD's.
      PercyLucid likes this.
    5. Jdoggad's Avatar
      You realize you basically just described Dionysus right?
    6. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Yeah. I liked Greet Mythology and even studied some for a semester at high school....

      My favorite was always Zeus, until he decided to kidnap Ganymede to... well, that is kind of rated R... But let's say I was 13 or so, and I admired him until we were taught the history of Ganymede... I opted in for it in high school like a few days later it initially started, when suddenly some classmates had Zeus drawing pictures (I did not know there was such class to opt in for) and other interesting stuff....

      So yeah, we were taught Dionysius as well, his symbology and his history hehe.