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    Blue dimension

    by , 02-19-2011 at 06:15 AM (475 Views)
    Blue dimension (DILD)


    I was in San Diego downtown. I was with my meetup group of meditation. I was in front of the Red Lotus Society for a guided meditation session.

    I realized it was thurday, there was no meditation of Thursday and I was not hosting one either.
    I figured I was dreaming. I saw a female friend who comes to my meetup group. For some reason, I lost lucidity.

    I wanted to meet with her somewhere around the area. She told me with telephaty that she was at the sports bar. There were several sports bars around. I entered a couple but I could not find her.

    I turned lucid again for some reason and decided to look for Dreamer. I recalled she opens portals with her fingers, so I attempted the same. I drew a circle with my fingers, however, the portal was too small, I could not find it.
    I attempted to draw another portal, with success. I entered the portal and I was floating in a different dimension. There were nothingness. It was empty, however, it was all blue. I was in an endless blue atmosphere. I could see different tones of blue but that's it.

    I figured I was going to be alone for a long time in there, so I drew another portal. I exited the portal and appeared in a beach.

    I lost lucidity. Something happened with a car, but I do not recall well.

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