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    Dueling Sensei to a "Yugioh the Gathering" duel

    by , 02-06-2015 at 12:37 PM (1836 Views)
    Dueling Sensei to a "Yugioh the Gathering" duel (WILD)


    Full Dream (+1 pts)
    1st WILD (+10 pts)
    RC (+1 pts)
    Advance Flight (+10 pts)
    Teleport (+7 pts)
    Use electronics (+4 pts)
    Advance Summoning/fictional char. (+15 pts)
    Meet teammate. (+7 pts)
    Incubation (+15 pts)
    Personal Goal (+15 pts)

    I decided to WILD and take the gamble of not writing my mini-lucid and hoping to not forget it. The WILD took a bit longer than I thought, but I was able to pull it off.

    I once again had a false awakening and I could see my DJ was gone, so I knew I was dreaming. I still did a RC just to make sure and then I took off to fly. I noticed that I was right next to a massive town, twice as big as Chicago, but with many more and taller buildings. I decided to fly at full speed, as it was night and the city lights were very cool.

    After a while flying, I felt well archored on the dream. I remembered my mantras of dueling Sensei for a Shadow Game so I tried to look for a store to be able to play a game, most likely, a store I play Magic the Gathering in waking life. After looking for a while, I realized that we needed a big place to make a duel since it was supposed to be like the anime. I visualized myself teleporting to a duel arena suitable for Yugioh. I closed my eyes and jumped (I was technically flying, but somehow I landed, or just skipped "frames" in the dream haha) I appeared for what appeared that Kaiba land or some weird place, because I saw a big Blue Eyes statue. There was a ton of people (real people) and a long line, but I just walked through some big doors and the security guard did not seem to care. I found a similar place like this:

    The funniest thing, is how real it looked. It was not cartoonish, it was metallic, like stainless steel and the computers had windows on them. I almost lost lucidity here, as I had to reality check a few times and remind myself it is a dream. I was alone in the room, but I called Sensei out a few times without success. I started to touch buttons on the computer and it made noises, the noises were familiar to some anime, but I believe it was not yugioh. After a few moments, I heard a, "Hey" and I saw Sensei on the other side of the table. I wanted to summon a referee too, because for some reason the computer did not work and I assumed a referee was needed. One sure appeared on the side of the field, but to my surprise, it was a referee from Pokemon anime...

    He looked cartoonish, despite everything else looked real. I shuffled my deck (which I believe it looked like Magic the gathering) and placed it on the computer and it turned on.

    A few more frames skipped or something, but I do not recall drawning and yet I had cards in my hand. Most of them looked like Yugioh. I had one card that said, "The shadow realm" but it looked like the Seal of Orichalcos. I recalled the game needed to be a shadow game
    (my subconscious does not cease to amaze me.) I placed the card on the table, the same way like if it was a Land from magic the gathering (insead of inserting it inside a side slot like in Yugiog) A huge mist surround us:

    I was looking for a photo of the shadow realm, and I just found a card that is actually "The Shadow Realm" WOW... I had no idea that such card existed lmao.

    A voice said, "Lucidity in stake" Suddenly, I saw what I believe was a dark magician, but it was a red one instead of the usual purple one, I believe in the early anime there was a dude with two red dark magicians. I had no idea how or when Sensei brought it out, but it was my turn and I had a Vindicate card in my hand:

    Despite not being a Yugioh card, I said, "Destroy your Dark magician" Suddenly, it exploaded (the dark magician was in front of me like in the anime, but for my Vindicate, I placed it on the graveyard like casting a spell in magic.

    I then looked at my hand and I saw what I believe it was toon world, but the photo of the card was my DV's signature... what a mess lol. I placed it on the table and the actual toon world came out like in the anime:

    For a higher pleasant surprise, it came with a prize, as I had also a toon ryu ran out and he was cracking up in laughter:

    I almost woke up again out of laughing myself too. I told him to attack Sensei and an explosion happened on his end. But after a while, he casted a Damnation (another magic the gathering card)

    And my toon was gone. I wanted to draw another toon, as I believe that my toon world was still out. I tried to see what were my life points with no luck. I pulled out something very weird, it was like the manga of Yugi as it had all these eyes that all egypcian rare cards have, but I cannot recall well what it was, but what i recall is that it shot like a ghost to Sensei and I heard the "ding" noise that the anime plays when someone looses a dual. I was happy because I won the duel and Sensei said something about his lucidity, can't recall well but he wasn't happy
    (Too bad I forgot to summon/draw a card for the Dark Fortress to hit another personal dare of summoning a big castle in the air.)

    Suddenly, the purple mist from the shadow realm vanished and I could see the blue sky (well... we were indoors before, but okay....) And I think I just took of to fly.

    Little shortly I woke up.
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      You really have excellent recall and control. But what are all the point values at the beginning of the entry for? Some kind of lucid dreaming contest?
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      That was awesome!!! I love it. I am not surprised I lost (come on you played vindicate on the first turn with no lands out!). I want to see if my unconscious reading this decides that I don't get lucid for a week. would have been stronger unconscious had you lost, but we shall see. lol.

      It is a lucid dreaming competition. We tried to alert the whole forum of its existence, but seem to have failed more than usual (definitely my fault).
      It is on the last day, but it is always good for inspiration.

      Arkana's Dark Magician
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      Updated 02-06-2015 at 05:41 PM by Sensei
    3. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Yeah, that one!!! I recall its eyes were creepy. Yup, lots of breaking rules in this duel hahahaha... Free Vindicate no land tapping, free dark magician for you with no monster sacrifice hahaha. I thought it would be more structured the game, but I guess being a dream, is pretty much impossible lol. I had dreams of playing magic the gathering (non lucid) and very weird stuff would happen to my deck (having the wrong deck, cards from one deck in others, and yugioh cards in between, but lucid I thought it would be different haha, was pretty cool. Let's see how it goes for the both of us I just woke from a WILD nap :p