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    The Earth melts while I enjoy a chocolate cake in the moon

    by , 07-02-2010 at 07:36 AM (702 Views)
    The Earth melts while I enjoy a chocolate cake in the moon (MILD)


    I was at home, in my room. It was day and I was going to leave somewhere with my wife. I became lucid instantly

    My wife was ready to go, but I walked around home to make sure my dream was stable enough. I had a small flight around home, but nothing fancy, I levitated a bit and flew around.

    I told my wife, "Hold on, this is a Dream and I'm lucid. I want to make it stable first!!" She looked at me like if I was nuts. I remember that I could blast the Earth and destroy it (for the "End of the World" task of the year) I rose my hand and created an energy blast. However, the blast was not stable so I decided to stop and hold tighter to the dream.

    I remembered that a user in this forum had in his signature "Pray" as a goal within his lucid dream. I prayed for a few moments to accomplish it (It's not my goal, but I wanted to do it anyway)

    I appeared at a theme park. I enjoyed the theme park, rode a few things, walked around and observed how fun were having other DC. I remember the park was very vivid. The sky was very blue, the theme park was crowded of people and I could see a lot of detail.

    I remember about doing the task of the year. I thought that a gladiator fight would be easier as I was in a theme park. I started to look for gladiators. I could not find any so I asked a policeman and to a couple of DC. They directed me and I kept walking without any success. I found a kiosk store for Cricket Wireless. One of the employees grabbed my arm and I pushed him abruptly. The other employee told him, "Hold on. Not yet." I asked him if he knew were the amphitheater was. He pointed me to it and asked me, "So, what cell phone do you have now?" I replied, "I have a HTC Mytouch. Cricket does not offer such phone, so sorry." Both salesman appeared sad.

    I kept walking and I found a weird restaurant were I was indicated. I asked one of the employees about the gladiators. She told me, "Yeah. It's here." I entered the restaurant and walked down a few stairs. I got to a room with not much light. The decoration was old school. There were a few tables around. The tables were round with a candle in the middle. At the end, there was a small theater. There were Mariachis dancing and singing in Spanish. I asked another employee about the gladiators and she told me it was going to be next. I was a little annoyed because I did not want to wait, I was afraid to wake up. I realized that if I saw the gladiator fight, it would not be valid. I was somewhere in the future and I had to be in the actual time in order to accomplish it, so I just flew away.

    I was walking with another friend. I told him I wanted to do the Task of the Year. He looked at me with a weird face. I decided that as I was in the future, I could complete the task, "End of the World" I knew that it was OK if I destroyed the Earth in order to provoke the End of the World. I remembered I could do energy blasts.

    I flew to a small building and my friend did as well. I've made an energy blast twice big as a basketball. It looked like this:

    The blast was intense, but it had not much color and I felt it was like a bubble. I threw it in the water and I saw it vanish inside the crust of the Earth. My friend laughed at and and claimed it did nothing. I was sure it would damage the Earth but I did not know how, so I told him to hold on.

    Suddenly, I see bubbles in the water and my friend says, "Oh... how scary." I replied, "Oh yeah? Just hold!" Suddenly, a giant gaiser showed up. The water was very hot and it reached the sky. My friend said, "Oh.. a geiser. Like if you are going to destroy the Earth like that." A few DC freaked out, but not many. I told him, "The gaiser will raise the Earth Temperature... but one gaiser may not be enough for you, how about several?" My friend stopped laughing and started to worry.

    I threw several energy blasts and the same effect happened. All the DC were freaking out, screaming and running. There were several gaisers and the whole atmosphere was turning into a wall of vapor. The heat skyrocketed and the North Pole started to melt. The water level started to raise very fast.

    I had an unfinished building on my back, so I started to climb it the same way an ape would do it

    My friend came with me until I reached the top of the building. The water level was on my head, so I decided to swim to a taller building. The water was very hot, but it was bearable. I asked my friend if we would have time to swim before everything starts to boil. I get tired of dealing with it and I just jump and reach the moon. My friend followed me. My friend had a chocolate cake in his hands. He claimed it was from his country.

    I was observing the fate of the Earth from the moon. The Earth was all blue, I could not see any of the continents. A huge mass of clouds covered the entire earth. This mass of clouds was thinker and thinker until I witnessed the Earth melting itself. The whole planet melted and disappeared.

    I was in the mood, enjoying the cake proud of my accomplishment. Neil Armstrong came to my mind, and I though in summoning him, however, I remembered that I was only allowed one task per dream so I passed.

    I observed the moon to see if I found someone such Raven or Wakingnomad, but I saw no one but my friend. I could see a few vagrant images from videogames floating around the moon. I also saw a pikachu's head.

    I was happy enjoying the moon but I decided it was time to wake up and write down the dream. It passed a lot of time and I was afraid of forgetting it. I summoned a bed, lied down and closed my eyes.

    I had a false awakening without lucidity. I told my wife I had to write down my dream. I ran out of my bed and went to the backyard. I sat in a iron chair and used an iron table (classic white garden iron table) I opened my DJ and it was full, no room to write the dream down. I was afraid I would forget the dream so I called my wife for another journal.

    She told me that before getting my first journal, I had to remove all the cash and credit cards attached to my dream journal (There were credit cards attached like additional pages of the journal and business cards from several companies) I grabbed a few $20 bills and put them in my pocket while I laughed. The dream vanishes and I wake up.

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