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    ET Base at Fiji Island (underwater)

    by , 10-02-2013 at 11:50 PM (420 Views)
    ET Base at Fiji Island (DILD)


    I was having a walk with my wife near the beach and it was day. I was not having a good time, as I was feeling that I wanted to Astral Project and get out from the physical realm (this is a reality in real life as well for me) and I was kind of out there, day dreaming about it. I question my reality at all times even awake (this physical life feels faker and faker to me) so I did a reality check. My pinkie was broken on the top and I told my self, "hold on!" and I looked at my hands again, the fingers had odd shapes and looked abnormal.

    Neat! I said, I am dreaming! Bye bye now... My wife looked at me saying, "What the heck you are talking about?" But I already was ignoring her. I check my hands again and they looked blurry, so to make sure I was dreaming I jumped. Gravity was not right as I levitated for a few moments and landed softly, so I decided to jump and to take off.

    I flew at high speed and deminded to port to a remote place in the planet, so I was taken to Fiji Islands
    (never been there) and I went to the most souther island of all.

    As I approached to the coast, the waves were very violent, like after some sort of monsoon or something and I thought that maybe the waves could drag me inner sea and ascend
    as from here I probably lost lucidity as I was not thinking straght.

    I loked at the sky and I was able to see plenty of stars.

    I was fascinated and just sat in meditation to gaze at the stars, not caring for the waves. I fell asleep within the dream and woke up in the morning (still dreaming.) There were a ton of starseeds around me and all were very excited. I looked into the water and saw a spacial base, underwater. Crafts from all shapes and colors were flying back and forth. It was an amazing experience.

    Amazingly, I described the islands to my dad, who has been at Fiji, including the type of the people, how the houses were made, how the roads were, etc. I also learned after the dream that is speculated to be a lot of ET activity around the area.

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