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    Exploring Space - 500th Dream recorded!

    by , 05-16-2011 at 08:23 PM (1647 Views)
    Exploring Space (MILD)


    The 500th dream was coming up. I was aware that with 500 dreams I would get the "Epic Dream Journal" award. I wanted to have an epic lucid dream and I knew it was a one lifetime opportunity, so no chances to make it wrong.

    I was living with some friends for some reason. I had a girl friend instead of a wife. She was very different from my wife as well. We went to the beach and we were going to have sex. She told me that she would meet me later after doing some assignment I had. She was very happy to see me.

    I realized all the nonsense of the dream and turned lucid. I decided to take a flight to make my dream very stable. I flew over a huge town. It was night and I could see the whole town lit. I was happy as it was a high quality lucid dream.

    I flew over a lake between the tall buildings. I could see boats floating and also, submarines. In addition, I saw like stores that were sunk, but they were supposed to be like that, as I could see customers inside (it was made out of glass)

    Double consciousness triggered. I could feel one of my cats and the dream quality dramatically fell. I needed and epic dream to celebrate my 500th dream. I grabbed a piece of bush and started to squish it with my hands, so I would stay anchored to my dream. It worked fine, double consciousness ended and the dream quality skyrocketed once again.

    I got to a more quiet place of downtown. However, it looked more like a low end neighborhood. I found a dog that needed to be walked either on the dream or Astral plane. I was going to walk the dog and see if it changed the physical plane and actually walked the real dog. I realized it made no sense what I was saying.

    I decided to enter a building and see what my mind created. There were a few people, but they were acting very dumb. I found a container with Cola Cao (chocolate powder) so I opened and tasted it. It looked like blue crystals, but it tasted like the real thing. As I was about to exit this weird house, I saw a giant yellow plastic duck next to me. The nonsense surprised me.

    I looked up to the sky and saw the moon. I decided to fly to the moon, however, when I started to reach it, it fell! It started to melt until it vanished. I was wondering what could I do by then.

    I decided to have a flight in Space. I was sure another moon was going to spawn. As I reach to space, I saw several black holes and explosions

    Different shapes and a lot of colors were seen during this flight. Some of these happened right on my head, but I did not feel anything and it did not changed the path of my dream.

    I saw a wormhole and decided to enter it. I started to travel at high speed until I got to a different dimension. All I could see was nothingness... a few seconds later, I saw a lot of starts and different colored letters... as weird as it sound. It looked freaking like Sesame Street!!! Each time I stepped on one of this letters, I could hear the sound of it.

    I stayed there for a few moment and decided to take off again. I saw another wormhole and entered it. I got to a different planet. It looked like the Earth, there were humans and everything, but the sky had three suns and it was red.

    I entered a building and suddenly, the daylight turned into night. I decided to exit the building and fly to keep the dream stable, but I was loosing it fast. I got to the top to a building where there was a restaurant. The tables of this restaurant were round and they had white cloths. There were two servers who were dressed up in business professional. I also could hear a violin playing. It looked very upscale. My dream was almost gone, so I asked the server if I could borrow a towel. He told I could, they had spare ones. I started to rub my hands with the towel and my dream got stable again.

    I once more entered the building to explore. It was pretty similar to what I explored before. I even found the Cola Cao again, and once more, it was made out of blue crystals. As I exited, I found the same plastic duck too.

    As I exited, I saw the sun and decided to fly to it. It was very cloudy and I felt like not flying through the clouds or I would wake up due blurry vision, so I flew at super high speed. Soon, I was in space again and I could see the Sun. As I approach it, the dream ended extremely abruptly.

    I had a FA and I wrote down the entire dream when after I while I woke up for real and almost forgot the whole dream.

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    1. Flying Spaghetti Monster's Avatar
      excellent 500th dream percy!
      that void in the wormhole must have been so surreal. hope you don't mind if i try something similar next time i'm in space hahaha
    2. The Sandman's Avatar
      Percy, that really was an epic dream.
      I can't believe you saw the blue crystals and the duck the second time around.
      I can never get that hi when I fly. I start to get heavy at about 300 ft.
      I liked the stores under water. Lol!

      Keep dreaming!
    3. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Yep... my mind does that.
      Actually, the second time I saw the duck, it scared me a bit, don't know why... but it was like 1sec scare. It was more creepy than scary I guess.
    4. Merro's Avatar
      Awesome dream percy. The blue crystals, You play Final Fantasy much?
    5. PercyLucid's Avatar
      I used to... but now I am swamped with other stuff. The crystals did not look like FF though. They were not shinny. They were crystals, like ice crystals, but blue colored, similar to lapis lazuli.
    6. Merro's Avatar
      Nice, What confused me was the duck lol. And the worm hole sounded awesome. Traveling through space.