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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. ULTRA-INCEPTION: ToTM Done ~ Over 15 FAs, 10 lucids and non lucids in one single dream

      by , 03-31-2015 at 06:14 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      ULTRA-INCEPTION: ToTM Done ~ Over 15 FAs, 10 lucids and non lucids in one single dream and dreams within dreams (DILD)


      I have a long load of dreams to upload, but since this is a ToTM I must now. Been busy and I am behind in writing everything down. This was a very strange dream, a mix of astral projection, lucids, non-lucids and waking... I ended up very confused when I woke up for real.

      I had a FA in a big hotel room, I believe I was in Australia. This was a very long dream and I lost some of what happened, but a weird wasp stung me and layed some eggs under my skin. Said eggs hatched almost right away and I started to feel very sick. I went to the ER and I was told that surgery was needed. They needed total anesthesia and I was worried because I just ate. I figured I was going to get sick big time once the procedure ended. I realized that I was probably going to astral project due the anesthesia. When they administred it, I passed out and suddenly, found myself floating above my body.

      I was dreaming of an Astral Projection, but non lucidly. I was flying around and I passed out again.

      I had a series of FAs and falling asleep several times, like a big loop.

      At some point I did a RC and realized I was dreaming. Despite being lucid, I was still buying that my physical body was receiving surgery. I was in a big house and I took a flight to make my dream stable. The sky was clear and I could see a very bright light. It reminded me of the Bonus task of the month, to visit the ISS and watch a sunrise over our planet.

      Flying to space was pretty easy for me and soon, I got to the ISS. As I was approachng at it, it looked like the real thing, but then, suddenly it morphed into something like this:

      I was standing on the edge of this station and I could see our planet and a very bright light on the very edge. I saw the Sun rising right behind the Earth and the beams of light from the sun had a few different shades of yellow, white and red. I was happy to accomplish the ToTM Bonus so I decided to complete some dares, however, I passed out again.

      I had another FA, I was in a room and I realized it was not the hospital. I turned lucid and double checked checking my hands. I could hear a lot of noises, like hospital noises despite I was outdoors in another dream. I started to worry about the surgery and lost lucidity.

      I had another few chains of FAs
      small lucids passing out and more non lucid dreamlets, all with brief real awakenings (in my real bed) and installing back to dreaming.

      I had another layer in the same dream where I was projecting myself and I saw my body, almost wrapped up with the surgery. I had x-ray vision and I could see how they removed all the parasite eggs from my body. I also saw my stomatch, still full with food and I knew i was going to puke everything and feel horrible once I woke up from the surgery. I could touch other people while in this ghost form and they would feel me, but not see me, I was fooling for a while.

      I FAed in the hospital bed, and I was feeling pretty bad. I passed out.

      I had another FA in vegas.
      I had a short lucid and I quickly passed out once again to find me in another false awakening.

      I had then again another FA in my car. I was parked in front of a Wallgreens and my wife was in the passenger sit (I was driving asleep? lol)
      I turned lucid out of all the non-sense, but my wife told me that I was not dreaming and prevented me to do a reality check. I knew this was not my wife because we encourage each other to do a RC.

      Other FA in a room.

      Another FA in a different room, outside a building at night. There was a car parked and they asked me if I enjoyed my trip. Apparently, they caused all of these dream to happen, it was a company called, "9 clairvoyants dreamer"

      I woke up for real.

      I did over 15 different RCs where all gave positives (I was awake...) but still I felt afraid I would be fooled again. I went to pee and wanted to go back to bed, I knew eventually I would be 100% back in the waking plane.

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    2. My cat ends my dream

      by , 02-06-2015 at 12:36 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      My cat ends my dream (DILD)


      Full Dream (+1 pts)
      2nd DILD (+5 pts)
      DC Interaction (+2 pts)
      Stabilize (+1 pts)
      Flight (+4 pts)

      I had a false awakening and I started writing down my previous dream. I planned to do a WBTB but I could not get out from bed. I was paralyzed. However, a moment ago I was writing a dream and I found the timeline to be impossible. I somehow turned lucid, but I could not do a reality check. The dream quality was terrible. My wife asked me where was I going and I told her I needed to fly.

      I exited the house and took of to fly. After flying for a while, I could see the dawn of a new day and I saw a beach. I wanted to approach the beach but I felt something hitting me on my legs (I was still flying) until I woke up...
      from my cat jumping on me.
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      lucid , false awakening
    3. Bit of lucid sex

      by , 02-06-2015 at 12:34 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Bit of lucid sex (DILD)


      WBTB (+2 pts)
      Full Dream (+1 pts)
      Third DILD (+5 pts)
      RC (+1 pts)
      Flight (+4 pts)
      DC Interaction (+2 pts)

      I had a false awakening and I started to write the Yugioh dream. While writing it, I realized that I did write this dream during a WBTB and how come I was writing it down again from bed.

      I turned lucid and did a RC just in case. My hand looked okay, but very blurry. I jumped on bed and the gravity was odd, so I just took of to fly for a while.

      I landed to some big plaza and I saw a hot DC who approached me. She started kissing me and the temptation was very strong, so I just went all the way until I woke up (I wont provide details lol.)

      Tags: sex
      lucid , false awakening
    4. Stars in the sky blow up like fireworks (chain of false awakening and lucids)

      by , 12-12-2014 at 12:00 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Stars in the sky blow up like fireworks (chain of false awakening and lucids) (DILD)


      I had a False Awakening and I was about to write down my dream, when I felt very fuzzy and like everything was wavy. I was moving but I was falling alseep and having a chain of spit-second FAs. Until I had a more abrupt false awakening and I was altered and nervious so I did a reality check because I literally had no idea in what realm I was!

      I could not see, so I got off bed and jumped a couple times, gravity was not acting normal so I turned lucid. I also checked my hands (now vision was clear) and I had six fingers. I was going to exit the house until I faded out and I was back in bed.

      I knew I was still dreaming, checked my hands again and remained lucid. I existed the house and took of to fly. The sky was full of stars, but it had stars of many colors, like neon colors. I took a fly to make the dream stable and it went crystal clear. I then saw that the stars started to explote like if they were fireworks, but the colors were much more vivid than real fireworks and there was a like a chain reaction.

      I decided to do an easy dare, as I did not find my dream stability to be at its finest, so I decided to:

      Quote Originally Posted by anyone dare
      Put some flowers on the graves of a cemetery at night. (Box77)
      I started to fly looking for a graveyard, but once again, I faded out.

      I was back in bed, still knowing I was dreaming, I was starting to get annoyed with the false awakenings. I had a successive chain of 2-3 more false awakenings. Always knowing I was dreaming, they happened fast.

      During one of them, I managed to exit the house again, but I was in a void of nothingness for a few seconds until I faded out.

      One more False Awakening with reality check. I exited the house and started to fly. I saw a huge neon sign in the sky, made out of stars but also with many colors like neon. As I approached at them, they exploted again and made tons of colors. There were some x-mas trees and decorations. I got stuck with a x-mas ribbon
      (talk about dream coontrol on this one... meh... the whole dream was a mess anyone, probably REM was ending.) After a while, I managed to fly away from it. I felt I was waking up, tried to rub my hands and had another false awakening, where I was still rubbing my hands and I figured I woke up like that, but I did a reality check and I was still asleep. I did not bother anymore in getting out of bed, as the dream quality was awful and extremely unstable. A few seconds later, I woke up for real.

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    5. Walking backwards and stumbling against a wall of bushes.

      by , 11-27-2014 at 11:06 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Walking backwards and stumbling against a wall of bushes. (WBTB)


      This was an odd way to get lucid, well, not really but the situation is. Having here a bit of a hard time adjusting to the winter in my new place, it is humid and very cool, and the heat at the house is not strong enough for me (I am used to San Diego year round summer) So I woke up around 5am after waking up a million times earlier and feeling the cold hitting my bones... got frustrated and got into the computer. After 30 minutes or so, I went back to bed, hoping i would fall asleep fast as I was sleepy. As I was falling asleep, I was thinking like "some WBTB... maybe I turn lucid."

      And pretty much I found myself in a dream, however, it was not a WILD but I had a false awakening and I felt that I was in a dream, even though, I was still feeling cold. I grabbed a little lamp that I had and I figured it would no longer work. As I turned it on, it started to do a very weird play of random colored lights, knowing I was indeed dreaming.

      I got out from bed and glided outside from home. I was happy I finally fell asleep and I was feeling refreshed from the lucid. I was in the middle of the road and it was night. This was similar to the road in front of my house, and there were no cars. I saw a wall of bushes, similar to this:

      I recalled
      "Walk backwards until you bump into something/someone. Turn around to see what it is. (Jenkees)" so I turned around and start walking backwards, assuming I would stumble against the bushes. It took (what it felt) a while to even hit something. As I did several steps back, way more than the distance from where I was at first place and the bushes. I was tempted to look back to see what was going on, but I figured I could fail the task, so I just kept walking backwards for a while until I hit a ton of leaves. The bushes were different now, as it was like branches with autumm brownish leaves. I felt satisfied as accomplishing this task.

      I focused it was time to go kick Dark Vather's butt (a new dare I just got) and maybe fly to the sun in the process (an anyone dare and old goal of mine) but as soon as I started levitating to fly to space, I lost the dream like instantly and woke up.

      From here, I had a chain of mini-lucids and double consciousness state, with a very blurr memory of what happened.
    6. Parade of Shrek costume

      by , 10-27-2014 at 07:36 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Parade of Shrek costume (Non-lucid)


      I was doing psychic and mediumship readings, I believe from the podium and I had quite an amount of attendees. After a spit second, the event ended and I was now in a small house, where I believe that I was sharing with someone. I was in a small room in front of my computer, which was very different from my waking computer. I could see from my door how someone was calling me. A made up female friend was about to take a shower, but she was on a swimsuit, and she was extremely hot and sexy. She was happy i was looking at her and seemed she wanted to play.

      I had a FA where my dad was in the room, followed by another FA where my wife woke me up and told me something about cooking food in the oven.

      My dad was visiting and he called me to my cell and told him to meet outside. I exited the building (I was not longer in a house) and apparently, was a hotel on the mountains. I met with my dad and we started to walk, until we heard a lot of people talking in Spanish and eating a lot of European food. I suddenly saw a lot of people walking by, but all of them had a Shrek costume on.

      However, many of them had the costume painted on their bodies and they were naked. They had a ton of tons of greens and like scales or something, some looked very weird.
    7. A kid false-awakens me and I find 27 kittens

      by , 10-17-2014 at 10:38 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      A kid false-awakens me and I find 27 kittens (Non-lucid)


      I had a false awakening when I found myself being false-awoken by a kid who was screaming at me. For some reason this kid needed help to find something in the house, but as he was sharing this with me, I dozed off back to sleep and I could see that he was placing a piece of manchego cheese on my mouth:

      I felt weird because I would not feel like cheese when I did not even got off from bed, but I was false-awoken once more from this same kid. Apparently, during my sleep I made a huge mess during the house, like if I was a zombie or something. I got out of bed and I found myself in a huge home, it had over 20 rooms and very high end decor, with a lot of upscale wooden furniture. Apparently, there was magic too at this places and there were some rooms under some spells.

      I toured around the house with that kid's parents (and I believe now I was that kid) and they shown a few rooms. One of them, had a smashed piano and a lot of food sitting around:

      In other room, it was like dark, with very dark blue colors and it was all messed up also. I was also taken to the kitchen, where the fridge was empty and open as well as damaged. The parents appeared pretty upset, but I did not understand what was going on. I tried to scape this place without success, so I was flying in confusion. I saw a huge crystal building, but I had no clue how to enter it, it had some sort of force-field.

      A voice told me to follow a magical fish so I started to swim and saw some rocks that I could break. As I followed this being, I realized that it was a way to enter the house, underwater. As I got in, the home looked well furnished and apparently, I was going to live there now, and my wife appared out of nowhere. Now it was me again (in my real dream body) and there were 27 kittens sitting one next to each other on a huge bookcase. My wife told me now we owned all those cats. I wondered how my cats would feel about living with 27 more.
    8. Racing with a Blue Ferrari

      by , 09-03-2014 at 11:33 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Racing with a Blue Ferrari (Non-lucid)


      I joined a group that was some sort of mafia or at least, something pretty illegal was going on, as we were hiding or something. Actually, I did not belong to said mafia, but I was there visiting for a reason.

      We were hiding in some underground abandoned factories and the place was huge, as well as pretty much empty.

      I was making some deals with then, but apparently, it was all about cash transactions and despite the situation, said transactions were legally done.

      I was given a blue Ferreri and I was going to drive it to test it out, but when I was about to drive, I noticed that it was manual instead of automatic. Since I knew I am in Europe now and I have to learn to drive manual, I felt it would be a great opportunity, even though a Ferrari did not seem the best car to learn with, as I wanted to take good care of it.

      I pretty was able to drive it, not very fast as I was not used to manual transmission, but I was still able to drive it. Someone decided to challenge me to a race, and I had no other option than to accept, even though I was worried for the car, I figured that I would reset the dream to an early stage of it if I crashed
      (note, I was NOT lucid, but this is a common occurance in my dreams, as I am always sem-lucid on my"non-lucid" dreams.)

      My wife encouraged to race and she told me I would learn vey fast that way and know how to use manual transmission in no time. So I drove downhill in a not very busy street. It was at night and there were a lot of people aorund. I parket my Ferrari and went to meet with some friends to tell them about the race, but when I wanted to get ready, I could not find my Ferrari. Apparently, it was stolen but my wife had an APP on her phone to be able to find it.

      The APP said that a 15 years old boy stole my car and that so far, he had no tickets but he was playing a Frank Sinatra song
      (what the??? Talk about random. I do not listen to his songs. I would not even recognize him if I saw him on the street, I just knowthe name.)

      I figure it would be a pain to recover it, so I just would reset the dream, but when I was about to, I had a False Awakening at my parent's place and my mom woke me up. She was tucking me in bed and saying for me to be focused if my dad was right or not, as he was sick and he was not going to go to work.

      I had another False Awakening at the clock said it was 10:45 AM... I was surprised I slept so much, since I always wake up much earlier. As I was going to write down the dream, I woke up for real.

    9. Flight to the Sun: Cancelled.

      by , 09-02-2014 at 11:43 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Flight to the Sun: Cancelled. (DILD)


      I had a False Awakening in my room and I was recalling an interesting dream. As I tried to look for my Dream Journal, I could not find it on my night table, but I was able to find the alarm clock. I tried to lit the light from the alarm clock to find the DJ and write the dream down. But the little light did not work.

      I sat on the edge of my bed trying to focus and try to realize what it was going on. I realized it was impossible that the light was out already, as I could hear the sound of the clock, hence having juice in the batteries.
      I realized it was a dream and upon checking my hands, I was able to confirm it.

      I took of and flew to a big city. As I was flying, I recalled another Dare, which was to fly to the sun and through it. I saw one of those shuttles that go to space to board to space station.

      However, the shuttle had no roof, it was like one of those tour buses, but it was going to space. This shuttle in particular, was going to trip to Mercury to stay there for a few days. I figured it would be easy to just get driven to mercury and from there, fly myself to the Sun, as in other lucids I have been able to get to the moon, but never to the Sun.

      I boarded the shuttle and I believe it was free, as I did not have to pay. I had a few scientists around me and then a family of three including a baby.

      As we were about to take up, I heard to voice of my wife calling me and the dream started to fade.
      My wife woke me up (false awakening) and said she needed some water. I wondered why the heck she did not just drink water herself (she never wakes me up at night as she knows I do LDing.) And I told her she blew up my chance to travel to the sun. Then I woke up for real.
      Tags: dare, fly, lucid, shuttle
      lucid , non-lucid , false awakening
    10. Lucid Hattrick!!! Three dares completed in one shot!!

      by , 08-30-2014 at 10:41 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Lucid Hattrick - Three Dares completed! (MILD)


      Lucid Hattrick!!! Three dares completed in one shot!!

      After waking up and not able to recall a dream, I started to use the MILD technique, something I have been doing for a couple of days and I focused on getting some dares done.

      I ended up forgetting the non-lucid part of the dream, actually, I recalled right away writing down this whole dream in my Dream Journal and getting comfy back in bed, and I hoped to remember it in the morning, but I did not mind if I did not, as it was not a spectacular dream anyway, and well... I forgot it lol.

      So, this dream started with a False Awakening. I was in my room and I was going to write down the dream, but I had some difficulty and I was unable to write the dream down, so I sat on the side of my bed and trying to focus a little bit to be able to write it, but I felt weird and I my wife woke up. I told her I was feeling funny and I said,

      - Imagine I was dreaming.

      My wife laughed and told me:

      - Yeah, right. Go back to sleep. - And she just tucked herself back in bed and I did a Reality Check.
      And I laughed and said, "Well.. I am in dreaming indeed. But my wife was either gone or just she fell back asleep." The dream quality was not great and I had the feeling all the time that I was going to wake up, so I exited the house and started to fly, demanding to get clarity and to anchor myself in the dream. A few times, I lost vision, but I knew I was still dreaming, so I did my best to open my dream eyes while I anchored myself into the dream, with success.

      I found myself in downtown but I still did not feel like myself, so I decided to enter a big building, which was a hotel and eat some food, as I was sure that the taste of food would anchor me further into the dream. I asked a woman I saw there if she knew where I could find an apple, and she directed me to the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen, it was not a kitchen, but one of those meeting rooms, with large tables on the side and said tables contained food, veggies, fruits and meats from all times, apparently, the meat was raw and uncooked, but as I was looking for something to eat, I realized my dream was pretty good and clear, so I passed on the fruits and decided to work on some dares. Since I have not been dared yet to anything, I decided to work on the "anyone" dares, and I got started with:

      "Let yourself fall from a great height and hit the ground at full speed (Xanous)"

      I felt it was an easy one and since I was in a huge building, all I needed to do was to climb it, so I started to fly, exited through one of the windows and flew to the top. As I reached the top, I could see that I was in the tallest building of all downtown (I believe this mightn't been the Trump Tower because of the shape.) All the cars and people looked tiny.

      I decided to jump. Before I did, I was laughing with myself because it would be funny the mayhem I was going to cause when I crashed in the ground. So I just jumped off, head first and I flew at full speed. It still took a while, even though the speed of the fall fell amazing on my face. As I was about to hit the ground, I wondered if someone would grab me, but no one did and I crashed hard in the ground. It felt similar to when you fall in bed, but it was a lot harder, but I bounced back. I could hear a big noise type of "splat!" but it did not hurt and it neither affected the quality of the dream.

      So much for thinking I would make a mess... no one seemed to care I crashed in the ground... oh well! Dare completed!!

      I recalled the next task:

      Do a 'trust fall' (free fall backwards) into the arms of the nearest DC. Did they catch you? (Dreamer)

      I had no idea who made this challenge, but I was able to recall it well, so I walked to a plaza that was busy with a lot of people. I walked by a lady who was in her 30s and very good looking, so I thought it would be a great opportunity for this catch.

      I said, "Hi there!" and immediately, gave her my back and I free fell. She indeed grabbed me and asked me if I was okay! I told her, "Sure I am, thanks a lot!! Another Dare completed!!"
      (I thought that I had t be caught in order to successfully accomplish this dare.) The lady appeared to be attracted to me, as she making a lot of eye contact with me and she was like taking care of me, if you know what I mean...

      I recalled it would be another good chance to get one more dare completed, which is:

      Get naked in front of a DC (Dreamer)

      So, since the mood was there, I just found out it would be a cheap way to get this one done, and then, hattrick the dares. I look my clothes off and she started to do so as well, while we were still in the middle of the place, but no one seemed to care. Dare completed!!!!

      I felt this was a great dream, and I did not want to risk it due to having sex with the woman, so I just took of and started to fly away from there.

      I suddenly lost control of the dream and had a false awakening. I felt, "So much for not having sex to save the dream..." As I was about to write down the lucid, I had a funny feeling that my mind was playing games with me. I could not see a thing, so I started to touch my fingers. I could feel five fingers, but something was not right. I had a couple more false awakenings and then I lit a small light in order to see my hands, the light came out to be very pale, but that, I did not notice, however, upon checking my hands I realized I was still dreaming.

      I walked away from bed, and I was still naked, but I did not care, I fly naked many times, so I just took off and I started to fly. It was dawn and it was very foggy:

      It felt great to fly in the nude, as it was fresh, but not cold. While I was flying I thought of a fourth dare to get done while I was at it:

      Apparently, it was not a anyone dare, in fact, I cannot find this dare at all, but I know someone said to do this in Dreamviews recently. It was about applying Photoshop effect to something:

      I landed next to some city lights, and decided to apply the Photoshop effect. I moved my hand, pointing at the city lights and visualized them changing color, which they did successfully. Then, I decided to apply Bevel and Emboss to one of the city lights upon waving my hand into them, I was able to see how it turned thick, like if it was a Photoshop layer. I decided to wrap it up with adding shine light effect to the light bulb of one of them, said bulb turned very shinny and bright.

      As I was about to do something else, I woke up.

    11. Eating flowers on a mountain after a chain of False Awakenings

      by , 08-25-2014 at 10:07 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Eating flowers on a mountain after a chain of False Awakenings (DILD)


      This was a very "interesting" dream... very inception type of dream, very confusing but i beat my subconscious and turned lucid. Since I am pretty much settled already then I have again my journal next to me, and I reminded myself to go back to the old good doing of journal dreams.

      So this dream started after a FA, where I recalled perfectly the previous dream I had, very long and it appears it was one of those healing dreams. I tried to write it down, but then I had another FA.

      After that, I had several FAs in a row, on some of them I would start to write down the dream and then fall asleep while doing it. On others, I would have issues moving and I would think I was awake under sleep paralysis, so I would try to WILD, tricking me into a chain of FAs.

      Until one time that I had another FA, and I tried to write down the dream. I would find several DJs, some of them from years ago, and most of them without clean papers, all full of text and I wondered what it was going on
      until I realized that those DJs are from the past and I was dreaming. I thought that I was going to forget the 1st dream, but I did not care. But as soon as I tried to stabilize the dream, I passed out and started another FA.

      I was going to write down the dream and my wife awoke and started to distract me. I told her that I needed to write down a dream as I was in the verge of forgetting it. My wife tried the best to avoid me writing the reading.
      I found that it made nosense and I was in another dream. My wife tried to tell me I was awake, what was I taking about and I showed my hand to her and said, "I have seven freaking fingers, and this one is as large as a Twizler, come on!"

      I jumped out of bed and I exited the house. My subconscious already got used to this house, and being a house I do no longer have the staris to just jump and fly, so I had to jump a few times on the ground to take off.

      After a while flying, I landed on a mountain and I realized that being so busy at all, I did not do the ToTM yet, so I was going to get started with it, until I realized that I have not even checked the ToTM for this month
      (gooooooooooood jooooooooob!!) so I realized what could I do instead.

      I recalled someone dared to eat something you hate in waking life. I remember those flowers that fancy restaurants put with meat sometimes, that you actually eat them, they are disgusting, so I decided to look for some. I saw a bush with several of those flowers
      (no bees, yay!) and I grabbed one and put it in my mouth.

      It tasted like a mix of watermelon and lettuce, and it would just literally melt in my mouth, did not taste half bad actually and grabbed a few more. Once with the task done, I decided to wake myself up in order to hope to save the first non lucid dream.

      I had a few FAs until I finally woke up for real.

      Recalled the lucid perfectly, but the first dream... entirely obliterated, lol.
    12. Weird looking villain.

      by , 09-07-2011 at 06:15 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Weird looking villain. (DILD)


      I had a false awekening and left my house. It was day and very clear. I looked at the clock and realized it was already 1pm. I was worried because I had a lot to do in the morning.

      I suddenly realized that I must've been dreaming. It was impossible for me to wake up so late. I took a small flight and suddenly realized there was a villein that looked pretty much like this:

      I decided to follow the plop and realize what was going on.

      I soon lost lucidity and saw this guy, laughing very loud. His laugh sounded very metallic and echoed. I saw some tanks and a hord of bikers. They were all supposed to fight. I felt that the tanks were going to win the battle, however, there were hundreds of thousands of bikers, so I felt that maybe the could win.
    13. Following cars

      by , 05-25-2011 at 06:31 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Following cars (Non-lucid)


      I do not recall this dream and I can barely read my journal, lol.

      - Following cars
      - They were bouncing.
      - Got and talked to him.
      - Got to the chase.
      - Voice said that liked to see what happened.
      Tags: cars, follow, voice
      non-lucid , false awakening
    14. Exploring Space - 500th Dream recorded!

      by , 05-16-2011 at 08:23 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Exploring Space (MILD)


      The 500th dream was coming up. I was aware that with 500 dreams I would get the "Epic Dream Journal" award. I wanted to have an epic lucid dream and I knew it was a one lifetime opportunity, so no chances to make it wrong.

      I was living with some friends for some reason. I had a girl friend instead of a wife. She was very different from my wife as well. We went to the beach and we were going to have sex. She told me that she would meet me later after doing some assignment I had. She was very happy to see me.

      I realized all the nonsense of the dream and turned lucid. I decided to take a flight to make my dream very stable. I flew over a huge town. It was night and I could see the whole town lit. I was happy as it was a high quality lucid dream.

      I flew over a lake between the tall buildings. I could see boats floating and also, submarines. In addition, I saw like stores that were sunk, but they were supposed to be like that, as I could see customers inside (it was made out of glass)

      Double consciousness triggered. I could feel one of my cats and the dream quality dramatically fell. I needed and epic dream to celebrate my 500th dream. I grabbed a piece of bush and started to squish it with my hands, so I would stay anchored to my dream. It worked fine, double consciousness ended and the dream quality skyrocketed once again.

      I got to a more quiet place of downtown. However, it looked more like a low end neighborhood. I found a dog that needed to be walked either on the dream or Astral plane. I was going to walk the dog and see if it changed the physical plane and actually walked the real dog. I realized it made no sense what I was saying.

      I decided to enter a building and see what my mind created. There were a few people, but they were acting very dumb. I found a container with Cola Cao (chocolate powder) so I opened and tasted it. It looked like blue crystals, but it tasted like the real thing. As I was about to exit this weird house, I saw a giant yellow plastic duck next to me. The nonsense surprised me.

      I looked up to the sky and saw the moon. I decided to fly to the moon, however, when I started to reach it, it fell! It started to melt until it vanished. I was wondering what could I do by then.

      I decided to have a flight in Space. I was sure another moon was going to spawn. As I reach to space, I saw several black holes and explosions

      Different shapes and a lot of colors were seen during this flight. Some of these happened right on my head, but I did not feel anything and it did not changed the path of my dream.

      I saw a wormhole and decided to enter it. I started to travel at high speed until I got to a different dimension. All I could see was nothingness... a few seconds later, I saw a lot of starts and different colored letters... as weird as it sound. It looked freaking like Sesame Street!!! Each time I stepped on one of this letters, I could hear the sound of it.

      I stayed there for a few moment and decided to take off again. I saw another wormhole and entered it. I got to a different planet. It looked like the Earth, there were humans and everything, but the sky had three suns and it was red.

      I entered a building and suddenly, the daylight turned into night. I decided to exit the building and fly to keep the dream stable, but I was loosing it fast. I got to the top to a building where there was a restaurant. The tables of this restaurant were round and they had white cloths. There were two servers who were dressed up in business professional. I also could hear a violin playing. It looked very upscale. My dream was almost gone, so I asked the server if I could borrow a towel. He told I could, they had spare ones. I started to rub my hands with the towel and my dream got stable again.

      I once more entered the building to explore. It was pretty similar to what I explored before. I even found the Cola Cao again, and once more, it was made out of blue crystals. As I exited, I found the same plastic duck too.

      As I exited, I saw the sun and decided to fly to it. It was very cloudy and I felt like not flying through the clouds or I would wake up due blurry vision, so I flew at super high speed. Soon, I was in space again and I could see the Sun. As I approach it, the dream ended extremely abruptly.

      I had a FA and I wrote down the entire dream when after I while I woke up for real and almost forgot the whole dream.
    15. Short FA fragment

      by , 05-16-2011 at 08:21 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Short FA fragment (Non-lucid)


      I had another FA. My wife was out of bed and she told me she was not sleepy anymore. It was around five AM in the morning (dream time) I told her about my dream and she asked me if there were beers. I told her I saw some people with beers, yes. She complained that beers could not be sold on the streets. I woke up for real.
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