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    Farming points! Very low quality lucid.

    by , 01-27-2015 at 05:53 PM (208 Views)
    Farming points! Very low quality lucid. (WILD)


    WBTB - Failed (It was intended for a previous dream) (2 pts)
    Full Dream Recall (1 pts)

    Suddenly, I found myself with a massive blurry vision and I felt my body almost weightless, so I realized I was dreaming and that the WILD worked
    (10 pts) so I walked away from bed and decided to exit the house. I decided to take a small flight, but instead of just taking off as usual, I first levitated myself using telekinisis on myself (4 pts) and it worked fine. I kept myself floating, but I was unsure if this would be valid, so I stared at a pillow until it levitated. From here, I decided to take a flight to make my dream stable [B](1 pts) as usual. Flying was a success (4 pts) and I flew over a small town.

    My dream quality was pretty poor, and I did not feel I was going to be awake for a long time, plus I recalled I was WILDing around 7am, and my alarm clock could trigger soon. I decided to just farm points for this dream and not do anything hard, lol.

    I first imagined that Zant from the legend of Zelda would appear when I opened a door
    (9 pts) and he was sitting doing nothing.

    So much for action, my dream quality was horrible. I said, "Hey, what's up?" in order to do a small interaction
    (2 pts) I believe he said, "Bananas" (Okay... whatever.) I saw another room, which appeared to be an old restaurant, and one table had like nuts sitting around, or at least, they looked like nuts, so I decided to eat one (4 pts) which tasted like wet sand. Was pretty gross actually. From here, I saw one of the computers that the waiters use (it was empty) I tried to use it to score more points, but the thing did not turn on, so I guess I cannot claim points for this.

    I intended to fly to space and stay up there till the dream ended, but as I started to pass through the clouds, I felt myself waking up without being able to prevent awakening.
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    1. Tihiti's Avatar
      You covered a lot of ground and activity in that LD! Very nice.