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    Fly and running down the city during a nap

    by , 02-06-2015 at 08:20 PM (329 Views)
    Fly and running down the city during a nap (WILD)


    2nd WILD (+5 pts)
    Full Dream (+1 pts)
    L-DEILD (Chain) (+2 pts)
    Stabilize (+1 pts)
    Advance Flying (+10 pts)
    Eat something (+4 pts)
    Invincibility (+7 pts)
    Phase through objects (+8 pts)
    Interact with a DC (+2 pts)

    Took a big while to perform my WILD, struggled for this one.

    Suddenly, my meditation reclining chair started to shake and I realized I was in a different room, knowing the WILD worked. The dream had a terrible quality and as soon as I tried to save it, I felt myself innevitable waking up, so I focused on L-DEILD to recover it.

    A few moments of darkness, I found myself next to a small city, with a few houses down the road and with huge gardens. I had crystal clear quality but I still wanted to make the dream stable, so this time I grabbed a branch and rubbed it within my hands. From there, I took off to fly. It was very warm and very sunny (while in waking has been cold, windy and rainy) so I decided to fly at super high speed through the clouds and feel the breeze.

    After flying for a while, I wanted to try super speed and run very fast, but for some reason I was afraid I would hurt my self or something, so I started looking for a star to give me invencibility:

    After a attempting on a few garbages around, I did find one and I ate it. It tasted like a marshmallow and I felt stronger, so I decided to run at very fast speed and tried to walk through the buildings. I was able to run through one building, but the entire building, was thick brick instead of being hollow on the inside (rooms, furniture, etc) The other buildings, I think broke as I hit the wall.

    I suddenly saw a cop saying that I was making a big mess and I had to go with me. I said to him that he could mind his own business and took of flying again.

    I wanted to do more stuff, but I either do not recal (I doubt it) or I just woke up, because I felt there was a lapse of nothingness followed by awakening.
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    Tags: city, cop, flight, running


    1. Tihiti's Avatar
      meditation reclining chair
      Were you actually in this chair in waking world?
    2. PercyLucid's Avatar
    3. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Is common for me to false-wake up where I went to sleep and many lucids of mine start that way, even a few days after moving I would start from the new house.