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    I beat Neil Armstrong

    by , 07-13-2010 at 07:28 AM (886 Views)
    I beat Neil Armstrong (DILD)


    This was a pretty awesome night. My old record of dream recalled in a single night was 8, I rose that up to 11 Only one of this was a fragment. Three of these were lucid and on one of them I completed one of the Tasks of the Year.
    Tenth of the night:

    I tried to DEILD from the previous dream, but I moved in bed a little bit.

    I was at home, I had a false awakening in my bed but my wife was awake. It was 7am time to wake up but I told her I was going back to bed. I went to the table were I write my dreams down. I started to write one and a friend plus my wife appeared.
    My friend took of his shirt and he had a tattoo in his chest exactly the same than mine. Then, suddenly his tattoo changed into a different one, but with the same black and red colors. I found it odd and I realized a reality check.

    I look at my hands and I had a lot of fingers so I became lucid. I said, "Ha! I knew it. That tat is not right. I am lucid, this is a dream." I took my blue backpack were I have my cards and left. I flew away and saw the moon up in the sky:

    I gained some height and used my backpack as a jet pack. First I flew straight up and then straight. It was hard to fly with the jetpack. I almost hit a building. My backpack ran out of gas so I threw it away and kept flying on my own. I saw the moon and the dream started to fade. I spun and recovered the dream. Slowly the imagenery was back. I was getting out of the Earth and a voice said, "I know what you want. You want to go to Space." As I was exiting the Earth, instead of the moon, I saw another Earth. I though, "Not the Earth, I need the Moon!!!" The voice sounded again, "I know what you want. You want to see the Earth from a balcony at the moon." I was annoyed about that voice messing up. I saw myself approaching at the moon. I saw an odd building. The dream started to fade, so I had to recover it again.

    I was inside a building. Everything was metallic and I saw flashes of light. I was like in a very old school first person shooting game, but I had no gun. I heard a lot of loud and annoying noises:

    I saw red and blue arrows. Every few seconds, a hatchet with a blue arrow would close. I realized I was in a maze and I had to run to exit throughout the blue arrows. I suddenly saw armed soldiers, but they ignored me. I walked through them. I finally exited and I had a perfect vision on the moon. The voice said, "Oh. Now I know!" I saw a ship trying to land. It was Neil Armstrong!

    I flew close to him and placed a flag with my own symbol. He was surprised when he saw me and he said, "You beat me here! How?" I laughed again and hit him softly in one of his shoulders. Then I forced myself to wake up. I knew I chained three lucids and I was entering the dangerous zone for recall. I woke up.

    I want to know this is the first time I have a ToTY or ToTM completed without a FA after the lucid!

    Missed Dream Signs:
    - The False Awakening.

    Dream Sign Noticed:
    - The changeling tattoo.

    Reality Check Performed:
    - Hand Check.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Great Job! Now, focus on The Dark Tower on the Moon, and look for us.
    2. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Is the second time I visit the moon (End of the world was the first time) I will sure will. I so tired... After writing down 11 dreams I am going straight to bed. I will definitely focus to find The Dark Tower on the Moon and I will look for you four
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      I just realized you were in the Danger Room (simulator) in the Tower. Good job getting in there!

      Please return for further training.
    4. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Really? I somehow felt that thing had to be in the Tower you mention I will return, but I will look for you guys!
    5. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Yeah man! I put a Danger Room in there like Professor X has in his mansion.