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    I morph into a cartoon dolphin

    by , 02-05-2015 at 08:23 PM (310 Views)
    I morph into a cartoon dolphin (WILD)


    Having to recurr to WILD naps!!! Tough competition!

    Full Dream (1 pts)
    Nap-Wild (5 pts)
    RC (1 pts)
    Advance fly (10 pts)
    Teleport (7 pts)
    DC interact (2 pts)
    Eat something. (4 pts)
    Advance summoning. (10 pts)
    Use electronics. (4 pts)
    Full transformation. (10 pts)
    Fully Phase through Big Solid Object (8 pts)

    I felt noises under my bed, like if there was an engine or something, and it felt harder than usual, so I decided to do a RC to make sure I was in a dream, and indeed I was, my hand hight eight slim fingers. So I immediately took of to fly.

    I decided it would be great to go fly to space, something that I enjoy and many of you know I truly love this. I decided to go flying for a while, and while scoring some points, enjoy my time there. I saw amazing stars, some of them were made out of different colors, and some of them vanished when I stared at them. I felt a lot of empty space, it was a bit strange. Most of the stars were missing and I could not find any planet. Usually my space dreams are colorful, but this is the first time I did a space flight in space,, so maybe was that.

    I focused on coming back to earth and do a few tasks, maybe to try the pandora's box again. I closed my eyes and started to spin, since I had no place to "jump" in space (my way to teleport.) So after spinning, I found myself in a beach in front of a big hotel. I believe it might have been the Bahamas because the water looked like very crystal blue and there were a lot of people surfing. The heat of the sun felt very nice. I saw there was a female DC wearing only a tie and panties (she was topless) and she had a tray with food. I grabbed something like looked like chocolate, but tasted like sand, even the same texture. I told her it was disgusting, but she ignored me.

    I took of to fly again as I wanted to look for a much busier place. As I was flying, I wanted to summon Dreamer, it was a long time I did not have her in my dreams. I called her out loud and she came up, appearing right in front of me. She also was in a swimsuit with purple hair (and I think the swimsuit was purpple too) There was another guy next to her, funny that someone came up as an extra during a summoning. I asked, "Are you anotherdreamer?" He said, "Ya! She is my girl!" and then something else I can't remember.

    I had here a false memories, were I needed to go underwater with dreamer. I thought it was a task giving me more points and I hopped anotherdreamer being in the picture would not be a big deal. Out of the blue, I wondered if I could morph into a dolphin. I recalled one episode from some cartoons where some dude morphed into a dolphin. Shortly after, I felt weird, and I saw myself like in third person being a dolphin, but it was a cartoon one! I think dreamer was gone now, same for anotherdreamer and wondered if I would earn the points
    (I had no idea that full transformation gave points, well, not in the dream...)

    I kept swimming just moving my torso up and down (I had a fin I guess) and I could swim fine. I saw a huge brick wall, and I figured that since I was a cartoon dolphin, I could just pass through it without smashing it (as it usually happens) so I kept my eyes open to earn the points and it was like a hologram, a sunk brick hologram wall. But it was a real one as other fishes would hit it and avoid it. I think I kept swiming until I woke up.
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