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    1. Throwing snowballs, Gizmo songs and massive six combo of lucid task dares done!!!

      by , 12-08-2014 at 01:54 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Throwing snowballs, Gizmo songs and massive six combo of lucid task dares done!!! (DILD)


      I think I did it again and surpassed my plateau of length of lucid as well as goals accomplished during a single lucid. As I have been saying for the last three days, I had the feeling of a lucid coming, and I did not have a good sleep a few nights ago (getting adjusted to the new house) but yesterday's night I slept well, yet no lucid, which surprised me, and last night, turned lucid.

      I remember faintly how did I exactly turned lucid and I neither recall what I was dreaming before that.
      I believe I was in some wax museum and the sculptures were talking. I exited the museum and, fully lucid I took a small flight to make the dream stable. I was very happy that I turned lucid and that finally I broke my dry spell. The quality of the dream was exceptional and I was exited to get finally my wings back and hit some dares while I was at it. I started to walk down the street. The road was made out of little stones, pretty much like on the roman ages. All the buildings were made out of stone as well and there was no lightning, however, it was a warm morning. It looked something like this:

      I started to think about the tasks of the month. I thought of throwing a snowball at a dream character, however, it was warm. I reminded myself that in a dream, all could happen. I started looking for snow, and after walking for a while (I was no longer flying now) I saw a little bit of snow on the road. It was like when almost all snow is gone an melted, that you can find a flake here and there. I turned the corner and I saw a small plaza, that had a decent amount of snow. Lucky me, there was a lot of people around, so I grabbed some snow from the ground and made a snowball. I approached at a female character
      (no, she did not fell back with her legs in the air first!, and I would have tossed the ball before anything else...) She was looking at my snowball and hit her on the face. She was shocked for a brief moment and then, she continued walking like if nothing happened. (Talk about dummy DCs hahaha.) This officially completed my basic Task of the Month:

      Quote Originally Posted by Basic ToTM
      Hit a DC with a snowball and report their reaction - (kilham)

      It was time for the advanced task of the month. Despite I am almost as Christmas freak as Elf is, I did not feel like going hunting for Santa and sneak into his sleigh and I neither wanted do to do the snow globe task. Only Gizmo was left, not very excited but a very easy task. I saw a store, it was pretty old on the outside. When I entered the store, it looked like a Winery store I worked when I was 18 but much bigger. I told them I wanted to buy a present where Gizmo was wrapped up in. I was taken to the backroom, which looked exactly like the backroom from the Winery store, but much larger. A female employee handed me a green box with a golden ribbon. I felt it was going to be an awesome present for someone, but I knew that my task did not ended here and realized that it was a dream gift anyway, so I could not actually give it to anyone in waking life.

      I left the store holding the box, and apparently, no one cared that I just walked by the register without the intents to pay... oh well. There was a bench right next to the store. I could hear a little voice inside the box, like if it was signing. I opened the box and Gizmo was in there, and I believe it was actually the real thing and not a plastic toy. I started to pet it and it felt soft and warm:

      I told Gizmo to teach me a new song. Unfortunately, I forgot most of it because there is a long way to go still on this massive dream. But I believe it was something like. "One, two, three, gizmo, gizmo, four, five, six, gizmo, gizmo." Then, I think he sang a mantra from Lord Ganesha, at least, the lyrics were familiar to me, but my recall for the actual song is vague... I remember I sang the song back to gizmo and he was happy. I sang it a few more times to keep it in my mind and write it down once I woke up. Advanced ToTM, checked!

      Quote Originally Posted by Advanced ToTM
      Find which present Gizmo is wrapped up in, and get him to teach you a new song. - (ThreeCat)
      I started to explore the new place I was at. Instead of a roman old school city, I was now in Chicago downtown. It was easy to recognize as I was next to Marina City:

      So much for the Roman city into Chicago!! My mind amazes me sometimes! I focused on hitting some of the easy lucid dares for anyone to get more bonus points. At this stage of the dream, I did not remember I had outstanding personal dares to complete. I first though of an easy task, to summon Nfri. Which I did. I rose my hand, sorcerer style and asked for Nfri to show up. A tall and slim female showed up. I could not tell her hair color because she wore winter clothing (once again, amazing mind dressed the summoned dream character accordly to the weather on December at Chicago, lol.) Her clothing was all pink and she was dressed very sexy. She smiled at me and she was standing, which a sexy look. She looked something like this (but her hair was covered, and the raincoat was a clearer pink.

      I was happy because I completed one dare already
      (funny to find upon checking the dares thread that Nfri is a dude.)

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone dare Completed
      Summon Nfri and describe how he looks (Nfri)
      As this female version of Nfri kept approaching at me, I knew right away what was going on, but my dream quality was high and I did not want to waste time, so I recalled another anyone dare I could get done. I walked by hear and faced her, face to face. She tried to get intimate with me (yes, in the middle of Chicago downtown!) but I refused to interact and just turned her my back and walking away. It was actually easy task, I think my drive to make a big record was strong!

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone Dare Completed
      Face an attractive DC and refuse to have any interaction with her/him. (NyxCC)
      I kept walking down the street and I recalled another anyone dare. I was unsure if I using my phone as a catalyst for dream control was an anyone or someone's else personal task. I took my phone out from my pocket, which looked like my waking life phone. I was in front of a cross street and traffic was very heavy, but cars were driving fast. I pointed at one of the roads with my phone and with my thumb, I slide it right to left, with the intents to push all the cars to go in reverse. Amazingly, it worked first try, and even more amazingly, no one crashed. I started to swing my cell phone left and right very fast, with the intent of accelerating the traffic, which happened, but neither no one crashed
      (I wasn't thinking they would crash neither trying, probably the reason it did not happen.) I tapped my screen to see what would happen, and the whole dream froze, I think even dream went silent. The whole thing was frozen. That was some amazing effects from just a phone!

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone Dare Completed
      Use your phone as a catalyst for dream control. (Sensei)
      It was exciting, but I suddenly found my dream getting obliterated in seconds. I did not have time to even to try to save it.

      I had a false awakening in bed, I felt satisfied about the dream and getting two ToTM and three dares done. I reached my journal to write down the dream and tried to turn the lamp on that I have in waking life. (the green one)

      Not working. I tapped it a couple more times. Nothing.

      I turned lucid right away. I exalted "Lamp not working... hahaha, these lamps always work." My wife woke up and asked me what was wrong, if I was cold or something. I told her that I just got tricked with a false awakening and that I was still dreaming. My wife told me that I was talking nonsense. I checked my hands and indeed I was lucid, they looked like a hologram. I jumped off bed and recalled since I was able to remember the whole lucid dream, I decided to continue my dreaming. My wife followed me, pretty upset stating I was asleep. We exited the house and we were in a modern city surrounded by trees, definitely not the same as waking, proving I was indeed dreaming. Wife kept insisting I wasn't. I rose my hand and pointed at it with my other hand saying, "Do you think my hand is supposed to look like this?" My ring finger was like a quarter inch long. I took of to fly, but for some odd and rare reason, I could only bounce about 10 feet tops or so. My wife kept telling me, "See, you can't fly, you are awake, go back to bed before someone calls the cops." Like if jumping 10 feet was normal. I just walked away ignoring my wife, after all she was a dumb DC reflected by my mind. I saw a UFO saucer gliding above some trees. It was semi-transparent and it was vanishing:

      I grabbed it before it took off and I thought of the next dare. To fly to the sun. I felt it would be easy to use this vehicle to get there faster, so I set that intent and the saucer to take me there. It was going at high speed and I could feel fire all around me. Now, the saucer looked like a regular shuttle from NASA. I was already in space and realized I was in my pajamas... oh well, big deal. We were getting closer to the sun and I released the shuttle, as in theory, I had to fly through the sun. I kept flying and I entered the sun. I could see my whole being burning, but it did not hurt, I kept flying until I passed through it and I was on the other side of the sun.

      I could see a whole lot of different planets that were not from our solar system. This is nonsense in waking since all the planets surround the sun, but in the dream, is like all the planets were in front of the sun (what we see) and others (unknown) behind it.

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone Dare Completed
      Fly into the sun (CanisLucidus)

      I felt free, I was away from Earth and I felt I wanted to fly home (not Earth...) and a huge smile and feeling of freedom and bliss surrounded my whole being. However, I recalled right away that I had personal dares and they were still to be done. I freaked out a bit because I wanted to give priority to those and I forgot, so I remembered one of them, and since I was in space, I started to glide north until the whole space turned white, so I asked to be taking to the Creator of the Dream. I was taking to God, or what I had a impression of god, a huge amount of white light, made of pure love, light and bliss, it was a massive consciousness with a very powerful energy. I asked this energy/God, "What does this dream mean?" The creator replied to me, but funny enough, instead of through normal words, he did it through my clairsentient ability (psychic hearing) and he told me, "You are like Messi, breaking records all the time." I laughed because I never thought of it, but it was true that I was trying to break a record indeed, and Messi, just broke another record in the soccer match I watched yesterday."

      Quote Originally Posted by Personal Dare Completed
      Find the creator of the dream you are in and ask what the dream means. (Marce)
      I was happy that my dream was still stable so I decided to go back to Earth to get my two more personal dares done
      (Too bad I was realizing that one of them was an anyone dare that I challenged everybody else too and that I was missing to kick Dark Vather's ass as it was one of my dares and being at space, I had a golden chance to do it, oh well.)

      I flew back to Earth and got very quickly back to it. I entered Earth in a kind of an odd way, shoulder first and I heard a massive noise and saw fire all around me. I was like a fireball and I thought, "This is not going to end well! But I laugher."

      A few moments later, I was inside a house (what the heck???) There was some dude who was pretty pissed of at me. He wanted me to study and do my homework
      (I finished school many years ago, lol.) I wanted to get out the house. I did not feel it had good energy. I feel this house was in the middle of nowhere, somewhere around Texas among massive corn wheat fields. I wanted to explore the area. The dude tried his best to prevent me to leave. I saw there was a bar right next to me. The back of this bar was made out of windows and I could see a ton of futuristic buildings (so much for "middle of nowhere") and a huge pool with a lot of people around. There were three stools and three young woman having a drink. These woman appeared to be also pissed at me. I tried another of my personal dares. I rose my hands and started channeling energy, to the intent to make time go faster.

      At first, nothing happened, but then I realized that these ladies looked like they were on their 50s and they kept aging fast. Some shrunk in size and one of them had her hair turn white. I kept pushing energy and set the intent for hundreds of years to happen. I saw through the windows how all of the people on the pool and walking by were also aging. However, they never died, turned into skeletons (or dust, zombies... nothing) they just went as old as you can imagine and even older than that

      The building and other inanimate objects did not seem to be affected at all. I was very surprised this worked.

      Quote Originally Posted by Personal Task Completed
      Force a city and its inhabitants to age in front of you for some hundred years. I'm curious to know what could your mind will come up with when their age exceed the average life span. (Box77)
      They all kept aging, getting more wrinkles and looking more like a skull, but they remained alive and they kept doing whatever they were doing prior to do this. I felt it was enough of the aging and released the energy. They progressively went back to their original ages, except for the ladies next to me sitting on the bar, which stopped de-aging at the age of 50s.

      Suddenly, everybody got on their knees and started to adore me like I was a God. I believed this was another of my personal dares
      (without knowing it was my dare, and the requires of my dare were different.) I kept thanking people for adoring me and they brought me x-mas gifts (lol) I felt happy and I thought I had all my personal dares done, so I decided to wake myself up, as I seemed to still be with a decent quality dream, but I was risking too much if I continued working on more dares and not getting my butt out of my real bed to write all down.

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    2. Leaving my human life behind and going back to the Pleiades.

      by , 02-24-2013 at 11:08 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Leaving my human life behind and going back to the Pleiades. (Non-lucid)


      In all my dreams I have some degree of lucidity. If I am not fully lucid, I still know that something is not right. For an instance, I have a car accident, but I do not worry because I know it is OK (at a deep level I know I am dreaming) But this dream, I really bought the dream entirely... I really thought it was real, to the point of being a bit sad when I woke up from it (despite how amazing the dream was)
      Might be easier to understand if I tell you I am a Starseed. Enjoy!

      I was with my wife in a big room and we were going to head out. I was sharing with her that I needed to meet with a couple clients for some psychic readings.

      We decide to get out for a walk, and we wore only a short t-shirt. I was wondering that if it was going to be too cold. It was also raining and it was very foggy and cloudy at the same time, but it was warm. There were people around. We were in a city that looked like Rome since it had a lot of Roman buildings and such. These building were made out of stone and the detail was amazing.

      I overheard people saying that there were going to be some major changes in the planet. Talking with my wife, she said that she overheard that the temperature was going to be around 150 F. I told her she was nuts, that no way it could get that warm. It started to rain harder and my wife ran away. I felt the rain water warm on my face and I was kinda surprised. Suddenly, I saw a like a big stone falling from the sky into the ground. I saw a couple more of these stones, both were on fire. I realized they were meteorites. I could hear the noise of the meteorite and people all around me screaming, but I was not afraid, I was in fact, somehow thrilled. I considered if I wanted to allow one of them to hit me or if it was better to avoid them. I wanted to get hit by one, but my instinct told me to avoid them.

      Suddenly, a major earthquake started to happen. It was over a magnitude 9. The buildings started to crumble and I felt excited because I was going to home, to the Pleiades where I belong. The building shattered and fell over my head. My vision started to blurr and I lost consciousness. I felt I was leaving my physical body, until the image of a hospital appeared in front of my eyes. I could see my body, very wounded and my wife crying next to it. I was attached to some machine and I heard the doctor announcing my death. I floated away from the hospital. I was a bit sad because of my wife, but I was excited at the same time.

      I roamed around the hospital and I saw my dad in a different room and one of my childhood friends as well. They were not sick apparently.

      I appeared in a building and I had some trouble controlling my Astral Body, I was not used to be a Spirit. I rapidly decided I wanted to cros over and go back to the Pleiades, but I decided to explore first and roam a bit more. I had all the time of the world after all. I was in a 32 stories restaurant, going from room to room and I even discovered some hidden rooms as well. Someone spoke to me telling me that the restaurant had many secret rooms.

      I appeared again in a park, and I was trying to float without success, so I started to climb a building (spiderman style) when suddenly, a young female greeted me. She was with a friend, and her friend was astonish, looking everywhere trying to find me. I knew right away she was a medium, so I jumped to her. She got scared and I apologized about it. She said I was acting weird and she did not know if I was a good Spirit. I told her I was. I also told her, "I am a dead medium." I explained to her that I was a Psychic Medium when I was alive. I started to wonder if she was using her clairvoyance or clairaudience to communicate with me. After I while I wanted to finally leave the Earth.

      I started to float higher and higher until I left the planet. I had the Earth on my back, out of space.

      I had a huge blissful feeling. I felt free. I felt I had no boundaries anymore and I felt very blessed. I was going home and I could not wait. I looked around me, and I saw an endless sea of stars

      Right below me, I was able to see like a water see, but it contained stars, planets and asteroids. I wanted to explore it so a glided to get closer, until I saw a big building, a building that cannot be found on Earth. Upon entering it, I met with two ET beings talking in some strange tongue. I spoke to them and they showed me a Piano. They said it was a nice instrument to generate music found at Earth. I told them that my previous life was there and mentioned that they could find other instruments as well.

      From here, I took long flights around the Universe, meet with some other ET beings. At some points, in the middle of nowhere, I spotted a few ET beings talking. One of them was considering incarnating into a human body. The other ET beings told him that the Earth was full of violence, hatred and envy. The ET being kept saying that it was not a nice place to experience a whole life at. I agreed and jumped into the conversation. I told them I was a Pleiadian who was incarnated into a human body, and crossed over recently. I shared with them the pain and sorrow the Earth is going through and told them I would not come back at all.

      I decided to finally go to the Pleiades and reunite with my Galactic family.

      On my way there, I met with a very hot human being. She had the same of a human and everything, but she was an ET as well. She mentioned that she came from a planet were money did not exist, love was among all people's heart and the whole planet were thriving. She also told me that everybody was hot because they were no GMOs nor other crap on their foods. She mentioned as well that they were having a blast during an entire lifetime of about 40 years. The planet was full of amusement parks, discotheques and scenic views for the enjoyment of the inhabitants. I felt it was a nice place to enjoy a lifetime, specially after dealing with the human life, but I really wanted to go back to the Pleiades.

      I was going however, to spend some time with this being and getting to know the planets located in the area. I felt blissful, I felt so amazingly well. I was truly in the Here and Now... time did not matter anymore. I was in heaven.

      I had a FA in a room, with my wife at planet Earth. I got frustrated and stated what the hell was going on and why I was on Earth again. I did a reality check, but it did not fail. My wife went ahead to write down a dream
      (something she never does in real life) and so I went to write mine. I woke up for real.
    3. Reaching the Pleiades through Astral Projection

      by , 01-28-2013 at 07:05 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Reaching the Pleiades through Astral Projection (Non-lucid)

      NON-DREAM Astral Projection LUCID

      I was laying down in bed, ready to fall asleep. Many nights, I focus on Astral Projection as I go to sleep or if I awake in the middle of the night, but I was not thinking about it this time. I started to hear some strong buzzing sounds, that I knew that they were not external sounds. As a child, usually when I heard these sounds, it was very possible I was going to have a nightmare. I was not afraid because I would enter my Nightmare fully lucid (I would be aware that I was dreaming, and that it was not real) However, I did not feel like nightmares, so I tried to awaken myself, but of course, I was not able due sleep paralysis (A harmful phenomena that happens when we fall asleep, so we do not act out our dreams, but you feel paralyzed if your mind is awake and your body asleep) Suddenly, I asked myself, "Buzzing sounds go related with Astral Projection, it is very possible that separation is about to occurr." I did not feel any vibrations (during a conscious Astral Projection, most of the times you feel vibrations, like if your body shakes, but do not worry, this is normal, it is just your Astral Body separating from your Physical Body)

      I visualized myself floating and very light. Very soon I felt I was floating, I was weightless and was liberated of the limits that a physical body has. I had no sigh (this happens sometimes) but I knew I was in the Astral Plane. I protected myself and asked to be taken to the Pleiades Star System. I gained Astral Sight almost immediately, and I started to float higher, at an extreme speed. I felt I was traveling at a huge speed and I saw our planet Earth left behind almost instantaneous.Space moved around me extremely faster, faster than the speed of Light (but not with that funny effect that Science Fiction movies create) I saw the Pleiades Star System in front of me and I entered one of the planets.

      I found myself in a rocky planet. The sky was a very intense blue (way more than our's here in Earth) and also the Light was way more bright than a sunny day here at Earth. It was very possible that more than one sun illuminated this planet. I was next to a rocky Obelisk, that it appeared to be a building, but nothing even close to what a building looks like here. It was shaped as an Obelisk. I visualized this point as Point number 1 (in order to have good memory recall on an Astral Prokection, is crucial to "mark points" like "I was here" in order for your mind to recall the experience easier and clearer. You use these points of reference once back in the body and you can record your experience in "blocks")

      Once this was done, I decided to travel to the closest planet to the one I was in. I visualized this happening, but as soon as I started to move, I felt my physical body and I was back in bed, fully consciously awake. (During an Astral Projection, you have limited Energy, like a "battery" of energy that is transferred to your physical body. Once you run out of Energy, you return to your body. The more you Astral Project, the stronger you become, and more "battery power" you have. Traveling long distances consume a lot of Energy, so for those who are getting started, I recommend "staying home" and traveling around your city or country. With time, practice and patience, you will get whever you desire)

      And this was my experience. I had a lot of travels, but this is one of the farthest travels I had experienced so far. It was a very intense experience that will be hard to forget (not that I want to forget it anyway!) I hope you enjoyed my experience. And for those who are adventuring in the Astral Realm, keep working on it, you know how rewarding is. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help out!.
    4. Message from Spirit - EGO

      by , 03-20-2012 at 06:36 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Message from Spirit - EGO (Non-lucid)


      *** I am back for good now!!! A lot has went through my life and I am going through amazing experiences right now. I will not go back to the chat right now, since that might take too much of my time, but I am indeed going to be around here.

      I am finally pretty set up as a Psychic/Medium and Healer at a local buddist store. I have been accepted in the Advanced Mediumship course with Lisa Williams (world famous medium) and some of her first exercises is to get rid of clutter at all levels (not only physical) One of them, was getting rid of a non spiritual project that I had going on for a few years and took much of my time... such project is gone, so I now have more time!

      I woke up at 3:00 am and I asked Spirit to give me some messages throught dreaming that could be put to good use for my mediumship journey.

      I was going to enter a building and I had to get to them top to accomplish some goal I had. The building was a maze that I needed to complete. Inside the building, there were several rooms with a lot of doors, closets and even sinks.

      In order to go from room to room I needed to use some dimensional voids. They were hidden all around the room and there were more than one. These looked pretty much like a "regular" dimensional port... they were spinning with different colors of purples, blues and blacks.

      At some points of my adventure, I would focus and think the path I should take, and at other points, I would make assumptions and take a quick path. For everytime that I was mistaken, I would go back to the beginning of the maze. As an added challenge, each time I went back to the start of the maze, everything would change, so I could not memorize the right way.

      Tired of being trapped in a loop, I desired to complete it. I felt a pressence
      (which now that I am awake might have been Spirit) and made me feel I needed to be guided instead of making assumptions and quick decisions. I went very slowly, room through room, always choosing the right path and advancing. Some of the rooms made no sense to see (such as going through a sink pipe or other oddities)

      I got to an enourmous room and there was a huge staircase. At the end of the staircase there was White Light and goal. I climbed the stairs slowly, feeling very good. Something here happened with a wedding and for some reason, I was involved.

      I got to a clearing what appeared to be the top of a mountain. I saw a few taller points, which some where snowed. On one of them, there were three polar bears with shackles and armors. Each bear was different in size. I was with some people and a married couple who where British were told to tame the bears. I wanted to go as well, but I was told that only British people could do that. It made no sense to me but accepted it. This was some sort of boot camp and we were going to have the same activities every day. I was next to a guy that everytime I asked him something, he appeared bothered, but he still would do it and help me.

      The strong message I got from Spirit in this dream was:

      - When I would listen to my EGO, I was only going to be guided through the wrong way, halving my progress and possibly, pushing me back to an early stage that was supposed to be already accomplished. But when I decided to be guided only by Spirit and trust my journey to Spirit, I would witness progress and accomplishments. Each room in the maze was harder and required me to put my trust further on Spirit and silence my ego as much as I can.

      - The big room with stairs was a reward from Spirit, for following Spirit and silencing my EGO I would get a break, a moment to enjoy a big jump of growth and being surrounded completely by Spirit as well as protected.

      - The guy represented my EGO, being upset because I silenced him and put all my trust into Spirit. He would still be happy to help me, so I could regain trust on him (EGO) so he could push me back and/or slow down my progress.

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    5. Exploring Space - 500th Dream recorded!

      by , 05-16-2011 at 08:23 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Exploring Space (MILD)


      The 500th dream was coming up. I was aware that with 500 dreams I would get the "Epic Dream Journal" award. I wanted to have an epic lucid dream and I knew it was a one lifetime opportunity, so no chances to make it wrong.

      I was living with some friends for some reason. I had a girl friend instead of a wife. She was very different from my wife as well. We went to the beach and we were going to have sex. She told me that she would meet me later after doing some assignment I had. She was very happy to see me.

      I realized all the nonsense of the dream and turned lucid. I decided to take a flight to make my dream very stable. I flew over a huge town. It was night and I could see the whole town lit. I was happy as it was a high quality lucid dream.

      I flew over a lake between the tall buildings. I could see boats floating and also, submarines. In addition, I saw like stores that were sunk, but they were supposed to be like that, as I could see customers inside (it was made out of glass)

      Double consciousness triggered. I could feel one of my cats and the dream quality dramatically fell. I needed and epic dream to celebrate my 500th dream. I grabbed a piece of bush and started to squish it with my hands, so I would stay anchored to my dream. It worked fine, double consciousness ended and the dream quality skyrocketed once again.

      I got to a more quiet place of downtown. However, it looked more like a low end neighborhood. I found a dog that needed to be walked either on the dream or Astral plane. I was going to walk the dog and see if it changed the physical plane and actually walked the real dog. I realized it made no sense what I was saying.

      I decided to enter a building and see what my mind created. There were a few people, but they were acting very dumb. I found a container with Cola Cao (chocolate powder) so I opened and tasted it. It looked like blue crystals, but it tasted like the real thing. As I was about to exit this weird house, I saw a giant yellow plastic duck next to me. The nonsense surprised me.

      I looked up to the sky and saw the moon. I decided to fly to the moon, however, when I started to reach it, it fell! It started to melt until it vanished. I was wondering what could I do by then.

      I decided to have a flight in Space. I was sure another moon was going to spawn. As I reach to space, I saw several black holes and explosions

      Different shapes and a lot of colors were seen during this flight. Some of these happened right on my head, but I did not feel anything and it did not changed the path of my dream.

      I saw a wormhole and decided to enter it. I started to travel at high speed until I got to a different dimension. All I could see was nothingness... a few seconds later, I saw a lot of starts and different colored letters... as weird as it sound. It looked freaking like Sesame Street!!! Each time I stepped on one of this letters, I could hear the sound of it.

      I stayed there for a few moment and decided to take off again. I saw another wormhole and entered it. I got to a different planet. It looked like the Earth, there were humans and everything, but the sky had three suns and it was red.

      I entered a building and suddenly, the daylight turned into night. I decided to exit the building and fly to keep the dream stable, but I was loosing it fast. I got to the top to a building where there was a restaurant. The tables of this restaurant were round and they had white cloths. There were two servers who were dressed up in business professional. I also could hear a violin playing. It looked very upscale. My dream was almost gone, so I asked the server if I could borrow a towel. He told I could, they had spare ones. I started to rub my hands with the towel and my dream got stable again.

      I once more entered the building to explore. It was pretty similar to what I explored before. I even found the Cola Cao again, and once more, it was made out of blue crystals. As I exited, I found the same plastic duck too.

      As I exited, I saw the sun and decided to fly to it. It was very cloudy and I felt like not flying through the clouds or I would wake up due blurry vision, so I flew at super high speed. Soon, I was in space again and I could see the Sun. As I approach it, the dream ended extremely abruptly.

      I had a FA and I wrote down the entire dream when after I while I woke up for real and almost forgot the whole dream.
    6. The life of Her

      by , 04-13-2011 at 07:55 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The life of Her (Non-lucid)


      This was an extremely long dream. I can only recall fragments from the first part of the dream. Several days, nights, months and years happened in this dream. I think I was a spirit guide from a lady since she was born until she was old. The whole dream covered the life of her. She had no name, so I call her, "Her" It felt odd to be a dream, I was not lucid and I was not Astral Traveling either.

      - Her was born. Female, blonde, special child. She could see me.
      - Years passed, she had a hard childhood. She only could trust me.

      I was in a hotel with Her. Her was about 10.. The hotel did not have much decor, it was mainly a wooden closet, a bed with a green cover and two brown lamps. There was an odd lamp by the closet that made noises and revealed images from the future when you walked by, but I was uncomfortable, so I left. I started to talk with Her. Music sounded in the dream. She was sad because she had no friends. I told her to be assured people loved her. I told her she had indeed friends.

      Now I was at a swimming pool. Her was about 18. Her was nervous and excited at the same time. She was going to have a race. She jumped on the second aisle of the right of the pool. Two female ladies tried to screw her, however, a third lady, who was Mexican jumped between then and pushed Her to the corner. Her was happy that she did not have to deal with the other two ladies anymore. A gun was shot and the race started. Her dove and started to swim very fast, she arrived second, someone arrived prior to her and received the gold medal.
      Her left the swimming pool to me her only friend, or maybe two friends. I was floating in the middle of the pool, now empty. I could see the spectators seats. The seats were wooden and they had a shape like a pyramid. The sits were so next to each other that I could slide on them and get into the pool. Oddly, I did not splashed.

      Now I was in some gardens. Her was about 40. Her found some hidden stuff of a friend. Her told me she was not a fancy city gal but a more rural gal who grow in the woods. She told me she had to act like a city gal to fit in. There was a small wooden house under a couple of trees. There was a sink in the middle of the house, but not faucets, just the sink. The sink looked old and damaged. There was not pipe on the bottom of the sink. I saw some blood under the sink (on the ground)

      I was in a big forest, but it had almost no trees. Her was on her 80s. One of her last wishes was to take a picture of me, with her. I told her I did not belong to that world and I doubted the camera could picture me, but I tried. There camera had a two inch radius objective that was tried to a cord. She moved the objective and placed it on my forehead. Her said, "Right where the Third Eye is!" Then, she moved the objective back to the camera. It was dawn and after several tries, only her appeared on the photo. I decided to take some pictures of her and I told her that my energy would be within her photos. Her was happy. She smiled, lied down in the ground and died with a smile on her face. Shortly, I woke up.
    7. Real life premonition... Earthquake!!!

      by , 03-29-2011 at 09:28 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Real life premonition... Earthquake!!! (Non-lucid)


      This dream happened at 02:30 AM.

      I had a FA in my bed, when suddenly, an earthquake started to happen. I moved away from my bed and ran with my wife outside home, just in case it fell on our heads.

      I ran outside in my pajamas, but my wife was all dressed up. When we got to the street, the earthquake was still happening.

      After a while, I woke up for real to write down the dream.
      It was 02:33 AM.

      In the morning, I told my wife and she got mad at me. All the time I tell her I dream with an earthquake, she complains. She checked the earthquake site and there was an earthquake at 03:27 AM, an hour later... Causality? No way. I have tons of premonitions awake and asleep.

      non-lucid , memorable
    8. The moon wipes me out from a LD induced within a LD induced within aLD induced within a LD with WILD

      by , 02-14-2011 at 08:04 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The moon wipes me out from a LD induced within a LD induced within a LD induced within a LD from WILD. (WILD)


      I woke up about 2am in the morning to write down some fragments from my previous dream. I was planning to move to my reclining chair to Astral Project, but I decided to WILD instead to some weird favor I was asked.

      Vibrations trigged pretty fast and I was tempted to pass on the LD thing and induce Astral Projection, but I wanted to complete the goal, so I decided to not to project.

      A few seconds later, I had a false awakening in my room. The dream was fuzzy so I decided to make my dream stable. It was night and it was beautiful. I felt a flight would be nice before doing anything, but I just flew within my room to go back to sleep, in my own room.
      After a few seconds of flight, the dream was pretty stable, so I decided to lay down in my bed in order to try to WILD within a lucid dream.
      I laid down in my dream bed and focused I wanted to WILD within the dream to enter another dream. I almost woke up, but I moved my eyes and the dream became stable again. I attempted a second time, with success and without waking up.

      I had a FA in a different room. I was in a big house and my bed looked also different, it was greenish. I did not have any specific feelings, other than my regular feeling from a lucid. I did not feel like I was in a deeper connection with my self. This was a second level of dream within a dream. The dream was stable, so I attempted a second WILD. Once more, I laid down in my dream-dream bed and felt a shock around my entire dream body.

      I had another FA inside a pyramid. I was still lucid and I wondered why the hell I was inside a pyramid. My "bed" was the lid of a sarcophagus from some pharaoh who I had no idea who was. My dream was still stable and I realized I was in the third level. I was asked to do a waking WILD and three WILDS more in the LD, so I had one more to go. I still had the same feeling, control and personality from previous dreams, with perfect waking recall and also recall from what I have been doing since lucid.
      I laid down in my dream-dream-dream bed and focused in entering deeper in the dream.

      I had another FA in another room. I checked my hands to make sure I did not blew the progress. My index finger was really thin and long, so I succeeded. I was in the fourth level as I was asked to. I was still myself, with my same personality and my same dream body. I did not feel deeper nor connected with myself, I felt like a regular lucid dream.
      As I was done with the tasks, I decided to look for Dreamer. I exited my room hoping to find her. Instead I found a guy who was my dad.
      My dad was pissed at me for some reason. I knew he was a dream character and I was aware that my psychic powers were greater in a dream. I wanted to have a PSI Ball fight with my dad and cause him a big headache. I was in a big room and he started to ask me a lot of questions. A female DC also started to ask me questions in order to see what was wrong with me that I did not get along with my jerk dad. I did not feel like wasting valuable time in the dream.

      I exited my house, along with a couple more dream characters. It was night and suddenly the moon turned red and threw a fireball at us. I decided to follow the dream instead of controlling it. I wanted to see where my subconscious was going to take me. Someone told me that I belonged in a different dream, so the moon was going to try to make that happen.

      The moon obliterated all the DC that were with me. I saw the moon turning green. When the moon was green, it would poison me. Also, the moon turned blue, if you made eye contact with it, you would become paralyzed. The moon could turn black and a big whirlwind appeared from it, sucked you into it and brought you to the previous dream.

      I explored these odd dreamworld while the moon was randomly changing within these colors. Sometimes it turned on its regular color, which made it become harmless.

      I suddenly got to a place where I could see a lot of DC. They were for a Nintendo event for some sort. I wondered what my subconscious had for me. I jumped the line and a guy asked me for my member card. I though if I opened my wallet, I would pull one, so I did. He also asked me for my ID. I tried to search for my ID while the moon was aiming at me and turned red. I did not want the moon to hit me, so I ran from there. The moon when was red it looked like this:

      However, the red colors where very intense, very bright and then, a cloud of fire approached at me. I ran and hided somewhere. All the DCs did not seem to care. I entered a small kiosk, it was not bigger as a voting booth. I realized it was a Gamestop and I could purchase videogames swiping my card in a machine. I saw a Bowser, a Mario and Yoshi painted next to the keypad. I wondered what games my subconscious made, but I could hear fire from the moon, so i left.

      As I was walking, I avoided a fireball in the last second, when I witnesses the moon turning green and throwing me a cloud of green poison. The moon looked like:

      I saw the cloud of green poison on me, I jumped to hide in a plant, and I could see how the poison killed the plant. I was fine so I left the place. The moon was white, looking normal. I saw from the far distance the moon changing, but it was not attacking me. I observed how the moon turned black and absorbed someone.

      I was flying by a lake. I am positive it was the Michigan Lake. It looked like it, like if I was in Chicago. Suddenly, I saw the reflection of the moon in the lake. It was a blue reflection and I looked to the moon.
      It is impossible for me to imitate what I saw on Photoshop. It was an extremely beautiful and shinny blue. It was bright as light, but it was blue. It was also semi transparent, but it was so beautiful. I was amazed for such a beautiful moon my mind created. I wanted to enjoy this moon with Dreamer, so I tried to summon her. While I started thinking about her and staring at such amazing blue moon, I realized I was paralyzed and recalled that eye contact with a blue moon induced paralysis. I tried to regain control of my dream when suddenly, the moon switched to its black, absorption mode, color:

      A huge whirlwind came from the moon and hited me in a spit second. I traveled at a high speed towards the moon. And lost imaginary.

      I had a FA in the pyramid, the previous place I was before WILDing to a deeper dream. However, now there were people with me. I entered a chamber and I had my Tarot Deck with me. A DC wanted to see it. She also had a Tarot deck, so I asked to see hers. I tried to channel and ask the Tarot a question, however, I do not recall the question. I cannot remember the first card, but the second one was called, "Bent Spoon and Fork." The image of the card was a lot of bent spoons and forks, bent with psychokinesis. I tried to channel and figure the meaning of the card without realizing that I was looking at the card too much.

      I had a FA in a weird room, a room where I did a WILD on previous dreams. I exited the room and the quality of the dream was decreasing dramatically. I went to the restroom and tried to make the dream stable.

      I had another FA in my room. I was back in the first level. My dream quality was terrible and I doubted I would have enough time to meet Dreamer. I felt I was not going to recover the dream at all. I tried to focus on Astral Projection within my lucid dream, but I woke up.

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    9. Meeting Dreamer

      by , 02-11-2011 at 04:51 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Meeting Dreamer (DILD)


      I was in some sort of fighting tournament. The tournament was playoff based, with only one fight per round. All the DC I saw were random and appeared very strong. Also, there was a female DC.
      It was my turn to fight and I entered the arena, I was a little afraid but I had to embrace. The battle ended pretty fast making me a victor. It was also my turn to fight again and I felt I did not rest from the previous fight. I was walking around the resting area a little worried. The resting area was made like a Colosseum. The walls and the floors were made of big squares of dark gray stones and some dirt. I had to fight a huge guy, but for some reason, I saw a book in the battle arena. I opened the book and realized it was that guy's Akashic Records. I started to mess up with them until he went bananas and defeated himself.

      I exited the area waiting for quarter finals. I had to face this female DC and she told me, "Do not even thing in messing up my Akashic Records. I am a psychic and if you try, you will get confused and defeating you will be easy."

      While I was planning what to do, I asked to myself, "What the hell I am doing in a battle arena? I do not fight! I am a spiritual person, not a fighter. I turned lucid and wondered where the that weird dream came from.

      I exited the Colosseum and saw a dirt road. I decided to fly to make my dream stable. The sky was very blue, not even one cloud. I could feel the warmth from the sun on my face. I felt great. Dreamer came to my mind and the warm feeling arrived. I saw mountains on my way and flew faster, hopping to find Dreamer.

      The mountains were very high but I could fly over them. I landed in a green and beautiful field. The field was surrounded by mountains and the sky was still very blue. The ground, was all dark green grass. I saw Dreamer meditating in the middle of the field. I flew towards her and I sat in front of her. I had a very intense warm feeling, bigger than ever and I was very happy. All I wanted to do was to stay with Dreamer. She opened her eyes and she hugged me. I felt joy. The dream started to fade and I really wanted to stay more time with Dreamer. I started to move my eyes and the dream quality increased.

      Dreamer told me, "I am very happy to see you. I feel very connected with you. It is so great we are dreaming of each other all the time." I realized that due our time zone, she was not dreaming yet, so I figured she might have been thinking about me or a piece of her consciousness traveled to my dream. Dreamer did not act nor had the same energy as a regular DC.

      Dreamer decided to lie down in the grass. I also did. We were looking at each other eyes. It was a continuous, permanent and without distraction eye contact. I knew I was going to ruin my REM, but I did not care. It was the perfect moment. Dreamer and I were looking into each other's eyes and after a while, the dream started to fade. I allowed it to end and woke up with a perfect image of Dreamer face, eyes and smile.

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    10. Welcome to my dreamworld's home! I am very happy to see you.

      by , 02-03-2011 at 07:58 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Welcome to my dreamworld's home! I am very happy to see you. (MILD)


      I want to say, I have been recording several longs dreams, but I have never had time to record them properly (still on paper) I have been lately very busy, as usual.
      Most of my recent dreams, are a lot related with Psychic stuff. The demanding for Tarot Reading has spiked and I have been doing a lot of readings to different people. Being channeling so many time (in order to generate a proper and accurate reading) plus my focus on Astral Travel, meditation, teaching the classes for MILD and getting started to offer guided meditation classes (not online and not free) has my focus in the subject.

      I was teaching a class of MILD to my students on a big class. The desks were green and had a small drawer for workbooks and stuff. After teaching the class, I went to another class, but this time, it was some sort of psychic class. I was not the professor now, but a student.
      I somehow realized I was dreaming, but the quality of the dream was not good. However, as time passed, quality increased. Suddenly, I realized that Dreamer was missing. My dream quality spiked. Someone said he could try to find Dreamer and find out the reason she is missing class. I said, "No, I will do it. I am very energy sensitive and I am pretty attached to Dreamer I will take care of it.

      I started to meditate, I wanted to follow the plot of the dream. I recalled I had some non lucid dreams with Dreamer and I wanted to start working on dream sharing. I focused on her and suddenly a metallic chain appeared. This chain would lead me to Dreamer.

      The dream scenery changed. I was traveling at a very high speed. All my surroundings were gray and all I could see, was a huge chain under me. After a few seconds, I got to a different place. This new place it appeared to be like a big home, however, it was not a regular house, it was like a cave, but with proper lighting, very clean and proper furniture.

      The entire place was all blueish. Most of the furniture was blue, the light was blue. I saw a small bookshelf with several energy stones. All the stones were lapis lazulis and blue tiger's eyes. I also found some hematites, but these were blue as well instead of black/metallic. I think I saw a few stuffed animals, blue and blue cyan. Suddenly, my heart pounded and I felt a presence. I heard a very sweet voice (a voice I imagine talking with Dreamer) I turned back and she was smiling at me.

      Dreamer welcomed me and said, "Welcome to my dream plane. I am very very happy of seeing you here!" Come with me! Dreamer started to walk and toured me around the dream plane that was created. She told me that blue was the best color out there. Among all blue, I saw a large Onyx stone (actually, pretty large, about a feet long, but it was not heavy) The stone had some letters on it, but I did not want wake up trying to read them out. Dreamer told me, "I know you are afraid from bees. Keep this stone. You helped me already to fight my doctor's dream, now is time I help you back. The stone is yours."

      I was very happy about that. I also saw some additional stones: quartz, lapis lazulis, opals, tiger's eye, jets, moonstones... a lot. There was a bigger stone that had several random stones attacked to it. For some reason, I decided to smell it. It smelled like freshly cut grass... like a rain forest... it smelled very good.

      Dreamer invited me to enjoy a flight. We flew over the dream plane I felt very happy, but the dream ended as it was time to wake up.

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    11. Possibly unlocking my Akashic Records and partial astral separation

      by , 01-27-2011 at 07:21 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Possibly unlocking my Akashic Records and partial astral separation (DILD)


      As usual, I have a lot of dreams to record and little time to copy them to this journal, so here goes the big one.

      I came back to the Earth from a trip at the moon. For some reason I had to go back to the moon, and I was actually very excited. I was working in a store (probably my store with twisted reality) I was told by a randomly generated Dream Character that I needed to get ready to go back to the moon. I was going to spend a few days up there. I had to go to a grocery store to get the supplies I needed.

      I was informed that I was going to find computers and a place to sleep at the moon. I felt really good and I bought some cans of coke, these cans were yellow and smaller than usual. The manager wanted me to visit the moon with a second employee. We were going to do some sort of inventory for Serrano hams. I entered in a small room and I almost immediately spawned at the moon.

      I though that I did not call my wife to notify her I was going to be a few days out.

      I felt really good while at the moon. All I could see was complete silence. I could hear the silence, my own hearbeat and my own thoughts. I was completely alone with my own consciousness and I felt great. Around me, all I could see was nothingness, emptiness and tranquility. In front of me, I saw a big closet with a lot stuff inside. The closet was metalic and the doors had a small locker. I pulled a notebook from somewhere and started to write down stuff from the closet. While I was working on the count, I started to allow my mind to wander and treat me with random thoughts. I felt very excited as I was able to travel to the moon regularly without belonging to the NASA. Suddenly, I found a weird piece of ham and while I looked at it, I lost vision.

      After a few seconds, I found myself in an old house. The house was in a small village and it had three stores. When I entered the house, some dream character greeted and hugged me. A female DC on her 40s escorted me to an odd elevator. I suddenly teleported to a ancient place and felt a presence.
      I turned lucid and I started to investigate this place. It was a mix of Egyptian and Mayan cultures showing in the building. My dream was very stable so I decided to investigate. I felt I was under a good level of lucidity.

      My dream guide showed up. She was smiling at me and welcomed me to the place. My dream guide's energy was different from a regular DC, she felt more like if she was my Spirit Guide, but I assumed she was my dream guide, as I was not Astral Projecting in that moment. My dream guide told me, "We need to unlock the knowledge in your inner self, however, there is a small puzzle." I could see a big empty room with a few giant iron statues. Two statues had scythes instead of hands, other one had swords and the two had shields. My dream guide told me that using my own dreaming abilities, I needed to create like a circle with those soldiers statues. Hitting the soldiers, some would cross their arms and some would expand their arms. I needed to get them all holding their hands. I looked at my Dream Guide confused and asked for some help. She pointed at thee of these statues and told me to cast a lighting bolt. I did not recall doing a lighting bolt in my dreams at all, but I was sure I could make it. I successfully casted it and all the statues were touching each other. I small squared hatch opened on the ceiling and a small bubble appeared. My dream guide told me it would be good to touch it to recover energy. I did and my dream quality increased it.

      Another hatch opened in the middle of the room. It was squared as well and a stoned ancient pedestal grew out of the ground. There was an extremely old school book in the middle.

      My dream guide told me I just needed to channel my energy to the book to open it. I was surprised about what was going on, but I wanted to stay, lucidly and see how it was going to end. I opened my hands the same way I do in waking for psychokinesis exercises. The book opened and I approached at it. My Dream Guide smiled and I could read in a similar color and font (I am so happy to find such a close font to what I dreamed):

      I was very surprised, I was certain I was dreaming and not projecting. I though it would have been cool to reach my real Akashic Records. My Dream Guide told me, "Do not try to read this, you will wake up, you are dreaming, remember?" I found it funny, I already knew that. My Dream Guide kept saying, "You just unlocked your Akashic Records. Now they are available for you. In order to come here, you will need to Astral Project. Once you successfully leave your body, visit this location. I will be here as your Spirit Guide and I will help you start to explore your Akashic Records. I was happy as I recalled that some people unlocks their Akashic Records first through lucid dreaming, then visiting them with Astral Projection. My dream started to fade, so I told my Dream Guide I needed to fly a little bit to recover the dream. I walked to other room without ceiling. All the walls were also made of stone. I flew and I saw a very blue and beautiful sky. I had a small flight and when I wanted to go back, I was very high and I could see a big forest, a small house and a village. When I landed, I was back in the village.

      I wanted to go back to the place where I found the elevator. Funny enough, the exact same dream characters were there. Two of them were eating some food in a rounded dinning table. The lady who helped me before, now was dusting and she wore a white apron. She smiled and said, "You are back!" I told her I needed to get back to that elevator to get to the ancient place. Now the elevator looked like wooden and had some buttons. I had to climb five stars, so I did and enter the elevator. It was a lot smaller as well and it had no door. It started to make noises and broke down. The lady told me that it was recharging from previous use. I told her that I was going to try to Astral Project from the dream and visit my Akashic Records. I fell on my back and I said, "I now will be out of body." I focused on my room and my Astral Body. I recalled how awesome it feels to Astral Project. I hit the ground, broke the wooden floor and start falling in a dark void. I was falling, but I was not afraid. I knew I did not projected, but I still knew I was in the dream. Suddenly, a female blue and green sort of ghost spawned. She was laughing and told me she was going to roll a dice to make stuff more interesting. While I was falling, I heard a music. A white six faced dice appeared. The dice had black dots instead of numbers. I could see the dice rolling and rolled a two. "Twice the speed!", said the ghost laughing. The music seeded up and the fall as well. She was going to roll again, and I focused that the roll could help me to project, however, I appeared at the city again.

      I wanted to try to Astral Project again. I wanted to find a place with higher vibrations of energy within the own dream. I saw a church, but it was looked. I did not feel to breaking in, even being a dream. I saw a small school with a pool. I could hear the kids. I arrived and the pool was very big, with blue water. The water felt really cold in my feet, but I focused on it being a dream feeling so I shut the sense of cold down. I wanted to fall in my back on the pool.

      I was back in bed. I could feel my body with vibrations. I started to raise my vibrations in order to leave my body, however, I could feel my cat next to me and my Astral sight was gone. I started to move my Astral arms. I felt greater vibrations on my arms and then, I sat. I felt my back on the bed and also, my Astral back not touching the bed. I still had no Astral sight and I tried to get off bed and float out. I was half separated and when I tried to separate my legs, I lost consciousness in the process.

      I had a false awakening in my bed. My wife woke up abruptly and told me, "If you want Chistorra for breakfast, I should get started cooking it!". I woke up for real.
      lucid , memorable
    12. I throw a snowball to the Vampire Lord and blow up presents at Mount Crumpit

      by , 11-30-2010 at 05:02 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I throw a snowball to the Vampire Lord and blow up presents at Mount Crumpit (MILD)


      I woke up from recalling fragments and I told my self I had to MILD and complete the task of the month to avoid being wingless. I tried to not focus on Astral Projection for one night, just to get my wings.
      I performed my Chest Technique, I focused on Who's Ville and in turning lucid until I fell asleep.

      I was in downtown and it was night. I was inside my car with another DC. For some reason, I jacket the car I was driving but I was still parked. A cop stopped behind me and ordered me to step away from my car.

      I turned on the engine and the cop gave me the last warning. I stepped on the gas and run the hell out of there. I felt it was funny as the cop was chasing me and we were making a lot of noise. The cop was shooting from his car and he blew up one tire from my car. I entered a very creepy neighbor with a lot of allies. I started to drive through them and crushed on one. I still could hear the cop car approaching so I entered a building. The cop did as well. I wanted to enter an apartment to bribe the cop. I tried to walk through the door without success. I walked to the end of the aisle and I found a dead end. I was afraid the cop would arrest me. I found a very old school elevator, so I entered it.

      The pannel looked huge for such a small building. It has most of the buttons from floor 1 to 10. It has some to floor one to 20, then it had one button to floor 96 and other one to 973. I pressed one button and the elevator started to go up making an odd noise.

      I somehow knew I was dreaming so I checked my hands. I had six fingers and I accepted that as reality, but I was not sure. I kept looking at my hands and my fingers changed to five, and then I had the thumb and two more fingers. The clarity of the dream increased and I started to focus, "As soon as this elevator opens, I will be at Who's ville." No luck. The elevator opened in a fancy floor. There was carpeting of all colors. There was violin based music and fresh flowers. The lighting was not intense at all. I looked at the carpets hoping there would be snow so I could throw a ball to someone. There were a ton of white carpets, some bigger, some smaller, some were pure white, some were more grayish, but no snow. My dream started to fade extremely fast. I somehow knew I was not going to save it. I need to fly to save it, however, I told to myself that I saved dreams in a worse situation and I was good about it. Imaginary was gone but I still felt my body in the dream. My eyes were closed and I tried to open them badly with success. I was back in the same hall.

      At the end of the hall, there was a big fancy bar. The tables were Sequoya wood, hand made and beautiful. There were a couple of DC at different tables. It appeared there were having a workshop of something. The bartender approached at me and offered a drink. I told him if he had some sort of iced-drink, snow drink or something. i tried to conjure snow without success so I asked him. He told me I could summon snow if I wanted to. I placed my hands on the table and I focused like if I was going to make a PSI-Ball. My hands were in the position like if I was holding a baseball.

      I started to fell my hands very cold and I had some short of half-melted ice on my hands. I grabbed it, threw it at the bartender and flew away from the window. I was not really happy, as I threw more ice than snow, but I felt it was half a success. I hopped to get to Who's Ville to do the task better.

      It was day now and the cops were gone. There was quite of traffic and my dream started to fade again. I performed same recovery than before with success. I did not want to do big efforts as I knew that my REM was about to expire and I was just prolonging the dream. I tried to catch a taxi. I had no cash, but who cares... I saw a few taxis that were full. I walked in the middle of a busy street and the light turned green. I recalled that someone a few months ago suggested to be ran by a car, but I passed as I did not do my December tasks yet.

      After a few failed attempts to catch a taxi, one stopped by me. It was a sports car (but on the outside it looked like a regular yellow cab) there were no back seats and the driving was sitting (almost laying) on the right middle of the car. I tried to open the door without success. I did it with more strength and I finally got in. I said, "Hi" to the taxi driver and, "I need to get to Who's Ville please!" The taxi driver looked at me like if I was nuts. I told him, "Just figure the way, I know you can get me there"

      We arrived to an odd place and my dream again wanted to end. I saved it with the same method. I was in a home with the taxi driver. He was in front of a TV with a PS3 controller. He told me, "This is the closer I can get you to Who's ville" I was somehow upset, but I recalled that the exercise was, "Steal all the presents in Who-ville and toss them off of Mount Crumpit" so if I did it on a "Who stole X-Mas" game, it would be fine. The taxi driver requested payment from me. I pulled something metallic from my pocket and hand it to him. It was more like a piece of junk. The taxi driver looked at me mad and said, "Real cash, please." I looked at him confused and he said, "All right then. That will be a donation! Have a good one!" He left and I grabbed the controller to complete my task. I could not find the video game's character.

      My dream again, tried to fade and did the same recovery ability with success. I was starting to get mad. The dream was too long and trying to end and I was not done. I felt a chill around my body and I realized I was inside the game. The ground was covered by snow and it was snowing. The place looked quite creepy, but at the same time, it looked very X-Mas. I knew I was in Who's Ville. I saw a Who's entering his house and it was very dark outside. I told to my self about how I was going to steal all the presents. I did not feel like entering home by home. I tried to make all the presents to come out the homes from the chimney. I soon started to see colored wrapped boxes... a tone of them, flying from the homes, to me. To make sure I had success, I hit the ground to break the houses. The houses broke and they were totally empty. Not even furniture, however, a few of them had Who's inside.

      I was wondering how the hell I was going to carry all the gifts. I suddenly saw a huge DC next to me. He wore a black cape and had a very mean look. He had claws and a black face. He had vampire teeth and red eyes. He took my stolen presents and flew away. He was very far in no time and I was upset. My dream again started to fade and I allowed it to end. Four out of five of my senses were gone, but I still felt the chill. I realized there was still chance to recover it. I felt double consciousness, as I felt my body in bed, but I focused really hard, it was a long dream and I had to end it with success.

      I was in a huge room on the top of a mountain. It was snowing hard and there was a dense fog. The vampire had the presents behind him and he was laughing. I approached at him but he attacked me. I avoided his attacks and saw a metallic barrel. I grabbed it and it had some sort of liquid inside. I rose it and aimed at the vampire. The vampire's face was black and metallic. He had a very mean look but I was not afraid as I was dreaming it. I approached more at him and he said, "Its fine. Do not throw that at him, get your stupid presents." The presents were piled up in a small cart and I was super happy. I was about to leave to grab the presents, however, I grabbed snow from the ground, made a ball and threw it at the Vampire's face. I was more happy as I felt that the first task was now properly done. Dream once more started to fade, I was very close to awakening, but I could stay in the dream. The clarity was not very good, and I did another RC to make sure I was grounded in the dream. The clarity increased a little.

      I was at the top of Mount Crumpit. I could see Who's Ville from there. It was funny because all the houses were all fine now and it did not look as creepy. The quality of the dream decreased and started to drop, so I just tossed the cart down the mountain. I was not sure if just tossing was fine or if I needed to destroy them. When the cart was going down, I made a fireball and blew up the presents to make sure I did not miss a thing.

      Now that I was done with both tasks I attempted to Astral Project from the lucid, but I knew I was going to fail as the dream quality now was minimum.

      Before I even attempted, I had a FA in my room. I could not see but I felt my wife and someone else was trying to wake me up. I could not move in bed, I could hear only my wife's voice. I woke up for real.

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    13. From the theme park, to the mafia building and home.

      by , 07-29-2010 at 07:49 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      From the theme park, to the mafia building and home. (Non-lucid)


      Tonight I recalled five dreams. A very long non lucid dream recorded. Some of the dreams had a lot of evidence to become lucid and a lot about the topic, but this is the fourth day without lucids! So tonight it will be a must lucid!


      I was going to a theme park with my wife. I think it was the Port Aventura theme park.

      We enterted and we paid a female employee working behind a booth. I had to evaluate the service of the park, its cleanness and how fun it was. I was getting paid for this. I rode a few attractions and walking around for a bit. My wife advised me that we had to evaluate the second entrance booth employee. We had to get out and pay again for another ticket. I did not feel like having to exit the park, waiting the entire line and entering again.
      We exited through a back door. No one was around. We saw there was a huge line to enter the park so we joined the line. However, the line started to move fast. We got next to the entrance. I told my wife, "See, is not that bad!" My wife complained that we still needed to wait and I told her, "Well, it's very touristic place!"

      I was next to the booth and I was going to pay. The female employee said, "Two entrances?" I was about to say yes when my wife said, "Four!" I said, "No, two entrances." My wife repeated she wanted to pay four entrances. I stared at her trying to remind her we were evaluating the place and we could not pay more than two entrances. My wife told me she did not want to be cheap. I wondered what was going on until I saw two female DCs. They were made up but old friends of my wife. I told her it was not looking cheap, but we were not allowed to purchase more than two entrances or the project would be rejected.
      My wife started to talk with her two female friends leaving me on the back. As I was not interested on their chit chat, I was thinking on my own business. I found a platinum coin and place it into my pocket.

      I saw a building and entered it. Inside it was like a house with multiple stories. There stairs were very tight, but the only way to reach the higher stories. I remember walking around the entire building. It had a big indoors parking as well. I met with a friend and he also found a platinum coin, but it was shaped more like a pyramid and it had small squares attached to it.

      Inside this building there was like a mafia. There were some armed guys that wanted to rob all these coins. I was worried if they would find out I owned one and they would kill me to get it. They spotted my friend with it and they followed him. I went into a room were I saw two DC. I shared with them the issue I had with the coin and she advised me to disguise. She suggested me to become a gal so they would loose track of me. I though it was a good idea.

      I just asked them if I could not live there in the building. I loved the apartment I was while talking with them. It was huge with a lot of furniture, big windows and much more. I said I wanted a front door to keep the people from the stairs out of my apartment. They told me it was fine to place the door in there.
      I disguised myself like a woman and talking with a guy about renting the place. He told me the building had a pool bar, a beauty salon and a spa. He offered me to go to fix my hair, put some make up on and do my nails. I realized I was not dressed like a woman yet. I looked at my chest and realized I wore no shirt, so they would know I was a guy.

      I started to look for some female clothes, but I only found skirts. The skirts were semi transparent, I found some colors such as yellow and blue. I realized I needed something not transparent, I was only on my shorts so it was easy to spot I was not indeed a girl. I walked some stairs without luck. I could not find a thing. I realized that I could go to my apartment and put some of my wife's clothes on. As I was leaving, I saw Arlette, a co-worker from the Pata Negra store. She said, "So. When are you finally going to fix my computer? Let me know!" I though she spotted me, however, I realized she was over the phone. I looked at my phone but I had no voice mail, so I found out she was looking for another computer guy. I felt bad and unsuccessful. As I was walking to my home thinking about what I just witnessed, I saw some Chinese guys acting around some tables. A lot of people was watching their show.

      These Chinese people had like wooden figures with different shapes. These figures had several iron tubes attached to them. The actors were hitting this figures with iron sticks. They were trying to balance the figures in the air. I could hear the iron sticks clashing with the wooden figures. No figure fell to the ground. People appeared to be enjoying the show.

      I wanted to pick up my brother at a indoors pool where he was getting skilled.

      I wanted to give my brother a few bucks and I also wanted to tip the body guard. As I approached the pool I saw the body guard jumping back into the pool. I called him and he replied, "No. no!" However, he got out from the pool. I tipped him and he was very happy about it. I gave the cash to my brother and left the pool.

      In the corner of the pool, there was standing a very hot female body guard. She wore a sexy black swimsuit. She pointed out to another woman, probably just a customer, and mentioned that the customer was hotter than her. I did not agreed. I was about to leave the pool and the hot body guard told me she sent me something to my e-mail and I needed to check it out.

      I arrived to my place. It was way different from waking. I saw the computer and saw the e-mail. I saw something like the Devil, but he was in goat form, he was not red and he was like lying down, most of it was like a skeleton. I could read a comment that said, "His body is really harmonic" I was uncomfortable about the image, however, I also spotted the topic of the pic. It said, "The body of the Dark Saint of Ice and Fire." I closed it up and erased the e-mail. I totally did not like it.

      I saw a website that triggered holograms from my computer screen. I saw the seven symbols of the chakras and it read, "The Chakra system." The symbols were spinning at a slow pace and the overall image was moving as well. Next to this image, I saw the words "Astral Projection" and "Spiritual Travel." I saw also the moon and it read something that I cannot recall. After this, I woke up.

      Missed Dream Signs:
      - Port Aventura (thousand miles from home)
      - Finding a platinum coin.
      - The stairs were tiny.
      - The show from the Chinese guys.
      - The holograms.

      What I would have done if lucid:
      - Probably follow the dream drama from a lucid perspective.

      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Talking with a deceased family member

      by , 07-15-2010 at 11:08 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Talking with a deceased family member (DEILD)


      Not one of my best nights. My recall was not very efficient like usual. However, I still managed to get four dreams (two fragmented). The last dream was lucid, and one of the important personal memorable goal ones. I had a fifth dream, DEILDed from it for the lucid and I forgot the dream, only remembered the second in the chain (A few nights ago I chained three dreams and recalled all three, so I guess I lost it due a low recall night)

      Fourth of the night:

      I remembered a long dream and I was recalling it to write it down. I opened my eyes but closed them immediately because I felt like I was in trance. I started to feel vibrations around my body. I knew what was coming so I did not bother in writing the other dream. I started to focus on a Colosseum hoping I would appear in the Roman Age to participate in a gladiator fight. The vibrations increased intensity and I start to hear a strong buzzing. It was not usual for a WILD and it looked more like the beginning of an Astral Projection. I focused on my Astral Body instead and I was ready to separate and transfer consciousness to my Astral Body.
      I was in my room. I was not floating in my bed and I did not feel like I was Astral Projecting. I was able to recall that being APing feels different. However, I was not 100% sure. Everything was a neat copy from waking. I knew I could have not fail due the vibrations and buzzing. I went to my bathroom and my wife was there. I was silent and I stopped in front of her. She looked at me and smiled at me. I kept standing there and she sent me a kiss.
      I realized she was able to see me, so I was not in my Astral Body. I was wondering how come I failed that. I went to my room to lay down to attempt to recall more details from my recent dreams. I saw that my cat was all black and had become a kitten. "Aha! This is not my cat! I am dreaming!" I looked at my hands and they looked OK. I then pinched my nose and I was able to breath. The vividness of the dream increased and I left the bedroom.
      I was in my living room next to the door to leave my place. I saw half x-mas tree in the floor and some other debris. I was in my shorts but I did not care. I said, "I am lucid, so see you later. I have stuff to do." My wife did not answer or I left too fast.

      When I exited my place, I was in a different neighborhood. It was more like the neighborhood were my wife takes care of a kid to help out a family. It was very sunny and there were no cars in the street. I started to fly pretty high. I was wondering if it was not too soon to fly as I just started my lucid. But I realized that flying is something I am very used to do in my lucids and I could fly without any major effort that would provoke a premature awakening.

      While I was flying I remembered I could complete one of the Tasks of the Year. However, I saw a few DC around and I decided to do something different.

      I landed and I said, "I want to talk with my wife's mom. I do not want a DC but her real mom!" Suddenly, a lady popped out from nowhere and said, "Who called me?" I approached her and she asked me, "Who are you. You sound familiar." I told her I am her daughter husband. I described her to my wife and my wife told me that the description matched perfectly.
      My wife's mom approached me and hugged me. She started to kiss my chicks and she got very emotional. I was moving my eyes around because it was a short distanced and not moving me eyes would terminate the dream.
      My wife mom said, "I want you to say to Ana that I am very happy and fine. I feel great and she does not have to worry about me. I love her and I am very happy that she feels great with her life." I told her that my wife missed her and she replied, "Let her know I am feeling great. She has not to worry about me." She gave me more kisses and hugs. I pulled out my pendant and I told her, "See. I am wearing it!" She recognized it as hers and she smiled. She had a similar one as well.

      She gave me a stronger hug and I only could see her. I started to see the dream fade, but I did not feel like spinning with my wife's mom hugging me. As the dream was fading more, my wife's mom vanished into me. I woke up.

      Dream Signs missed:
      - None

      Dream Signs Noticed:
      - I owned a different cat.

      Reality Check Performed:
      - Nose pinch.

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      lucid , false awakening , memorable
    15. Revelations

      by , 07-02-2010 at 08:26 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Revelations (DEILD)


      I woke up from my previous dream. I did not open my eyes nor moved. In a split second, I felt SP and vibrations, a second later, I was back in the dream. Chained from previous dream with a perfect DEILD

      I entered the dream fully lucid with crystal clear quality. I fell almost in the same spot were I woke up previously. I was next to the entrance to the car repair shop (where the drift competition took place) The ground was not rainy anymore. It was daylight and I noted a few parked cars outisde. However, this time they were regular cars, not fancy racing ones.

      I entered the car repair and there were six female employees.

      One of them was very upset because her car was stolen. I called her attention and started a conversation:

      - I can help you out to find your car - I said.
      - No, you can't. You are just a racer, not a detective - She said.
      - But, this is a dream and I can help you out. I know how to in waking life so now as lucid I know as well.

      She did not replied. I was thinking about leaving and heading to complete one of the tasks of the year. However, I remembered how Robert Waggoner said on his book that we all must learn to use our lucid dreams for more than fun stuff. So I decided to do a couple of things he advised to.

      I talked to a DC that was pregnant. I asked her, "What do you represent?" She replied, "I have six slots." I did not understand the meaning of that, so I guess I will know in the future.

      I remember other important question to ask, so I asked to the dream, "Show me something important!" The oldest DC approached at me with a gentle smile. She placed both of her hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. She said, "Do you have parents or kids far from you?" I replied, "Yes. Not kids. My parents." She said, "Stay as close to them as possible. In the future they may lose their sanity so enjoy with them now" I was happy because I received an important message and worried at the same time. I knew my mom's parents have a few mental issues and my mom is very nervous. I also wanted to ask them something else, another personal goal, but I felt it was enough information. I did not want to put at risk all the info I got if I forgot.

      I planned to leave. I though it was time to see the dinosaurs die from he meteorite and wake up. I did some important homework during my lucid. However, I realized that one of the employees was a beautiful young lady. I wanted to have sex with her so I approached and hugged her. I knew that dream sex could wake me up, so I was looking around to keep focused on the dream and also, I did not want to get too involved to avoid strong feelings. I felt quick sex was the best option. It was just a DC after all. I kissed her and pulled her pants down (we were still in front of everybody, but who cares) I held her and brought her to another room where a small chair was located. I planned to use it. She started to get very excited and happy. One DC said, "Hey, calm down, he is just a guy!" My dream started to vanish. I did not intend to recover it, I had a lot to write down so I accepted waking up.
      lucid , memorable
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