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    The moon wipes me out from a LD induced within a LD induced within aLD induced within a LD with WILD

    by , 02-14-2011 at 08:04 AM (2430 Views)
    The moon wipes me out from a LD induced within a LD induced within a LD induced within a LD from WILD. (WILD)


    I woke up about 2am in the morning to write down some fragments from my previous dream. I was planning to move to my reclining chair to Astral Project, but I decided to WILD instead to some weird favor I was asked.

    Vibrations trigged pretty fast and I was tempted to pass on the LD thing and induce Astral Projection, but I wanted to complete the goal, so I decided to not to project.

    A few seconds later, I had a false awakening in my room. The dream was fuzzy so I decided to make my dream stable. It was night and it was beautiful. I felt a flight would be nice before doing anything, but I just flew within my room to go back to sleep, in my own room.
    After a few seconds of flight, the dream was pretty stable, so I decided to lay down in my bed in order to try to WILD within a lucid dream.
    I laid down in my dream bed and focused I wanted to WILD within the dream to enter another dream. I almost woke up, but I moved my eyes and the dream became stable again. I attempted a second time, with success and without waking up.

    I had a FA in a different room. I was in a big house and my bed looked also different, it was greenish. I did not have any specific feelings, other than my regular feeling from a lucid. I did not feel like I was in a deeper connection with my self. This was a second level of dream within a dream. The dream was stable, so I attempted a second WILD. Once more, I laid down in my dream-dream bed and felt a shock around my entire dream body.

    I had another FA inside a pyramid. I was still lucid and I wondered why the hell I was inside a pyramid. My "bed" was the lid of a sarcophagus from some pharaoh who I had no idea who was. My dream was still stable and I realized I was in the third level. I was asked to do a waking WILD and three WILDS more in the LD, so I had one more to go. I still had the same feeling, control and personality from previous dreams, with perfect waking recall and also recall from what I have been doing since lucid.
    I laid down in my dream-dream-dream bed and focused in entering deeper in the dream.

    I had another FA in another room. I checked my hands to make sure I did not blew the progress. My index finger was really thin and long, so I succeeded. I was in the fourth level as I was asked to. I was still myself, with my same personality and my same dream body. I did not feel deeper nor connected with myself, I felt like a regular lucid dream.
    As I was done with the tasks, I decided to look for Dreamer. I exited my room hoping to find her. Instead I found a guy who was my dad.
    My dad was pissed at me for some reason. I knew he was a dream character and I was aware that my psychic powers were greater in a dream. I wanted to have a PSI Ball fight with my dad and cause him a big headache. I was in a big room and he started to ask me a lot of questions. A female DC also started to ask me questions in order to see what was wrong with me that I did not get along with my jerk dad. I did not feel like wasting valuable time in the dream.

    I exited my house, along with a couple more dream characters. It was night and suddenly the moon turned red and threw a fireball at us. I decided to follow the dream instead of controlling it. I wanted to see where my subconscious was going to take me. Someone told me that I belonged in a different dream, so the moon was going to try to make that happen.

    The moon obliterated all the DC that were with me. I saw the moon turning green. When the moon was green, it would poison me. Also, the moon turned blue, if you made eye contact with it, you would become paralyzed. The moon could turn black and a big whirlwind appeared from it, sucked you into it and brought you to the previous dream.

    I explored these odd dreamworld while the moon was randomly changing within these colors. Sometimes it turned on its regular color, which made it become harmless.

    I suddenly got to a place where I could see a lot of DC. They were for a Nintendo event for some sort. I wondered what my subconscious had for me. I jumped the line and a guy asked me for my member card. I though if I opened my wallet, I would pull one, so I did. He also asked me for my ID. I tried to search for my ID while the moon was aiming at me and turned red. I did not want the moon to hit me, so I ran from there. The moon when was red it looked like this:

    However, the red colors where very intense, very bright and then, a cloud of fire approached at me. I ran and hided somewhere. All the DCs did not seem to care. I entered a small kiosk, it was not bigger as a voting booth. I realized it was a Gamestop and I could purchase videogames swiping my card in a machine. I saw a Bowser, a Mario and Yoshi painted next to the keypad. I wondered what games my subconscious made, but I could hear fire from the moon, so i left.

    As I was walking, I avoided a fireball in the last second, when I witnesses the moon turning green and throwing me a cloud of green poison. The moon looked like:

    I saw the cloud of green poison on me, I jumped to hide in a plant, and I could see how the poison killed the plant. I was fine so I left the place. The moon was white, looking normal. I saw from the far distance the moon changing, but it was not attacking me. I observed how the moon turned black and absorbed someone.

    I was flying by a lake. I am positive it was the Michigan Lake. It looked like it, like if I was in Chicago. Suddenly, I saw the reflection of the moon in the lake. It was a blue reflection and I looked to the moon.
    It is impossible for me to imitate what I saw on Photoshop. It was an extremely beautiful and shinny blue. It was bright as light, but it was blue. It was also semi transparent, but it was so beautiful. I was amazed for such a beautiful moon my mind created. I wanted to enjoy this moon with Dreamer, so I tried to summon her. While I started thinking about her and staring at such amazing blue moon, I realized I was paralyzed and recalled that eye contact with a blue moon induced paralysis. I tried to regain control of my dream when suddenly, the moon switched to its black, absorption mode, color:

    A huge whirlwind came from the moon and hited me in a spit second. I traveled at a high speed towards the moon. And lost imaginary.

    I had a FA in the pyramid, the previous place I was before WILDing to a deeper dream. However, now there were people with me. I entered a chamber and I had my Tarot Deck with me. A DC wanted to see it. She also had a Tarot deck, so I asked to see hers. I tried to channel and ask the Tarot a question, however, I do not recall the question. I cannot remember the first card, but the second one was called, "Bent Spoon and Fork." The image of the card was a lot of bent spoons and forks, bent with psychokinesis. I tried to channel and figure the meaning of the card without realizing that I was looking at the card too much.

    I had a FA in a weird room, a room where I did a WILD on previous dreams. I exited the room and the quality of the dream was decreasing dramatically. I went to the restroom and tried to make the dream stable.

    I had another FA in my room. I was back in the first level. My dream quality was terrible and I doubted I would have enough time to meet Dreamer. I felt I was not going to recover the dream at all. I tried to focus on Astral Projection within my lucid dream, but I woke up.

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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Wow, that's pretty awesome to have so many dreams within dreams, and being able to stay lucid the whole time. The whole thing with the moon was pretty wild too.
    2. Matte87's Avatar
      Everything was awesome, but the most awesome part for me was that you woke up in all the previous dreams you WILD'ed in. Great read Percy!
    3. Amity's Avatar
      Wow! I only just read this!
      That is truly amazing.

      [QUOTE]Everything was awesome, but the most awesome part for me was that you woke up in all the previous dreams you WILD'ed in. [/QUOTE]
      I was thinking the exact same thing!

      I feel so honored that you wanted to share such an amazing sight with me. :)
    4. Luna's Avatar
      Great job! I am happy that you achieved this... I am kinda disappointed that your character hasn't changed at all... or even your mood when you woke.. but that is why its called an Project
    5. NightSpy2's Avatar
      Wow man that sounds so awesome!
      Wish I could do something like that!