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    More Fire song

    by , 05-10-2011 at 01:06 AM (448 Views)
    More Fire song (L-DEILD)


    I had a FA in my room. I found funny that my L-DEILD technique failed, as it was fail-proof... I decided to write down my dreams, so I went to the kitchen table and opened the microwave for light... but it never opened.

    I looked around and my vision was very blurry, found it out but I thought I might be tired. My wife woke up and said what I was doing up in the middle of the night.
    I told her the Microwave was not working, that I might been dreaming. She told me to stop talking junk and to go back to bed, that the microwave always worked bad (it does on my dreams, lol) I told her that I did not feel awake. I jumped a couple times but did not levitate. My wife got mad at me and started to talk out loud. I showed her my hand and told me, "So, having four tiny fingers is normal for you?" She said, "Yes" and kept complaining I just crushed the door and left flying while my wife was arguing.

    It was day now and I decided to fly at high speed. I was about to look for Dreamer when I reached a big home where I met with my brother. I told my brother to compose a song about fire for me, to make my song longer.

    My brother said he needed inspiration. I invited him to do pyrokinesis. His hands started to release smoke, but never fire. However, he said:

    - Oh fiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeee,
    you destroy treeeeeeeeeeeeees,
    make them fall
    crash some trains
    carrying teeeeeeeeees!

    My brother said he needed a fire costume. He said he needed to go home to look for one. I touched him hoping his outfit would change, without success. He insisted in leaving. I told him that he was not my real brother as we were not sharing a dream. If he left, he would vanish. He left so I decided to fly away and look for Dreamer when I woke up.

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