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    My cat ends my dream

    by , 02-06-2015 at 12:36 PM (261 Views)
    My cat ends my dream (DILD)


    Full Dream (+1 pts)
    2nd DILD (+5 pts)
    DC Interaction (+2 pts)
    Stabilize (+1 pts)
    Flight (+4 pts)

    I had a false awakening and I started writing down my previous dream. I planned to do a WBTB but I could not get out from bed. I was paralyzed. However, a moment ago I was writing a dream and I found the timeline to be impossible. I somehow turned lucid, but I could not do a reality check. The dream quality was terrible. My wife asked me where was I going and I told her I needed to fly.

    I exited the house and took of to fly. After flying for a while, I could see the dawn of a new day and I saw a beach. I wanted to approach the beach but I felt something hitting me on my legs (I was still flying) until I woke up...
    from my cat jumping on me.
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    Tags: cat
    lucid , false awakening