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    Welcome to my dreamworld's home! I am very happy to see you.

    by , 02-03-2011 at 07:58 AM (651 Views)
    Welcome to my dreamworld's home! I am very happy to see you. (MILD)


    I want to say, I have been recording several longs dreams, but I have never had time to record them properly (still on paper) I have been lately very busy, as usual.
    Most of my recent dreams, are a lot related with Psychic stuff. The demanding for Tarot Reading has spiked and I have been doing a lot of readings to different people. Being channeling so many time (in order to generate a proper and accurate reading) plus my focus on Astral Travel, meditation, teaching the classes for MILD and getting started to offer guided meditation classes (not online and not free) has my focus in the subject.

    I was teaching a class of MILD to my students on a big class. The desks were green and had a small drawer for workbooks and stuff. After teaching the class, I went to another class, but this time, it was some sort of psychic class. I was not the professor now, but a student.
    I somehow realized I was dreaming, but the quality of the dream was not good. However, as time passed, quality increased. Suddenly, I realized that Dreamer was missing. My dream quality spiked. Someone said he could try to find Dreamer and find out the reason she is missing class. I said, "No, I will do it. I am very energy sensitive and I am pretty attached to Dreamer I will take care of it.

    I started to meditate, I wanted to follow the plot of the dream. I recalled I had some non lucid dreams with Dreamer and I wanted to start working on dream sharing. I focused on her and suddenly a metallic chain appeared. This chain would lead me to Dreamer.

    The dream scenery changed. I was traveling at a very high speed. All my surroundings were gray and all I could see, was a huge chain under me. After a few seconds, I got to a different place. This new place it appeared to be like a big home, however, it was not a regular house, it was like a cave, but with proper lighting, very clean and proper furniture.

    The entire place was all blueish. Most of the furniture was blue, the light was blue. I saw a small bookshelf with several energy stones. All the stones were lapis lazulis and blue tiger's eyes. I also found some hematites, but these were blue as well instead of black/metallic. I think I saw a few stuffed animals, blue and blue cyan. Suddenly, my heart pounded and I felt a presence. I heard a very sweet voice (a voice I imagine talking with Dreamer) I turned back and she was smiling at me.

    Dreamer welcomed me and said, "Welcome to my dream plane. I am very very happy of seeing you here!" Come with me! Dreamer started to walk and toured me around the dream plane that was created. She told me that blue was the best color out there. Among all blue, I saw a large Onyx stone (actually, pretty large, about a feet long, but it was not heavy) The stone had some letters on it, but I did not want wake up trying to read them out. Dreamer told me, "I know you are afraid from bees. Keep this stone. You helped me already to fight my doctor's dream, now is time I help you back. The stone is yours."

    I was very happy about that. I also saw some additional stones: quartz, lapis lazulis, opals, tiger's eye, jets, moonstones... a lot. There was a bigger stone that had several random stones attacked to it. For some reason, I decided to smell it. It smelled like freshly cut grass... like a rain forest... it smelled very good.

    Dreamer invited me to enjoy a flight. We flew over the dream plane I felt very happy, but the dream ended as it was time to wake up.
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