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    Trial and Error

    Anxiety/evil kid/maya

    by , 04-26-2011 at 06:05 AM (353 Views)
    I was is an a extreme state of anxiety and could find no relief. I was offered a beer, I told them that I do not drink (and I don't irl) but I ended up drinking it anyway . Slowly as I was drinking I felt my stress leave me. I was so happy to finally be free of my anxiety, but I started to feel guilty that I had drank since I was under age, plus a conversation I had with S irl. I get another drink and sneak around with it trying to find a place to drink it where no one can see me, until I accidentally leave it in an elevator, and when it reopens it is gone. I turn to the people I had been drinking with and say "I just made someones day" and we all laugh. I left the dream just feeling horrible to resorting to drinking to fix my problems, knowing that it would just make them worse.

    I was some evil little boy trying to kill someone. The dream was mixed with me modeling in maya. I was using the maya tools to aim my blasts at him.
    There was more to this I just don't remember.

    (my recall has sucked lately )

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