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    Trial and Error

    School Trouble

    by , 01-29-2011 at 04:20 PM (594 Views)
    The second of two dreams, but an alarm killed the first one.

    I come home to all of my roommates and on of my roommates teachers (not home in real life but roommates/teacher in real life). Everyone looks really sad. "What is it?" I asked. L, my roommate, explains that she messed up with a simple mistake on an animation assignment, and holds it up to me to show me the error. She continues to say that in a different part of the assignment the teacher wanted the drawing bigger. I am confused because I still don't see why everyone is so sad. Her teacher is drinking some hard liquor and seems even more depressed.

    I soon realize that her teacher, Trey G, has been fired and that she herself was academically terminated. I become enraged and begin to yell about how the assignment should have every little to do with her GPA and that the assignment should not be that bad of a grade anyway. I realize that Trey is there because he must have gotten fired (I know it is a separate issue that is just happening at the same time). I say to him something like "You know that I could rally up students for you with no problem at all in protest, people love you." (true in real life ^_^) His expression melts and he says "really." He never acts that way in real life so it surprised me. He is the tough as nails, nothing bothers him guy.

    We decided that we had to do something about everything that was happening.

    Suddenly a tour of students from our school walks through the hallway. (For some reason we can see them, it is like we have an archway instead of a front door). They are going to see the school RA for a tour, one of the new students I have meet in the film program runs in to say hi to me and gives me something, (I forget what it is), then runs out. since L used to be an RA her heart sinks even more because she feels like she lost everything.

    Dream cuts to us in the car I look out the window to see a baseball field where the grass is starting to die in places, I think we are going to protest and try to get L back in school and Trey his job back.

    I think after I wake up that it might be my anger toward current school budget cuts in reality, since tons of good people are getting fired.

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    1. Shadow27's Avatar
      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. lol.
      I can relate as well with budget cuts and such its ridiculous, and of course the
      first things to go are Art and Music. Being a Music minor I would be so pissed if
      my university were to do away with the program. We have a relatively large Music
      department though so I don't think it will happen but I've heard about other colleges
      getting rid of it .

      btw, I love Ender's Game
    2. PetraArkanian's Avatar
      That stinks D:
      Yeah, I am a film student at an art school, so the program wont go away or anything, but it is just going to be harder to get equipment and stuff
      And all student workers have cut hours so I can't work as much either.
      Best of luck with your program! I hope it sticks around!

      and Ender's Game is awesome!
    3. Shadow27's Avatar
      One of my lucid dream goals is the fantasy game