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    by , 11-14-2014 at 04:04 AM (556 Views)


    I knew I was dreaming while I was in a large, city-like supermarket while a huge vampire lord started attacking people. Everyone started running and some people fought the vampire. The vampire flew at me as I tried summoning water from my finger tips to fight it. It wasn't working so I ran away. I ran behind L. Hernandez because he knew where to go to hide from the vampire. As I ran, I could hear my boots hit the ground and I could feel the coldness of the floor the times I touched it when rounding a tight corner. I tried to feel tired by running but it didn't work. I lost awareness at times but I managed to gain it back. I tried summoning water but nothing seemed to work, making fall behind and lose sight of Hernandez, but found a young girl in a corner with a bandage on her arm. I went up to her and put my hand close to her wounds. Eventually, we could see her wounds light up under the bandage with a yellowish color which slowly faded into a dark red, sort of how blood looks.
    The girl, who had a cute round face with a small nose and short light hair, thanked me. I started to leave but she asked how I healed her. I said "This is a dream!" she seemed confused at first but after pointing a few things out, her eyes widened and she finally realized it was in fact a dream, saying "Ohhh yeah!" As we walked, I saw the exit, the sun shinning brightly on the outside. I told the girl, "You can imagine your mom walking in right now" but she said "I like Miley Cyrus". I looked at her and replied "On three, Miley will be singing a song behind that counter" and pointed to what looked like a costumer service desk. "One, two, three" We looked and saw a girl that looked just like Miley Cyrus before she cut her hair. The young girl got excited and gave me her number. It was long, maybe international but it had to have been in the US because it started with a 1. I told her I wouldn't remember that and as soon as I said my first three digits, I woke up.
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    1. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Cool dream, man. You even grabbed some digits! I like how you and the DC summoned Miley together.