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    by , 02-24-2014 at 11:43 PM (305 Views)
    I had called in to work but went in to pick up the recruiting paperwork. I was in a pretty happy mood. Dale was in the Level 2 control and so were a few other people. The prison was running extremely short and they were struggling to figure out who to pull and where. We were bullshitting on the radio and someone said to cut it out. People started getting to the Level 2 in their cars and parked them wherever. As I stepped back inside, I noticed my reflection on the glass door. I had spiky hair and was wearing a dark blue sweater vest and a lighter blue shirt underneath. I also had some jeans on and my aviators. I looked pretty normal and happy. I took off my aviators but put them back on again. I went in and Kristy's grampa told me good job and that I made it a long way. C. Sanchez was also there but she didn't look as attractive as she does in the waking world. Her apparent brother was there also. Music started playing and I did a dance to it. I went back into the control and decided to work and help out. I would need an hour to go home and change. I called the Level 3 and Romo answered. When I asked if she had anything at the Level 2, she said yes. I told her I'd work and she told me I'd have to call the prison in Grants to get paid. I walked down the hall towards North Housing and was following a crowd of many people. There were people wearing Military ACUs and there were also civilians and babies. Suddenly there was an emergency and the atmosphere changed. The area outside had flooded and there was a shark in the water. It was dawn and people were attempting to leave. I get on a cheap watercraft and try to leave, tempting the shark on the way out. I notice a cop car parked in the distance. The shark gets annoyed with my actions and dives. Suddenly, more sharks appear and circle the watercraft. I reach the shore and group up with a few people. The sharks emerge and start attacking us. They could walk! They kill 3 of the people in the group and the girl that's left and I run towards a trailer home. The people in the trailer have massive guns and fend off some sharks. By this time, it's night and the area is not as flooded. The younger guy gets yelled at for handling his missile launcher the wrong way. I go inside and some more sharks start attacking. The young guy exits the trailer and blows himself to bits with the missile launcher. I run to pick up the missle launcher and press the small button. My ear gets an agonizing pain from my eardrum being ruptured by the noise of the missiles but I manage to kill some sharks. I grab the button with my right hand and shoot the sharks. My ear doesn't hurt as bad from that shot.

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