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    by , 05-08-2014 at 02:20 AM (187 Views)

    I was with people I knew and we were all planning an event where we would spend a few nights at a hotel. I was shopping around a mall that was pretty crazy because of the amount of people. I remember talking to some hair stylist.

    I was at a big supermarket and was shopping around, pushing a shopping cart. I went through a group consisting of a mom and a few kids and she got real mad when I just cut in between them. I kept walking and talked to a group of friends. We decided to go work out and went to a pool. We looked for a place to start working out where there wasn't water and picked between the edge of the pool and on one of those stands where swimming races start. I did a few pushups and then a girl did them too. A woman showed up saying her husband was at the beach and that we were gonna go there. I told her I haven't swam in ocean water in a long time so it might be hard for me. Someone told me that my alarm was going off and that made me wake up immediately.

    When I woke up, my alarm had just barely gotten started and I was actually hearing no noise coming from my phone. The person who told me the alarm was going off seemed to be a man. I thought it might of been my girlfriend but she said she didn't tell me it was going off. I believe I would of become lucid if the dream kept going, since the dream started becoming more vivid and I could remember things from the waking world.

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