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    by , 08-03-2014 at 04:08 AM (506 Views)

    I was at the apartments and the whole area outside the pool was flooded with water. There was a hot, curvy girl that I swam by while I was underwater. She was wearing a bikini and I could see a lot of her nicely-drawn tattoos. I saw another, skinny girl swimming really weirdlike and I said "I wanna swim like that". I got out of the water and went into the apartment where the clock on my phone was going crazy.
    I said "This is a dream!" and looked back at my phone. The clock was still going crazy and I thought of things to do. I was with a girl who I think was Laurie and told her I was dreaming and that we should do stuff. I increased lucidity many times by saying to myself what to do. I was at my apartment but when I exited it, the area outside it was enclosed. When I exited the enclosed area, I was outside still in the property. I was going to practice my magic abilities but didn't know which, so I started using telekinesis. At first, I couldn't lift stuff so I tried again and I reminded myself that it will only happen if I believe it will. After I did this, my telekinesis started working. I picked up small stuff and even closed doors. My lucidity began to fade so I said "Increase Lucidity to Lucidity Max!", which increased the vividness of the dream and my lucidity. I rubbed my hands and counted my fingers but counted 5 at first. I asked the girl what sort of magic I should practice and she said to practice on my water magic, so we walked outside towards the pool. I started telling the girl how the whole area around the pool was flooded recently and how good it looked. There were puddles from the flood. I forgot to close the door to the inside of the condos so I turned around and closed it with telekinesis, The keys were in the lock so I tried to get them but some kids opened the door, which made me run up to get the keys while the parents' kids yelled at them. I walked towards the pool, which was populated by people. There was a little area with a table and I tried using telekinesis on stuff. The girl asked me how I knew what I was picking up and I said "I just look at the stuff I want to pick up". I brought my hand closer to my ear and said "When I use telekinesis, I will hear a sound of wind." I used telekinesis again and as son as I grabbed something, a short, faint sound of wind could be heard.
    I played around with telekinesis and messed around with people. I suddenly wondered how I would remember all of the dream. My right eye started to close and I said to the girl "Let's go inside and have sex before we wake up" She followed me and I thought I would remember this whole dream. I decided to wake up and after a couple of tries, I woke up.
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