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    by , 08-03-2014 at 04:43 AM (240 Views)
    I was in China and was making fun of some girl. I got on a bus and left somewhere. I was with my cousin and while we passed through a bridge, we saw a Ferrari parked on the road. We thought it was gonna get hit by a bus. When we got off the bus, my body had a workout meter that would glow throughout my body showing heart rate and other workout stats. It glowed a neon green when activated. When it was active, people would know where I was and they'd come to get me. I walked through a field and saw water so I asked "Why am I in China?", counted my fingers, and looked at my watch. Everything seemed normal so I ran to a bus stop and got in and was part of some zombie apocalypse.
    Most of the people were dead or zombies but a few people and I camouflaged with them while they looked for survivors. A girl kept talking to me which attracted zombies but I told her to shush. We then left to look for the other survivors and I ran like a zombie up some stairs. Before I made it into a room where survivors were, I got bitten by a dog. The bite felt painful I shot the dog and went into the room. Knowing that I was soon going to die because of the bite, I taught some kids how to use my guns and after a while, a few zombies burst in saying that they wanted us alive. I killed them with a desert eagle and there was only one girl that wasn't bitten but she didn't want to leave alone. She reminded me of Sarah from the Walking Dead game.

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